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Poetry 365 - Day 271 (Mum What's A Migrant?)

Mum what’s a migrant?
It said on the news they’re coming
A million, is that a lot?
Billy’s Dad said they steal and lie
Is that really true? 309 more words



The days pass on anew ~

Generations will speak words believed to be wisdom

You know better

No more is kindness a way of life ~ 58 more words


Poetry 365 - Day 266 (Winter Is Coming)

Autumn takes its gentle grip
Upon a meandering year
The tilted earth
Cooler, darker, harsher
In the northern lands

Winter is coming
Like night follows day… 55 more words


Poetry 365 - Day 258 (Late Afternoon Sun)

Refugees blocked by forces, criminalized by laws

Nearly 3,000 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean so far this year

Late afternoon sun

Only glowed red for about 10 mins, but pretty whilst it lasted… 127 more words


Poetry 365 - Day 256 (At Last My Spirits Are Soaring)

Summer drifts along its lazy aimless path
Heading for an autumn tete a tete
Summer drifts along its lazy aimless path

Stunning days like these feel so sedate… 160 more words




You barely know them

You are suspended in a state of limbo

Living between the hesitation of whether or not to approach them

Two… 124 more words


Kismet (4/2/2015)

to find wonder in spindle-tipped alignment
you’re awestruck, staring, gaping-mouthed
and I’m a bit more preoccupied with the
steady intake, the fall and rise of your chest… 62 more words