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Kaua'i Day 8: Boat Trip to Na Pali and Ni'ihau

Friday, February 19, 2016

Day 8 was by far the earliest day we had to wake up (3:30 am to be exact), but it was for a reason just as exciting as our helicopter tour… a boat tour! 1,295 more words


Napali Coast 2016

The Kalalau Trail on Kauai’s Napali Coast is an unforgettable experience.  When you complete your journey, the only thing on your mind will be how do I get back? 1,600 more words


Best Time to Travel to Hawaii

So you’re dreaming of an island paradise…now the only question is, when should you travel to Hawaii?

Or perhaps more importantly, which island would you like to visit? 1,982 more words


My weekly ramble

Kalalau trail, Napali Coast State Park, Kauai

After 2011, this is the second time we hiked the first part of this beautiful trail along the Napali coast. 764 more words


Kauai: The Perfect Babymoon

Aloha friends! As most of you know (and definitely know if you follow me on Instagram) we just returned from our trip to Kauai, Hawaii. 2,432 more words

Balanced Ames

I swear this is field work!!!

One great aspect of being a field plant pathologist is that I get to “survey” for dying plants throughout Kauai. Our native habitats here are incredibly delicate so we are constantly concerned about diseases and insects attacking and killing trees. 385 more words

Flying over the island of Kauai, Hawaii

The island of Kauai in Hawaii is beyond breathtaking. We knew that if we had to splurge on one helicopter ride of our lives, it had to be over Kauai. 179 more words