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Setting up a mumble server

I’m assuming you’ve installed linux and using a debian based distribution. Then you can install Mumble-server (also known as murmur) with ease:

  1. First run the command for installing via administrative rights:
  2. 112 more words

Friday Fiction NaNo Edition 3

EDIT:  I have since found out that the gif below is a book called The Gashlycrumb Tinies: A Very Gorey Alphabet by Edward Gorey who, as it turns out, was quite the character.   681 more words


Writing Update

So, per an idea from Amanda McCormick, I decided to lower my daily writing goal to 250 words a day. With my crazy insane life, I have more motivation to spend 10 minutes writing, than stressing over getting 1000 words. 192 more words


The 'Shower of the future' recycles your water

As global warming continues to worsen and southern African countries like south Africa experiencing mild droughts and fears of water shortages loom it seems some brilliant people in the world are creating products to ensure the worlds water supply lasts just a little bit longer. 336 more words


Catting Like Norwegian Nano

Dear Journal,

Shortly after finally coming to terms with the latest proof of our decline as a civilized society (i.e. the comically inevitable Sarah Palin endorsement of Donald Trump), the Internet replaced it with another aggressive story. 644 more words


Meet Nano, a transspecies woman who says she's a cat

Nano is a 20-year-old Norwegian woman who claims she has a “genetic defect” because she was born the wrong species. You see, Nano is really a cat. 187 more words