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This is why I love napping

Don’t you love napping? You’re not the only one. John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Winston Churchill among many others are knows to have valued their afternoon nap highly. 873 more words


Study Breaks

Study Breaks by lipsticklabels featuring storage containers

September is fast approaching and for some of you (including myself) that means back to school. I wanted to share with you some of the studying breaks that I do to get my mind off of school work so I can refocus afterwards on the topics at hand. 517 more words


Fences and feet

Good afternoon! I want to share with yall an incident that just happened while I was babysitting.

To start this story off, I will tell you that I did not get much sleep last night. 457 more words

Proper Napping Procedures

There are very few subjects which I am an expert at.  Grammar, I don’t have a doctorate in.  Math?  I think if the end of the world were imminent and all I had to do was solve the equation for X to save the world, get ready for the apocalypse and the four horseman to start heading our way.   945 more words


17 Things All Napaholics Have Said At Least Once In Their Lifetime

1. “This nap isn’t going to take itself!”

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2. “A nap’s not going to hurt anybody.”

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The Four Questions

Passover is the story of the Jewish people escaping from slavery and seeking refuge in the desert. Tradition tells the story of this journey by asking four questions. 928 more words


“Work hard, sleep hard” has always been the motto of feline tai chi master Kat Tai-Dai Mau.  He might be a renowned teacher of tai chi movements, but he is still a kitty, and kitties need their power naps to stay fresh and strong. 25 more words