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Trolling a Ram with a Tetherball....

I’ve only ever seen one better tetherball player…..


I don't think Napoleon Dynamite is going to last very long.

Lumpy has seasonal help every year and he has started hiring for this season. He also likes to give nicknames to the guys that work for him. 299 more words

Method Man Loves 'Napoleon Dynamite' And Hates Shaky Cam

Method Man recently sat down with RottenTomatoes to talk about his favorite movies, and I would say some of his choices are surprising, but that’s not quite true. 448 more words

Film Drunk

Right. Like a Liger. 

“Half cat, half fish.”– kid, when asked if he knows what a catfish is.


Your Viewing Pleasure - Leslie Hall- Body Rolls

Mr. VS makes fun of me for liking this, however even he had this song stuck in his head after I forced him to view it…. 156 more words


2015 Lent 18

Jeremiah 7:21-34

More doom and gloom from the lone prophet to the stiff-necked people.

But here’s something for us to consider.  They “looked backwards rather than forwards” (v. 421 more words

Lent 2015

INTP- Napoleon Dynamite (Other Characters Included Below)

INTP- The Analyst

I (Introversion): Napoleon doesn’t care much for interacting with people, save for a few select friends (Deb and Pedro) that he willingly socializes with. 256 more words