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The Cover Page of the 28 May 2016 New Scientist has SLEEP THE GOOD SLEEP as the title.  According to Matt Walker of he University of California, Berkeley, “sleep has been labelled he this pillar of good health, along with diet, exercise.  756 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Lazy Day

A lazy day tackles me from behind
Pins me down and soon
I find myself spending the day in bed
Curling up in my blanket… 76 more words


Phillips Phunny: Napping In Traffic

A guy took a NAP in traffic while his Tesla drove on autopilot??!!

This might be fine in ten years, but not yet. Someone posted a video of a guy sitting in traffic in his Tesla. 22 more words


Hitting Snooze

The problem with having free time is I keep falling asleep. That is, I keep finding myself inordinately tempted to lie down for a nap for twenty minutes. 438 more words

Life In California

Car Naps

Car naps have become the bane of my existence. Yet they are also the fruit of my day. For whatever reason, my 15 month olds hate sleep; and in turn me. 140 more words

Twin Mom

Public Nap Space

Here is an idea whose time has come. Aux armes! We need to remove the barriers to napping!

Olivia Vanni at BostonInno explains the revolutionary new Sleepbox concept. 265 more words