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Spring Summary

Well, I haven’t exactly done a fantastic job of updating this blog regularly. Part of this is because all of my projects have been fairly slow going recently, because honestly, these last couple of months have been fairly difficult. 941 more words


The Rabyd Writer's Soul - Cliff's Edge

It has been an interesting week but things are about to heat up this weekend.  Have to take on my new role as co-pastor or whatever they are going to call it on may 31st; June 1st I should have some official word as to whether I am on the MOISD board.  352 more words


Why I Write

Many authors would answer the question of why they write with the answer to live more than one life. That is a common response. I write to live one. 649 more words


Procrastinations Vs Distractions

Am I being harsh on myself? Am I procrastinating, or is life right now a genuine distraction?

As distractions go, sitting on a beach in Bali is right up there at the top. 167 more words

Steven Moore Author


I have a lot of ideas, which isn’t the bad part. The bad part is that I never really develop them. They just kind of sit there in my head, waiting to be written out. 400 more words


Writing it down, then getting it right. A Criminal Lawyer helps with my Novel.

Some of you may know that I was able to write my latest novel, Circling the Drain, during the NaNoWriMo, NATIONAL WRITE A BOOK IN MONTH OF NOVEMBER competition. 1,187 more words

Lost Thoughts

I sat down tonight to write a post and as soon as I opened up WordPress I lost what I was planning to write. Whatever I was goinng to write about has just vanished and I haven’t even got a vague idea of what I was going to talk about, so this post may end up as one big ramble :P… 152 more words