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Hello, yes, I’ve decided to talk about Nanowrimo again because, hey why not? This time I’m going to talk about Plantsing where they combine planning and pantsing (planning is essentially you outline your novel to a T and when day 1 of nano comes around – you’re already writing. 325 more words


My World Building

I thought I’d write a bit about my world and characters, mainly to get the ideas out there. It helps me to throw them out in different places, and re-write to see how they grow. 932 more words


Nikko Nano VaporizR 2

We unbox and test the Nikko Nano VaporizR 2 radio controlled car.
After battling with trying to get the car out of the box for near on 10 minutes, due to us not having anything more than a screwdriver to hand we eventually got the car out and put the batteries in, next we had to find the on button, as we don’t read the instructions we had difficulty finding it but eventually we found it hidden underneath the rear spoiler. 163 more words


About Mary Carlisle

Another character from next month’s novel…

First Impressions
Name: Mary Carlisle
Age: 24 years (April 6)
Occupation: ornithology
Summary: sweet, outgoing, intelligent. She likes to be outdoors, in nature.  309 more words


My (Not-So-)Secret Weapons For Surviving NaNoWriMo

So, confession time. It’s Monday, which means I post here (usually). I had an idea for a grand POST TO END ALL POSTS about NaNo and surviving and EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, IN ONE HANDY POST. 1,229 more words



So my favorite time of year is officially here! Sweet Autumn. I love everything about fall; from the rain to the leaves to the thermal socks and the flannel shirts and the scarves and hoodies and boots and cider and cocoa and did I mention the rain? 134 more words



This year, I thought it was about time to tackle NaNoWriMo again. I did it a looooong time ago, so long that I don’t even think my story is on the site any more. 853 more words