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Napping Aftermath...

I woke up ill this morning! I haven’t been ill in so long that I now feel as though I’m dying! I have a stuffed nose, sore throat and banging headache, so all I wanted to do was sleep it off. 267 more words


Let's all take a snooze

Today in the US it is National Napping Day. Sunday morning at 2 a.m. some of us moved our clocks ahead an hour to begin Daylight Saving Time. 179 more words


5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Nap

A power nap is the perfect solution to overcome stress and help improve your productivity throughout the day. Having a nap gives you the opportunity to store your memories and give your brain a rest. 363 more words


4 Benefits of Power Napping

A power nap is a period of sleep that usually lasts no more than 20 minutes, where you don’t enter deep sleep. You are left feeling refreshed and revitalised after it unlike a longer nap where you can sometimes come out of it feeling groggy and still sleepy. 370 more words


Maddie Revises Her Napping Schedule

Maddie is in the process of dropping her second nap, but it’s not shaping up to be a seamless process. We are trying to let Maddie guide the process, but so far, she’s changing the rules on a day-to-day basis. 85 more words


8 Tips to Help Shift-Workers

Having a sleep routine is essential for getting to sleep quickly and having a restful nights sleep. When you’re a shift worker it is impossible to maintain a consistent routine and as a result it can be quite hard to get to sleep, especially when you’re working night shifts and your body clock becomes disorientated. 504 more words

Sleep Tips

4 Top Tips to Prevent Sleep Deprivation in Teens

Teenagers face many distractions at night time that stops them from wanting to go to bed. Sleep is a necessity for all children as it is important for their development, so when they don’t get enough sleep it can be harmful. 357 more words

Sleep Tips