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Long-Leggedy Beasties: Chapter Fifteen -- Time Waits for Gnome-Man

Chapter Fifteen

Time Waits for Gnome-Man


Just to be mean, after the rain had washed off my vote of no confidence, I asked Lizzie to turn the gnome so that all he was seeing was a dusty corner of the porch steps. 2,854 more words


Long-Leggedy Beasties: Chapter Fourteen -- Enemies and Evildoers

Chapter Fourteen

Enemies and Evildoers


I wiggled out of Alex’s tiny grasp and walked into my human skin. I scooped up poor Bast and carried her into the house. 2,368 more words


Long-Leggedy Beasties: Chapter Thirteen--Mousing in Shadows

Chapter Thirteen

Mousing in Shadows


I followed Darjeeling through a bent corner of a tin barricade, still pondering his story. “How many of your lives did you have left?” 2,192 more words


Writers - 10 Reasons Why It Is Good To Be Unique #writers #writer #writerslife

  1. Having a unique view of the world makes great story telling.
  2. Having unique ideas for stories will differentiate your work.
  3. Viewing yourself as unique means that you dare to accept yourself as different and lose some of your writer insecurities.
  4. 241 more words

First Comes Love, next comes...

This is the response to the first love writing prompt for the Write Block Wednesday! The theme for this month is love! It’s not too late for you to join in on the fun! 1,706 more words


Meeting Milestones

Hey Everyone!

Last night when I pressed the yes button on my Commit app, it showed that I have worked on a manuscript 340 days in a row. 203 more words

The Enchanting Saga

How to Use Project Management Skills as an Author

Project management is a valued resource in the business world, but can it help you with creative endeavors like writing a novel? Of course! Employing project management skills will help you beat writer’s block to get to the end of that elusive novel, short story, or set of poems you’ve been meaning to finish.  1,217 more words


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My lovely friend Natalie Fee has some great thoughts on project management as an author over at the PeoWriMos blog today. Check it out!