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Love Song

When you rest your face
in my arm’s hollow,

all the echoes have stopped.
The world has become quiet since

the eagles returned to the valley. 57 more words


Tone It Down

Nothing but lonely expanses
In the vastness of someone
Else’s too big heart


Being Strong Has Its Faults

‚ÄčThere is no applause or accolades for doing what is right or just. No one wants to be reminded of their inadequacy. Solace and distance is a side effect of beating the dragon. 182 more words


Reading into Instagram

If I must be reduced to
Images and recycled words
At least let me be sincere
At least let me be reduced
To an ember of truth and honesty… 27 more words


Good Night's Sleep

When I wake up I wonder
What alignment of the planets
Has allowed me to sleep dreamlessly
That would dig further into
Prophecies and the unconscious but… 12 more words



English is so full of permanence,
I joke, but in truth, in America,
Everything is and I am until
Eternity. When is the death of… 41 more words


Head Rush

Perhaps it is best described as
Fingernails on the edge of a cliff
With gravity working against you
But as the sun rises
A pink sky feels like all the solace
Ever needed