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From Storybook Weaver to Scrivener: A Brief Review of Writing Software

Back when I was a young(er) person, a nineteen year old just starting their blogging journey, I drafted a post about my history with writing software. 1,789 more words


Picture Perfect 31

Daniel was falling asleep on the couch when Sanjay called just after 8 p.m.

“Hi Sanj. I didn’t expect to hear from you. How are things for the grand opening?” 1,460 more words


Things Unseen, Chapter 47

For the preface, click here.
For the previous chapter, click here.

I awoke in my assigned chambers, on my back in the bed, Aryden and Endan standing over me. 1,809 more words


An Impressive, Intense New Read

“You can withstand anything, or so you think.  But little by little you are chipped away until you fall down.  So it was with the walls of Jericho, so it is with fictional character Jericho.  301 more words


Time to get back into the saddle!

It is time to get back into the habit of posting on my blog regularly. I got out of the habit as I have been feverishly working on my work in progress from NaNoWriMo. 289 more words


Sunny Sunday

The day started very early at Raabe Ranch this morning. The Babe made an appointment for both dogs to go to the groomer today. Well, in the rainstorm, he was trying to get them loaded into his new car. 746 more words


Silvercastle - Chapter 30

I found that the sun rose in this world much the same as in my home world. I was up before it rose. When I did wake up I worked through my morning exercise routine. 1,271 more words