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Stretching the Song - National Poetry Month - 4/10

I’m so sorry

If i’m reading this book all wrong

I’ve been flipping pages

And I swear the song they make could’ve been our song… 169 more words


Decatur Ain't My Spot - National Poetry Month - 4/9

Decatur always been good to me

A long drive, but my love has always come with at least a few mile markes.

I’m starting to think it ain’t my spot though… 123 more words


NaPoMo 30: Poetic View

Texte: The poets were good teachers, for they taught
Earth had this joy; but that ‘twould ever be
That fortune should be perfected in me, 146 more words

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NaPoMo 29: Downrush

Cascades of thunder growling from behind
Embraced as one without a thought or care
The dreams of lovers laced and thus entwined
As torrents fall while we are unaware… 82 more words

Raven's Witterings

NaPoMo 28: Poetic Journey

Pen and ink
marks on paper
clich├ęd rhyme and metered lines
the practice of finding the voice
soft and feminine end of lines
gave way to a stronger rhythm…

73 more words
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NaPoMo 27: A Moment

When hearing future times echo within
A moment to pause and see her within

The innocence of love inside their eyes
And he touches her skin to feel within…

38 more words
Raven's Witterings


the sadness descends like the moon on its preoccupied planet and it starts.

the feeling starts. the feeling erupts through 12 hours crust of laugh of smile of laugh then smile then don’t cry don’t you dare start to cry. 44 more words