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Zoolander 2 Premiere: The Scope So Far

The highly anticipated Zoolander 2 has just been released and we can’t wait to see what lies within, it has been hugely promoted through the use of supermodels and designers alike. 160 more words

WWE RAW RESULTS: Victory, Defeat, Thrills, Heartache And #ThankYouDanielBryan (February, 8th 2016)

Greetings all and welcome to a report on one of the most emotional RAW episodes for the WWE Universe to ever gather to watch. In what seemed reminiscent of Edges Shock Retirement feel wise, Daniel Bryan, hours after taking to twitter to announce his retirement, would close this weeks RAW episode with clarification on his hard decision, and Bryans hard work for the company over the years was gone over during the entire episode. 2,138 more words

Divas Tag Team Match and Divas Championship Match Set for WWE Fast Lane (February, 10th 2016)

On Mondays Emotional Draw of a RAW Episode, Two Divas Matches were added to the Card for the Pre WrestleMania Pay Per View, Fast Lane, in a form of a one on one Divas Championship Match and the other, a Tag Team Match. 404 more words

ruffle rave

last look, although the new season spring summer 1992 was meant to echo new feminity, with muted calm colours, relaxed and elegant styling, a back lash to eighties brash excesses, there was also vast amounts of ruffles on the catwalks. 29 more words

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God's Grace in Action

MORNING WORSHIP February 7, 2016, audio of sermon on Ruth 2:14-23

Sermon text in ESV

Outline: God’s Gracious People (Vv. 14-16), God’s Gracious Provision (17-18), God’s Gracious Plan (19-23)


Let Her Works Praise Her in the Gates [Ruth 3:1-18]

Sermon Notes

Date: 02/07/2016

Preacher: Monty Simao, pastor

Series: Ruth

Key Text: Ruth 3

Description:  Naomi has a plan to secure a future for her daughter-in-law, Ruth, through a marriage to Boaz. 46 more words

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WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: NaoMina Show Unity, Momentum And A Preview for the Boss (February, 5th 2016)

Greetings to All and Happy Superbowl (American Football Version of WrestleMania) Sunday! Now i didn’t realize till recently which teams were playing, i haven’t even kept up with the whole palava but i see its not the Seahawks that Ive come to enjoy over the past two years in our typical British one night viewing. 1,627 more words