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Under the shade of the old Narra
We settled down and talked.
Little by little the shadow
That covered us from
The bright bright sun… 8 more words

The Subterfuge

The tides of time wears me not, steadfast and true.
It ebbs and flows. Vows and troths, they’re never rue.
Detract me not, Miss Fortune. Give up heart’s due; 98 more words


What does it instill?
Whenever I go uphill,
Never-ending mountain range,
Enfeeble and derange,
Frustration and rage,
Thinned the dreamer’s plumage.
Consume reality.

(24/30) cell phone martyr

look at your phone. again.
again. did you see the time?
did you hear his voice?
did you scroll through your
nonexistent pictures together?
who are you? 272 more words


(23/30) the baptism of a new day

it’s going to rain. absolutely.
no weather network predictions about it.
no wishing for sunny skies.
no hopingĀ for crops to rise.

it’s going to rain, absolutely; 85 more words




his face in the candlelight

holds all the promise and threat

of an undone parcel

you find on your porch

one springtime morning.


To My Fellow Word-Enchanters

hello all you lovely people,

today my phone notified me of the most wonderful news, 145 of you beautiful people are now following my poetry blog, and i can’t thank either one of you enough. 45 more words