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My great grandfather was a literal
Gas lighter in one of his many jobs when he
Moved to America from a country that
Wanted him to a country that wanted… 149 more words


Susan's Good Book...a rerun

They will March
to my funeral Mix
my obituary
I was ecumenical,
hitting highs and

and for this, segue
I’ve pre-ordered
attendee SWAG… 151 more words


Shut the Front Door! — Shanti Weiland

Hey, y’all. Shanti Weiland, one of my absolute favorite writers, featured me as a guest blogger on her site last week. Check it out, eh? 63 more words


On the Validity of Action

I’m catching acorns in my mouth
In the hopes that in fifty years I will become
A solid oak
Stable in my surroundings and moving only… 79 more words



The challenge is to embrace the
Calm without seeking. There will always
Be more horizon. There will never be
More of this.


A Familiar Poem

​The reality is

I never walk into a poetry show

As a stranger

I walk the words draped from my jeans

Lips parted for thoughts to escape… 32 more words


Meditating on Insecurity vs. Jealousy 

Pressed against my own lack
I extend fingers and rage against
Those who can bear the brunt
Of my burdens
The cold breath of feeling like… 85 more words