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A morning of reflection.
Time is misrepresented.
The day exudes a foggy depression.

A journey of hope and second guesses.
Ideas have stalled.
The exploration isn’t progressing.

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I feel exhausted. The presence of anxiety keeps me up at night; I am blindsided by my mornings. I often wish for things seen in fairytales. 40 more words

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Final Poetry Assignment

DP #48: Acrostic

Try your hand at writing an acrostic poem.

Take ten minutes.

Today, you have the hour to work on your summative poetry blog post.

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No Lickle Twang by Louise Bennett

By: Louise Bennett Coverley

Me glad fi see yuh come back, bwoy,
But lawd, yuh let me dung
Me shame a yuh so till all a… 214 more words

Jamaica Poetry


I followed the trail of breadcrumbs.  A wicked house in the middle of the plains. Compelled to go inside; I turned and walked away.

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It takes one bad experience to leave a negative impression; the year 2018 contained a plethora of moments covered in darkness and angst. It is relentlessly delivering failures and disappointments. 114 more words

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End of Time

Here we are today; four weeks from the end of time.  Moments reflecting along the thoughts once transparent.  Falling stars turn to snowflakes; frosty dreams covering the horror of nightmares.   6 more words

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