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Napping: How to do it right

How long should a nap take, exactly? Most people would usually set their alarm clocks aside for this one. As long as you slept for some time during the afternoon, it’s a nap. 152 more words

Kara's Top 10 Places in (or around) Bailey Hall to Nap

By Kara Headley

It’s here. Finals week is finally upon us. A time full of panic, misery, all-nighters, and too much coffee for one body to handle. 333 more words


Two weeks...

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since my surgery!

I have been wanting to write a post and have even had a few false starts… however, my concentration hasn’t returned yet so I end up giving up. 294 more words

The Napping House.

The Napping House by Audrey Wood, and illustrated by husband Don Wood, is a beautiful, simplistic story of the chaos that inevitably happens to wake up a house full of napping people. 248 more words

Book Review

Chronic Fatigue and Me

I realise that I have already talked to you about my OCD, however it seems that I have yet another demon lurking over me. This demon is called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and it seems to take pleasure in making me almost childlike in my desire to sleep (even though sleep does nothing). 331 more words

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