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Why It Must Come

“…poetry isn’t revolution but a way of knowing why it must come.” —Adrienne Rich, “Dreamwood”

Why It Must Come
(After Adrienne Rich)

The one great choice… 130 more words


Spring at Dad's

The new green does nothing to tame them:

plane after plane engines over, a litany
of small-town boys who never graduated
to the Lear jets of their day school dreams. 101 more words


Remember to Forget-NaPoWriMo-Day 29

I remember the heat of my carseat in the sun-soaked Miami drive, the tightness in my hands, with the sensation of crashing into a car at every turn. 198 more words

Bodies of a More Complicated Nature

The small parallelipipeds traversed
on the hairs of leaves, its casual
adventitious body roughening
the surface while a hundred armed mites
rang’d, breaking one another’s necks. 202 more words


April 29: Crosswind

pilots know

the crosswind determines

the final approach when landing

angular wind
in knots, and half knots.

in time, you remember –
there is another way.


Horoscope Chanting Goddess-NaPoWriMo-Day 28

The women marked a horoscope
on her wrist. Geminate fingers listed
the comet-quick fate: inevitable— that
campfire singing flames, and the intonation
of a song coming out of her mouth, two… 77 more words

Define Poetry: A My Tribe Interview Series Special for National Poetry Month

For National Poetry Month, I asked women poets to do a difficult task: define poetry. Their responses are both personal and accessible, lyrical and practical. I hope these thoughts inspire you as much as they have inspired me. 662 more words