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On this day 112 years ago...

On this day, 112 years ago, Carmine Costantino Girolamo Angelo Ferraro arrived at the Port of New York on the S.S. Lombardia and first put his feet on United States soil. 402 more words

Referendum trivelle, Renzi e Napolitano denunciati a Lecce

Chi volesse compiacersene, il sugo è qui di seguito servito. Ho poco da aggiungere. Fosse la denuncia il segno di una rivolta, fosse la rivolta pronta a dilagare, fosse questo tracimare il segno di una rivoluzione, sarei felice. 121 more words

Voce Dal Sen Fuggita

Classes Under the Clouds (10/2013)

The fall of 2013 was a deeply upsetting time for many members of the UC community. Perhaps the most alarming event was the appointment of Janet Napolitano, former head of the Department of Homeland Security, as the next UC President. 217 more words

Public Education and Public Lands: Two Ideas Worth Privatizing (3/2015)

The privatization of UC Berkeley has been steady and rapid. But it’s also been met with significant resistance from nearly all corners. The school’s newest Chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, has worked hard to preserve the veneer of the school’s “public” status while networking with private fundraisers and promoting corporate restructuring. 169 more words

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Clinton State Department Likely Contained a "Conspiracy To Ignore Laws Governing Security of Information, Transparency and Freedom of Information"

During the 10:30  to 11 am time block on the Fox News News Channel, on Wednesday, March 30, 2016,  Judge Andrew Napolitano was asked about the latest judicial ruling in the Hillary Clinton email caper. 139 more words

Fox News Shows Off Its IQ Again

One of the bright lights on Fox News has these comments about Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court. See if you can follow the bizarre “logic” by which, as always among conservatives, Obama must always be wrong no matter what he says or does. 278 more words