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XIX. Consume

XIX. Consume



requires two things:

loss and gain

but only the universe can understand

the stasis

To some

communion is consumption

and I wish I could… 48 more words


like inexorable kindness –
an asymptote of
advancing understanding
dripping down a steep slope
peeling at the surface,
just short of taking apart
what is not meant to crumble… 21 more words


#NaPoWriMo - Day 19: 'Spring Pastimes'

Four figures sit on a beach wall

throwing stones toward an empty

plastic bottle with the lid taken

off and left a little to the… 120 more words


Simple (National Poetry Writing Month 2018 #19)

A simple poem because I am sick
Because my body is being a dick
I’ve been struck with this nasty malaise
Leaving my mind in a cloudy haze…

32 more words


challenging to watch
waiting for a decision
waiting to come up for air
as one year blends to the next
the way it is
to stand for what becomes normal… 100 more words


304: Willy and Biff Loman Cross Paths with Talking Heads

(with gratitude to David Byrne and Arthur Miller)

What have they asked of themselves?
The tiniest slice of the pie belongs to
that beautiful house, which mostly, 248 more words


Perspectives: 110/365

Alfie Pearce (Mushroom Grower, Music Friends of Sports)

Bad news, good news
The municipality denied our application
To start growing weed,
They had concerns about the possibility kids would do drugs, 57 more words