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Kismet (4/2/2015)

to find wonder in spindle-tipped alignment
you’re awestruck, staring, gaping-mouthed
and I’m a bit more preoccupied with the
steady intake, the fall and rise of your chest… 62 more words

Touch (4/4/2015)

I do not find myself dreaming of your mouth or
the way it curves boyishly, knowingly
when I’m stained bashful and shy.
Instead, I think of the way your hands will look… 71 more words

Poetry 365 - Day 233 (Dear Poem)

Dear Poem

What right have I
Its pie in the sky

I’m charting my life in verse
Could the poems possibly be getting much worse… 160 more words



I’m not sure what is worse:

The pride, or the pain.


Poetry 365 - Day 218 (Do You Love Me)

Do you love me

Of course

More than your pet you had as a child


More than your family you no longer see

Definitely… 110 more words


Poetry 365 - Day 217 (Eyes Of Steel)

Eyes of steel
Sharp and true
Made for killing
Teeth, claws, stealth, speed
Humans hate me
Other love me
Many quite indifferent
Some say I am wild… 65 more words


Poetry 365 - Day 216 (Around Two Thirty)

That moment when this giant spinning orb stops, sitting in my favourite chair. Good book, a steaming cup of tea, the angelic voice  of Maria Callas singing just for me across the silent room. 182 more words