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A Heart's Journey

A Chance Encounter

She was 14 and he had just turned 19, was their love going to be strong enough to withstand the distance that was nearing them? 853 more words


Bricks and edits and gratuitous shit, oh my.

When I last posted I was recovering from two conferences and getting ready to jump back into the novel. The day after that I printed out all 351 pages of USLS. 500 more words


I Got Nothing

Or at least, nothing related to eels. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy. I’ve been working my way through my library’s e-book collection, discovering Joe Abercrombie, John Scalzi, and in general, enjoying the hell out of having a Kindle. 259 more words

Today is Flash Fiction Wednesday!

Share a fiction piece you wrote, max 600 words, with #flashficwed!

Prettying Up a Mud Pie: the many faces of self care

Some months just suck. April is one of those for me. Not only is it busy with holidays, husband travel, and springtime to-dos, but it’s an emotional minefield for me, overflowing with painful reminders. 1,039 more words


On Mesmerized

A short note for a “Mesmerized” update.

I am committed to bringing my April 2015 NANO short story Mesmerized to eyes of readers even though some days words just won’t flow when in the rewrite phase.  128 more words

Life In General

Yet Another Nano - On planning and spontaneity

Aware that my focus had drifted a bit in March, I set myself a personal goal of 30k for the month of April.

And I was pretty sure this was a daft thing to do. 690 more words