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Oulipost, Day 25 - Larding

Larding – line stretching, fattening up the poem.  Begin with two lines from your selected text.  Add a line between them.  Add a line between lines 1 and 2, and between lines 2 and 3.   415 more words

Oulipost, Day 9 - Headlines

This is another variation on the cento – compose a poem using only headlines, or sections of headlines, from today’s paper.  It was very interesting to see how different the language was, between the headlines and quotes.   293 more words

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015


Good day, everyone! I won both Camp NaNoWrimo + NaPoWrimo 2015! :)

I’v been taking a writing vacation lately, (well not really, I wrote 2119 words for a random new novel idea yesterday and today) 371 more words

My poems from National Poetry Month only available for May #NaPoMo 2015

During the month of April, I participated in two National Poetry Month challenges and posted 30 poems for each! Follow the links below to read the poems… but do so in May! 68 more words


Headache Hangover

Bruises under my eyes, but I haven’t been drinking. Feel like I haven’t slept for days, but I just got up.



1) It is November 6th, 1990. My father drives my mother, swelling with Scorpio, to the hospital. It has been nine months since his last apology and today she will learn the the consequence of forgiveness. 213 more words


#NaPoMo Role Call! - Did you participate in a National Poetry Month Project? Share your experience...

Wow, April was a whirlwind of incredible local and online opportunities for poets to strut their stuff and to write like mad. I participated in two 30/30 projects and managed to complete them both (yes, I’m tired now). 163 more words