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In Which My Daughter Chooses a Piece of Fruit, by Christine Johnson-Duell

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This poem first appeared in CALYX.

Christine Johnson-Duell is a poet who will write for a paycheck; specifically, she writes grants in support of… 174 more words


Seduced by a triangle

I was seduced by a triangle

Though at first I was more interested in the man who introduced us.

And even he was nothing next to Mandelbrot… 306 more words


Day 17: NaPoMo 30 Thoughts in 30 Days

Civic Duty

Little, nagging tick
Convicted to stick
to the fraying
ribs of the weary.

Sweet venom of fury
Too stubborn to bury
beneath doe eyed… 29 more words


Life = Mixed Pickles & Liquorice Allsorts

Happy Poetry Month, again, fair reader. It’s been a busy month, and a real mixed bag — 228 more words


Writing Prompt Pit Stop: PoMoSco # 17 Spelling Bee

Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! Today is day 17 of PoMoSco, and the prompt sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. The main thing is to find your… 364 more words

Lylanne Musselman

NaPoMo Day 17

(viii of swords)
our marriage was so brief it was a whisper i wonder if it actually happened somewhere between AA & AOL we met had coffee kissed walked up the aisle in front of family & friends just when did you leave me or didn’t i ever truly have you were you always a cheat a player was i so blind did i not want to see trying to keep some kind of balance between mind & soul or was i in true bondage loving my chains even as i cried to be free my city burning behind me my emotions dried to a trickle at my broken feet… 13 more words

Doubt, by Robin A. Sams

What do you mean when
you say you love me
right now?
I’m not used to this not
knowing where I stand
dancing all along a precipice. 239 more words