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Seven 'quick' takes

  1. Pursue relationships…don’t wait on them. My husband and I went to a memorial service of one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. She met with me, one on one, only a few times before we stopped volunteering with Young Life.
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Two Quick Projects

I’ve had a TON of craft and DIY projects floating around in my head and on my to-do list lately.  So, I wanted to share a couple quick projects I’ve crossed off in the last week.  1,091 more words

Nap Mats, Seriously?

Parenting, and especially motherhood, is challenging.  No matter what.  Period.  But, each different situation comes with different challenges.  As a full-time working mom that has to go in to an office every day, my biggest challenge:  DAYCARE!  746 more words

My Nap Mats Have Shipped!

I’m overly excited to get the nap mats I ordered from KinderKidzStuff online and try them out :) *hehe* They have a contour pillow and all! 6 more words


This week I have felt the tension between us and our overly full calendar.

Jay, Corbin, and I are all exhausted–worn out from all of the activities we have. 240 more words

About The Baby

Kid Backpacks for Carrying Goods in the Right Way

The child that is going to start middle school should have all the new range of gears that they love. The new boots and cap and the different other sports gears are a must as they feel they have grown up. 257 more words

Kids Backpack

Comfortable and Cozy Nap Mats for a Small Nap for the Toddler

You can find your child getting tired easily when they are busy playing and then they need a quick nap for recharging their energy. The most effective way to get this is by using the nap mats that are small and comfortable. 274 more words

Kids Backpack