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5-Steps Towards Getting Your Toddler to Sleep

Hello, Sleep 911.

Is this an emergency?

If you are the exhausted parent of a toddler with sleep issues, your answer is–


Well, good news, you are at the right place for sleep solutions. 660 more words

Five Steps To Get Kids To Sleep


Is napping good for you?

ANYONE who knows me will agree I am a major fan of a good nap. There is no strict definition of when a nap becomes a siesta or a full sleep, but I am happy with a power nap for 20 minutes on the train, a snooze in a park, a full hour back in bed on a cold afternoon, or even by a pool in the sun, weather permitting. 381 more words


"iTired....They Have a Nap For That"

Many of us feel as though we’re just getting through life with our eyes half open. Some of us have a hard time waking up in the morning and we hit the snooze button 5 times before we actually get out of bed.   1,067 more words


Staying On Task

I could live like this.


Up at the cabin: wake up at 5:30 when hubby goes fishing; turn over and go back to sleep; wake up at 7, let the dog out, go out to the livingroom, open doors and windows and let cool air whip through the house, fall back asleep on the sofa till 9; take shower; read; grab a donut; go to library and do research for an hour; come back, have lunch; take a nap; write; go for a walk to lake; eat dinner; write; watch movies; sleep. 416 more words

Farewell to the Sunshine

I’m in New York by now! Hooray! I’m testing out scheduling my posts, so hopefully when I get back, this will be posted. Wouldn’t want y’all to miss out now. 219 more words

Summer's End

Only two more days until Starling and Merlin are back at school.  Thank goodness I have no kindergarteners this year, what with all of that staggered half-day start nonsense.   236 more words

Family Fun


There has to be something wrong with my body. I always have to sleep close to twice as much as anyone I know. It’s like, if I don’t get enough sleep at night, then I take a super long nap later that day to make up for it. 193 more words