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So I'm bad at regular updates

Hey again, everyone!

So… I know I said I would update my website more regularly. And I’ve… not been doing great about that. I’m sorry, guys. 309 more words


(Not)NANOWRIMO - The Courthouse, Chapter Thirteen

It is strange to think of those days.

I sit here, and I am talking to you, speaking history. Turning events that turned the nation on its ear into just… words. 3,271 more words

The Sunshine Blogger Award

This blog has been up since June 2017, but running semi-regularly since November 2017, and yet I find myself in a surprising position. I have been nominated by the lovely Melanie Fraser over at  914 more words


Writing Fiction Cures Memoir Blues

In fiction, anything goes because you make stuff up and nobody knows if you’re bending the truth-kind of like some major players in US politics. Sorry, couldn’t resist. 406 more words

Writing For Healing

Artistically Updatithing

Here’s a long-overdue update of what I’m doing in the artistic world: 336 more words


Dialogue Prompt #39

“Why is there a dead body in my room?”
“It’s…a long story.”


Dialogue Prompt #38

“Where’s your self-respect?”
“I left it at home, squabbling with my conscience.”