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Writing Prompt #93

It had the peculiar quality of taking the ordinary and, by enfolding it, transforming it to an abyss that appeared almost hungry in the absoluteness of its sinisterly lightless expanse.


Camp Nanowrimo Checklist: What to Bring

Sorry for the lame graphic above. I did it late at night. :P Hello, wonderful people! Today, I thought it’d be fun to show you what I decided to “bring” to camp. 961 more words

Day Nineteen - 1557 Words

Another day, a whole new play.

Warnings: this play uses adult language and it deals with sexual abuse, child abuse, incest, and PTSD.

DRAMATIS PERSONAE… 1,652 more words

Camp Nanowrimo

Don’t Stop Trying For Her.

Too often when we are gifted the person we have wanted badly for some time we stop showing them how much we care. Why is that?


Dialogue Prompt #90

“I heard a crash. Did something fall over?”


Dialogue Prompt #89

“What’s that sound?”
“Music, I think.”
“Thanks, genius.”


Writing Jail

Hi Bookish People!

I wanted to tell you guys about my most useful trick when I have a lot to get done: writing jail. Sometimes it’s editing jail (ok, it’s mostly editing jail). 504 more words