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There is approximately 14 inches in the space between my head and the area of my chest that covers my heart.

You are eons away from mouth and the things it wants to say.


NaPoMo 24: Surreal Similitude

The storm raged around me
the prison of thunder and rain
keeping me static
never moving on
as the lightning crashed inside my mind
ceaseless recollections back in time…

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NaPoMo 23: The Time Has Come

The Earth is dying, killed by human kind
The unkind acts of living hell
We want it all but take no time to find
The art of living safe and well…

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Does the sound of your own heart every frighten you? Mine does.

Why don’t you walk the space between rage and sadness then tell me which side wins. 31 more words


NaPoMo 22: Shirts and Jeans

The clean shirt and denim jeans
No more in-betweens, just me
No more hiding it inside
A rough ride, but I am free
Stepping out and coming out…

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NaPoMo 21: The Pact

Our day has come to love beyond the night
To ride our wave against the world of fear
Give me your hand and let me draw you near…

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NaPoMo 20: Silver White Reflections

Clouds scatter beneath waxing moon
and her sensual fullness silently reflects
silver white in the long grasses of the wild meadow
as we listen to the breeze of late summer…

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