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9 Reasons I'm Not Taking a Nap Today

  1. The prospect of having to wake up again is prohibitively depressing.
  2. Naps cause responsibility-free breaks to go by far to quickly.
  3. Naps aren’t really responsibility-free, because I need to do laundry and folding laundry is somewhat easier when twins aren’t systematically unfolding it at the same time.
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Short naps during the day can help unwind and rejuvenate

Do you feel extremely sleepy post-lunch? Are you often embarrassed about dozing away during meetings or presentations?  Well, you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with needing a small nap once a day . 453 more words



Am I the only one trying to figure out a sleep schedule since they retired? During my summer breaks as a teacher, I wouldn’t force a new sleep pattern on myself knowing it would be temporary and too hard, as well as unnecessary, to resume my 5:30 wakeup come fall. 408 more words

Siberian Sunday: Naptime at the Renovation Site

We’re all a bit exhausted from the renovations that are taking place at our home right now, even the dogs!

Do you have any renovation tips that you’d like to share? 21 more words


My Thoughts on Napping

Who doesn’t love a good sleep? Sleeping is the best. But I’m the type of person who sleeping doesn’t always come gracefully to. It’s gotten a lot better these days, but I have spent many a night trying to fall asleep for hours – on average it often took me an hour to fall asleep. 508 more words


Afternoon couch nappers

It is late afternoon. And in the tropics it means that the sun is blazing away mercilessly. It is that time of the day when the trees hunch their shoulders waiting for a breeze to lift their spirits, when the plants curl their leaves to keep cool and the normally vocal birds drop a few decibels. 301 more words

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