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SUBMISSION CALL: April Poetry Month

Hello Everyone!

It seems early to say this, but National Poetry Month is coming up soon, and once again, we’re celebrating one local Wisconsin poet every day in April. 149 more words


NaNo(inPo)WriMo #23

Things Only People with Moon Hearts Can Do

promise our love will always wax
but then again always wane
barely intrude upon your life
yet in our absence leave you lost… 122 more words

NaNo(inPo)WriMo #22 Hard-crust

22 Hard-crust

I have loved many people in this rush
of decades I must now consider a life

or so I would have said even as late… 204 more words

NaNo(inPo)WriMo#21 Singin’ this will be the day

21 Singin’ this will be the day

How much wood would
a woodchuck chuck
if a woodchuck had a
pickup truck, a chainsaw,
an axe, and awl? 125 more words

NaNo(InPo)WriMo #20 always by uncles aplenty

20. always by uncles aplenty

Snow and street and rock racing
under the runners, twenty, thirty,
forty miles an hour no shame then
in screaming as long as you… 169 more words


NaNo(inPo)WriMo #18 Now I Know My ABCs

18. Now I know my ABCs

amber waves
broken axles

farm hands
green tomatoes

ice water ice cream iceberg ho!

jack it up… 40 more words


NaNo(inPo)WriMo #17 when the hunter and the hunted merge

17 when the hunter and the hunted merge

Hickory dickory dock
the mouse ran chased
by the farmer’s wife
yielding a knife,
never in my life, 102 more words