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Review: Burger King's Cheesy Tots

Cheesy Tots were one of the invisible workhorses of the Burger King chain. For years they did their job, holding down a spot on the menu board but never really special enough to warrant the spotlight like The Whopper. 428 more words


Napoleon Dynamite & Pedro End Up Working At Burger King

Wait a second… What? According to the clickbait-infested internet, “the cast of Napoleon Dynamite reunited” for a CLASSIC Burger King ad. So where’s Deb? Where’s Kip? 151 more words

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'Napoleon Dynamite' Stars Reunite Over Tater Tots For Hilarious Commercial

It’s been more than 10 years since Napoleon Dynamite hit theaters, and finally the movie’s two lead characters have reunited — not for another movie sadly, but for a commercial. 168 more words


Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro Reunite To Eat Burger King's Cheesy Tots

It’s been more than 12 years since cult comedy hit Napoleon Dynamite was released. Now Burger King has Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez in their new spot to celebrate the comeback of Cheesy Tots, Burger King’s version of Napoleon’s infamously favorite food. 33 more words

Napoleon Dynamite Reunion: 'Cheesy Tots' for Burger King

Created by Code and Theory, Burger King’s ad features Jon Heder (Napoleon) and Efren Ramirez (Pedro) for the re-release of ‘Cheesy Tots’. Of course, the US snack… 21 more words


VIDEO: "Napoleon Dynamite - Part 2?"

OK, it’s not quite a “Napoleon Dynamite” sequel. However, Napoleon and Pedro ARE back on the screen! The small screen, that is.

Jon Heder and  81 more words


Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro Reunite For Burger King Commercial About...Tots

Burger King is reintroducing “cheesy tots” back onto their menu, and what better way to tell the world than use the tot king, the Maestro of Potato, Napoleon Dynamite. 85 more words