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A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 25, 2015


vacuous vapidity is what i fight,
a valorous battle against… 80 more words


"Pillars Topple"

for Spoken Pandora, who inspired me

Strong Black Woman
Come in out of yourself
where you are the pillar for not only
but everyone else. 372 more words

Claudia Moss

A Blink in the Centremost

a constant motion

of blanketing

white noise

silencing one reality

to allow entrance

to another


just remember the key

take some rope

if you wish to return… 71 more words


a portrait of the photographer, taken by her dad

that’s the Canon
rangefinder, I think,
or Grandpa’s 35mm

a visit to Jack London’s
house, in the Valley
of the Moon

I stand at the… 38 more words


Going to the Dogs

We feed our dogs a raw diet, and often laugh when we compare our bowls to theirs, because we put more thought into ensuring they have a healthy, varied diet while not being as worried over ours. 57 more words

The Horizon Behind

Waters pull me whispering
Of downstream and beyond,
But I cannot stop listening
Before I realize it’s gone.


Wipe the {Star}Dust from Your Eyes

She’s made of stardust

Kissed with an infusion

Of the Galaxy’s granules

Magic in her veins

Milky way sparkle

On her luminous skin

And an entire universe… 33 more words