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Fun-guys and Other Hobbies

The Mushroom Hunter has taken up ‘Geocaching‘….

Hold up…the who?

…Oops, yea completely forgot to update you Internet. You see, since the birth of our second back in September, the hubster has taken up mushroom hunting… 267 more words


Rain and Smiles

We’ve enjoyed a cold one today. The temperature hovered in the 40s with a bit of rain off and on. Tomorrow is supposed to be the better chance, and then a freeze with a chance of snow! 183 more words

Mother Nature

Cognitive Dissonance

Baby O is at that age where he needs my husband or me in his line of vision at all times.  If he’s on his play mat in the family room and I go into the kitchen to heat up a bottle, he loses his damn mind.   133 more words


The Power of the Nap

For a long time I’ve been a firm believer in power napping, ever since I read the book “Powerful Sleep” by Kacper M Postawski, more than 10 years ago. 531 more words

Youthful Skin

“At the heel end of the day, I need my glass of wine. Christmas lights for the brain.”

Dinner was delicious yesterday, and I even brought home a doggy bag so they’ll be a dinner  of leftovers this evening. The restaurant was bustling when we arrived but quieted down as we sat and dined. 319 more words


Thanks Again

Something else to be thankful for:

Friends who would rather join you in a tryptophan-induced nap than watch football.