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We sacrificed our lifeline for those trivial desires. The flames devoured our future for what we perceived as our dream. Paradise is gone from our existence.  8 more words

Creative Writing

Route 3-6-5

We are no further along since the start of the journey. Chaos brings a wicked storm without Order to contain the wind. Detours lead to crossroads.   32 more words

Creative Writing

A slow-glowing firefly rests where the cottage red garage door meets the pebbled tan foundation.

It lights, labored, out of breath from a long summer winging warm night air.

94 more words


The months provide a path
for the repeating cycles.
Every day I am reminded of the choices
and the decision.
Each hour displays the anguish… 23 more words

Creative Writing


September rain
washing away the dust.
The autumn breeze
clearing away the summer clouds.
My horizon descends
quickly towards supplication.

I think of the last sunset; 14 more words

Creative Writing


I have seen the face of selfishness,

It’s repulsive!

I have witnessed the image of unworthiness,

It fills me with disdain.

Every time I look at it, I’m consumed by the insatiable urge to tear it apart. 32 more words

#FridayFantasy - Fragility

At first Touch

Her Fragility Reached out to him,

Transforming every measure

Of his Strength

Into Weakness;

Beguiling his Senses

Until the Warrior stood… 21 more words