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One Uni Year Later

I have found it very strange coming to the realisation that it has almost been one university year and it makes me think about to my experiences of undergraduate study with all the modules and hard work and how it now compares to doing full-time research. 313 more words


Drugging our waters

A recent visit to Denmark made me realise that the global challenge of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in wastewater was even more onerous than I thought. 536 more words

Clean Water


This video goes over the main topics about Nanotechnology in medicine.

-Nano is small (very very very small)

-You could fit 5,000 small particles of the nano-meter scale around a single human hair. 76 more words

Exoskeletons And Cyborging vs. Wheelchair Access: No Arguing Necessary

Apparently, there’s a bit of a tiff going on between at least one advocate for expanding and maintaining access in public spaces for those who use wheelchairs, and at least one advocate forĀ  727 more words


Nanomedicine - a precautionary approach

Nanotechnology makes use of materials (natural and man-made) smaller than 100nanometers (nm). For scale, that includes materials and devices the size of individual atoms and molecules, and as small as the structural elements in cells. 808 more words