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Old Main, outside lawn, wooden bench

Today I did the unexpected. I took a nap. Surprise !!

Because the weather was so beautiful today, I made the executive decision to sit outside on a bench for a while, which ended up me lying down on the bench, which ended up with me taking a nap outside. 336 more words

How to Nap Your Way to Success

Yes, you read that right. Naps are crucial for sleep-deprived college students like you and me. When that headache starts to hit, and you barely made it through your last class with your eyes open, it’s time to nap. 432 more words

Studying for Success: Tips and Tricks for Finding Efficient Study Habits

Finals are coming up and that means the race is on to find the quietest, most comfortable study space or to protect your coveted study spot. 345 more words

#1572 - Cat Naps

The cat makes me do it! She’s a bad influence!

Sketch A Day

feeling sluggish

One of the symptoms of PoTS that I’ve struggled with is the constant feeling of being on edge. Because my Autonomic Nervous System has gone a bit haywire, my heart rate is going faster than it should when I change position (see:  250 more words

Chronic Illness

Suspicious Schnauzer Quilt Coziness

My adopted brother Mike, who loves quilts, has discovered a new way to get cozy in a handmade quilt made by one of our humans (my female and male human, both who I manage, make quilts for Mike and I to stay cozy in). 134 more words

Miniature Schnauzer

Phillips Phunny: Breaking And Entering And Napping

A guy broke into a preschool to takes a NAP??!!

Some guy broke into a preschool in New Orleans Monday night, fixed himself a snack, made a bed out of stuffed animals and took a NAP. 16 more words