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Books and Beverages (#6)

I actually read more than one book this month. I read two. Aren’t you proud of me? They were both pretty quick reads and right within my usual genre of fantasy/sci-fi. 865 more words


Quiet please. Observing writers in their natural environment...

Sometimes, I feel like I’m witnessing a nature documentary when I interact with other writers. I’m always working to expand my circle of writer friends. You can use social media to connect at local level or virtual communities. 506 more words


Tales From The Writer's Desk: So Many Stories

Hullo, everyone! This is a little piece that came out of my frustration for all the new story ideas I keep getting. All stories mentioned are real works-in-progress or new ideas. 360 more words


The Scene That Ended It All

And that’s when a purple skinned elf randomly apparated into the scene, singing,

“This is the song that never ends,

Yes it goes on and on my friends. 1,246 more words



Now that I’ve figured out how to draw him, I love drawing him.


John Smith + Saga = Derrick, Apparently

So a few weeks back I had tried drawing Salem from my nanowrimo, but up until now I’ve never had much luck drawing Derrick. This was the last I had drawn of him: 143 more words


I'm still writing...

It’s been a few months since I posted to this blog, but rest assured, I’ve been busy writing the whole time–just not on the blog!  I’ve gone back to writing in a physical journal by hand rather than writing in my e-journal (PenZu) mostly which means that I’m just not on the computer as often throughout the days as I am when I write online.   245 more words