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Well, it’s not November,  but I’m doing a Nano challenge this month anyway. Sort of a half-nano. I’m going to write 22,000 words this month, which is about 700 per day. 41 more words


July 2nd - July Camp NANO

It is day too and I have finally written today’s part of the story! Sorry for the errors, this is kind of stream of consciousness. I am hoping that my friend who is doing the same prompts I am will let me post her complete story here when we are done. 540 more words


June 50 24-28

Well, fuggernuggets!  I meant to post this on June 30th but life got in the way.

I finished the June 50 on the 29th with a beautiful epilogue.   5,916 more words


Letters From Camp: Second Day of camp!

So, I have to say, I had a terrible mix up and the holidays I posted for yesterday are in fact today… I guess I Forgot to double check!!!   808 more words


It is July, and that means it is Camp NANO

This year, a friend and I are sharing a project. We will use the same prompts and create our own story, but then see where we each end up.  1,228 more words


Returning: Revelations

The story I’ll be working on during Camp NaNoWriMo this month is titled “Returning”. And I think my characters finally revealed WHY that’s the title. And it’s not the reason I used to think it was. 622 more words


Letters From Camp: Two Great "Holidays" Coming At Ya!

So today is the first, and not only is it the first day at Camp NaNo (more to come on that later), but it is also World UFO Day and I Forgot Day!   234 more words