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What you wish you said

Simply put, all I needed to say was “I’m so sorry” but knowing you should apologize and having enough humility to do it are two entirely different landmarks. 75 more words


Ten Weeks Until NaNo WriMo!

What?? NaNo is in ten weeks? I can’t even believe that in about nine weeks and six days I’ll be freaking out.

I am a very last minute planner when it comes to writing. 122 more words


#SamWIP: New Story Update- Legends!

I was thrilled to have my video done early!!!

…And then I wasn’t home to post it. *sigh*

Oh well. It’s the content that really matters!


Camp NaNoWriMo - September Edition

So there’s not technically a NaNoWriMo in September (it’s definitely not the national novel month). But, hey, they already have Camp NaNoWriMo so why not just take the challenge whenever you feel like it? 374 more words


Writing Goals for the Rest of 2016

I’ve recently made a significant change to my life, going from full-time work to a part-time position that is both less stressful and which gives me more time to devote to more creative pursuits.   731 more words

Creative Works


Hello! My name is Molly and this blog will be following my creative process following up to National Novel Writing Month this year!

I have run blogs previously but none have followed a strict theme. 42 more words