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Prior Planning

My Grandfather, like most, was fond of his own peculiar sayings. A good ole Maine boy born and bred, some were classic Maine snark like “You make a better door than a window” to not at all politically correct like saying the peace sign was the sign of the American chicken. 457 more words


Date Night Part Two

Never move into a first-floor apartment with the bedroom right beside the shared driveway. Because if you do you will have the dubious pleasure of waking up to a Hummer revving into the driveway at midnight only to join with your neighbors above in a clog dancing party extreme. 726 more words


Committing to NaNoWriMo

As far back as I can remember, I have loved to write.  I have old Lisa Frank notebooks filled with scribbles from before I started Kindergarten and even learned the most basics of writing. 612 more words


Self Doubt

Self Doubt


You’re not good enough.

                                           The story sucks.

                                                                              No one will ever read it.

You might as well give up.

                                                     You’re not qualified.

For years, I have heard these whispers in my ears and many . 293 more words


Elizabeth: 100 Words

It’s officially fall, so naturally we’re in the midst of a post-summer heat wave.  The raccoons are back to foraging in the back-yard in the evening and there’s a hopeful (though unappealing) possum who stops by the front porch after dark to check for left-over kibble in the cat’s dish. 377 more words

Writing Process

Wednesday Wonderings For 9/28/2016

So close to vacation…  Might forgo doing a regular post and do day to day posts about NYCC.

  • At 8am next Wednesday, I’ll be on a train to NYC, with comics and cosplay on my mind.  
  • 349 more words