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NaNoWriMo: Day 18

When Bess woke again, it was to the soft cries of her baby boy, calling to be fed. She shifted, feeling the warmth of another body beside her, and carefully pulled herself out of the bed. 1,771 more words


NaNoWriMo Round 6!

Over the past 7+ years, I’ve NaNo’d 6 times. Some times I’ve been successful, some times I haven’t, and one time I failed so spectacularly that I’m almost proud. 978 more words

Engen Books

NaNo2017 Week 3

11 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 18,333

Words Written: 18,001

Wrote 2,267 words. Finished chapter 6 and started chapter 7.

12 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 20,000… 300 more words


#NaNoWriMo Day 18: Frustration and Breaking Through Negative Thinking

Day 18
Word count: 34,783 words
Word count goal: 36,000 words
Mapping the Hero’s Journey: Reaction to Reward
Save The Cat: All Is Lost (old way of thinking dies/ false defeat) 688 more words


NaNoWriMo Contest Entry: Peyton

This short comic comes from Peyton. If you would like to be our next published writer on the Lafayette Public Library blog, then read all about our… 16 more words

Kids - Fiction

Genesis: Chapter Five, Part Two

Despite Helena’s outburst, or because of it, Nick’s pain medication was left just inside of the sanitization cavity. Along with a pair of MREs and two bottles of water. 1,336 more words

Going Dark for Art

I’m having trouble with this chapter in my NaNo WIP because it’s a mental/emotional breakdown scene and I’m just. not. there right now.

Having just resurfaced after a particularly difficult time, I don’t reeeeeally want to put myself back there just to write about it. 147 more words