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Five ways nanotechnology is securing your future

The past 70 years have seen the way we live and work transformed by two tiny inventions. The electronic transistor and the microchip are what make all modern electronics possible, and since their development in the 1940s they’ve been getting smaller. 800 more words



Ada semacam sensasi yang hilang dari dada, dari endorphin dalam otak, dari sekujur badan setelah beberapa lama hilang. Kangen sama sensasi itu beberapa bulan kemarin dan akhirnya muncul lagi. 72 more words


File Downloads and Unzipping in PowerShell

As of late I have been working on trying to get WordPress installed on Windows Nano server. I have spent time looking at DSC content but it has only gotten me so far. 510 more words

Windows Server

Nano TP5 Build

**Edited to use TP5**
Hey Everyone, so I wanted to write this blog because I was having a hard time finding a complete Nano build script that allowed me to actually build a Nano image from ISO. 1,002 more words

Windows Server

Ashley Talks May Goals

For April, I gave myself one goal.  Write everyday for at least 20 minutes.

And I did pretty well…until I forgot to keep marking the days that I wrote. 252 more words


Camp NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up

So…that was a bust.

My last update probably set the scene. Remember that possible change in living arrangements? Yeah, that turned into a super last-minute one-day move. 273 more words


PV Nano Cell and Their Sicrys Conductive Inks are Bringing Us One Step Closer to 3D Printed Electronics

The Sicrys family of conductive inks are based on technology that produce narrower conductive patterns with minimum waste results when used during digital inkjet printing. The inks were developed to be used for the mass production of printed electronics and that industry’s extremely demanding requirements. 516 more words