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The Confederacy Looks to France

September 5, 1863 – Confederate Lieutenant General Edmund Kirby Smith urged foreign envoy John Slidell to get France to intervene on the Confederacy’s behalf so that the French puppet regime in Mexico would have a friendly neighbor to the north. 764 more words


The Laird Rams

September 5, 1863 – Charles Francis Adams, U.S. minister to Great Britain, threatened war unless the British stopped clandestinely building warships for the Confederacy.

Adams had demanded that the British government investigate allegations that naval warships were being built in British shipyards for Confederate use. 560 more words


MY FRENCHQUEST= Year in Review 6/17-6/18

Each June, I review the stats of my blog at http://www.frenchquest.com. There are several reasons for this: 1) WordPress recommends this exercise in order to keep current and relevant in the “blogosphere”; 2) to see which of my blog posts are being frequented and read around the world; and 3) the most important, to revisit my journey through the year of consuming literature, art, and language. 594 more words

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Post-Vicksburg: Grant's Army Reduced

August 3, 1863 – Major General Ulysses S. Grant’s Federal Army of the Tennessee underwent vast reductions following its capture of Vicksburg.

By this month, Grant’s Federals were performing occupation duty at Vicksburg and other points in Mississippi and western Tennessee. 847 more words


Taking a breath

Many years ago – 2011 actually – it was suggested by a then open studios member that, since the old one folded, I should take on the task of starting a new one. 610 more words

Pass the Butter, Hmm… Margarine, Please

You know something is precious when ancient cultures sent their dearly departed into the world beyond with large quantities of it. Butter, in this case. Humans have produced butter for at least 10,000 years, ever since we started domesticating animals. 373 more words

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The Battles of Sedan

Two decisive fights
threw down France with great gnashed bites.
Bloody or not: sleights.