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Even Now: The Solace of Nature

Waiting Out the Storm

Poetry by Jennifer A. Payne

“Not till we are lost, in other words not till
we have lost the world, do we begin to find… 145 more words


Meta Poem 1

I want my words to be

curls of smoke that linger

a cold brush of icy fingers

I want my words to be

bones clinking in the night… 76 more words


Ice dark (the world is dreaming).

lie across the taurobolium

at the motherless spring

without feeling, without breath;

pale mulberries infiltrate the wind

in ice dark of obscured dreams

by the sea-green void, vanishing by the surf, 164 more words


Closed for Business

The unforgettable aftermath;
some warn it is not over.

Here I am, looking
for that second chance;
all I see are the opportunities
reserved for others. 35 more words

Creative Writing

The World I Knew

Is the sky much bluer over there
than it is here?
Will the wind still whisper its secrets
in my ear?
Do their smiles ring truer… 112 more words


(August) Poetry Postcard Festival 2020

So many months at home. So many postcards. So many poems going out in the mailbox and quite a number coming into my mailbox too! Here’s the two groups of cards (two “groups” or “months” worth) that I have received to date. 970 more words

Do The Work

Curtain Call

I've never been to San Francisco
But if I had
I'd probably leave my heart lying around
Let it keep time in the streets
With the symphony of the Windy City… 654 more words