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Napping Window

My favorite napping window is in Mama’s home office.


Hannah Stanley: We mammals need nap time the most

Hannah goes over the varying durations of sleep we actually need during daytime hours, and their benefits to our brain. Find out how to help relieve stress, improve your memory and more! 9 more words

Patti Vasquez

Napping is a Beautiful Thing

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Do you find that you’re always tired? Does 94% of your paycheck go to Tim Horton’s just so you can stay awake while you’re at work? 579 more words


20 Things You May Not Know About Me!

Just for fun…

  1. I wear my hair the same way every single day. I hate straightening it and I refuse to let my hair get long.
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Naps Rock!

I love naps. I can fall asleep almost anywhere when I’m tired. I take a nap almost everyday after school, even though I try not to because it takes up too much time that I could be using to do something more constructive, like homework. 334 more words


Sleeping and Naps Are Good For the Soul...

There is a lot to be said about napping and getting lots of rest when you are not feeling well. For the last two to three weeks I have been doing nothing but sleeping and napping. 441 more words

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