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Napoleon Dynamite Pt.1: Initial Impressions

In the movie Napoleon Dynamite, we met Napoleon, the main character and some several individuals living in his community like his brother Kip and his friend Pedro.

Vote No, for Pedro on Napoleon Dynamite

Earlier last month a fake poster was swimming around the internet, particularly Facebook about Napoleon Dynamite . This particular version of the rumor is based on a fan-made movie poster paired with an old gossip article Snopes recently reported. 155 more words

If Napoleon Dynamite was a writer...

So, this week I have done precisely zero work on my novella. Ze-ro. Zilch. Nada. And after 3 straight weeks of decent momentum.


Gosh, it feels pretty shi*tty writing that down, and then typing it up as I am doing right now. 898 more words


Napoleon Dynamite

Okay, watching Napoleon Dynamite is kind of tedious. But remembering watching Napoleon Dynamite is kind of okay. 2.6/5


Napoleon Dynamite -- Skills


When introducing the different types of unemployment, it is important to discuss the necessity for needed skills. This short clip will start that discussion and hopefully stick with students!

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Review: Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Napoleon is an absurdly awkward teenager living in rural Idaho with his grandmother and his 32-year-old brother while going through high school. Read my review… 366 more words


Sensing World Needs A Pick-Me-Up, March Announces It Will Come In Like A Liger

As the world wearily turns into the last day of a drab, and at times dispiriting February, the month of March has announced that this year it will break with its long-standing tradition of coming in like an apex predator and leaving like a domesticated farm animal, and will instead be arriving as a mythical beast. 175 more words