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On This Day in 1878

On this day in 1878 at 9:30 am, Carmine Costantino Girolamo Angelo Ferraro was born in the Montecalvario section of Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarters) of Naples, Italy. 174 more words

Carmine Ferraro’s Mother Filomena Napolitano from Nola, Napoli, Campania

Carmine Ferraro’s Mother Filomena Napolitano from Nola, Napoli, Campania

Filomena Napolitano was born in 1845 in Contrada Dell’Arco, Nola, Napoli, Campania to Carmine Napolitano and Maria Michele Sabatino from Sirico, Napoli. 1,473 more words


Ferraro Family Tree Branches

Ferraro Family Tree Branches~~~Everyone keeps asking to see the Ferraro family tree so far.  So without much further ado, the following images are pedigree charts from four great grandparents in the tree: 58 more words

Claiming Immigrants

~ The First Italians, First Swiss, and First Germans ~ This week you can’t escape the media coverage about the EU and their refugee crisis.  It was hard to not think of the original immigrants in my ancestry.   571 more words

Linea diretta. Il mistero delle telefonate di Napolitano al procuratore di Caltanissetta

La vicenda era nota da tempo. Nel maggio 2009 il procuratore nazionale antimafia Piero Grasso aveva cercato di far applicare alla procura di Caltanissetta il procuratore aggiunto di Milano Ilda Boccassini affinché affiancasse i colleghi nisseni nelle nuove indagini sulla strage di via D’Amelio. 2,972 more words

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The American dream – present and accounted for

With the 4th of July imminent, the crowd gathered in Brooklyn on June 30 to take the oath of United States citizenship was excited about their chance to live the American dream. 546 more words

Neither Freedom nor Safety, by Andrew Napolitano

SLL posts Andrew Napolitano’s articles not just for his content, but because he writes well. Most blog writing is merely serviceable; some of it is atrocious. 560 more words

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