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Napoleon Dynamite - the Ugly Duckling of the MTV generation

Believe it or not I only watched “Napoleon Dynamite” last weekend. I really wish I watched the movie earlier as I’m sure I would have been more taken by its magic at a younger age. 366 more words


Dope (2015)

As the Academy Awards have shown us, there are a lot of important elements that go into a great movie: costumes, acting, production, story, etc. In the case of… 585 more words


Work and life in Stockholm

I know will be a massively disappointing post to anyone who is under the illusion that I am living a glamorous, jet-setting, international life, from living in London to weekending in Holland, and hopping over to Sweden for a spell, but to be honest, much of my trip so far has looked like this: 615 more words

All Of The Things

Top 5 Movie Dance Scenes

Written by Jakob Lewis Barnes

We all love a good boogie, right? Even better when there’s a touch of comedy to the dance moves, and these five dance sequences from the movies are equally entertaining as they are oddly impressive.  436 more words


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McIver needs to find his balls

Much like a douche bag in white sunglasses and a Tap Out shirt driving a slammed 1994 Honda civic with hydraulic shocks, Ric McIver’s balls are completely absent.   255 more words