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What happened? I sit up and yawn. I look around the room while standing up. Oh yeah. We’re in Nano’s lab. When I attempt to take a few steps forward, I realize that there is glass all around me. 1,485 more words

Issue in running Nano in Mac OSX (Error opening terminal: xterm-256color.)

Try setting terminal.app preferences to Ansi under advance tab. It worked for me.

April wrapup/May plans

April wound up being fairly successful despite the personal chaos, which can only be described as “internal crisis.” There’s nothing going on outside. The world is good as far as that goes. 159 more words


Another Good Week

I am a bit sad today, since it is my late brother’s birthday. I’ve been thinking about my mother a lot, now that flowers are starting to show up here after our long winter. 460 more words


Explorer Park Nature Trail

We have lived beside this gorgeous nature trail for the last 10 months and were totally oblivious to it’s existence – How does that even happen? 299 more words


The perfect alternative

The “it” bag. The dream bag.

The Celine luggage tote

Such a beauty. And so much money. Like several months rent. I do have an easier time justifying the purchase of an expensive bag because if they are well made, they last for a long time. 198 more words


I did it! 50,200andsomeodd words.

My story isn’t finished yet, as they never really are when I reach for 50k. Quite a ways to go still. 118 more words