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It got dark, fast.

He was in over his head, and knew it.

There were the usual power hungry bidders, sure, but Forsycthe was nauseated at what crawled from under the lichen with all the money and power at stake. 258 more words


Smart pills: a trendy solution for smart people

One of the great difficulties in medical practice is the diagnosis process. Sometimes, it is necessary to determine with complete certainty what happens to a patient to make immediate decisions, and it is not always possible to work so quickly. 817 more words

Today's Gamechanger - Professor Yi Cui (Stanford) - How Far Can Batteries Go? Building a Better Battery with Nanotechnology Architecture

How to build a better Battery through Nanotechnology

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA (Note to Readers: This original article was published in 2016 May. Recent updates, News Releases and a YouTube Video have been provided) … 3,005 more words


Cleantech ‘Moonshots’ Attract Big-Name Investors

Photo Credit: Makani

Makani won Shell’s support for kite-based wind, and Dandelion nabbed $16 million in venture funding

Two cleantech startups from Alphabet’s “moonshot factory” improved their odds of commercialization this week. 735 more words


A Path to Cheaper Flexible Solar Cells -Researchers at Georgia IT and MIT are Developing the Potential Perovskite-Based Solar Cells

A researcher at Georgia Tech holds a perovskite-based solar cell, which is flexible and lighter than silicon-based versions. Credit: Rob Felt, Georgia Tech

There’s a lot to like about perovskite-based solar cells. 744 more words


High-Performance 'Quantum Dot Mode-Locked Laser on silicon - Proven 4.1 Terabit-per-second transmission capacity - The Future of Telecommunications and Data Centers - UC Santa Barbara

Ten years into the future.

That’s about how far UC Santa Barbara electrical and computer engineering professor John Bowers and his research team are reaching with the recent development of their… 733 more words