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Pearl Explains Parrots: Napping

In the wild, most species nap for long periods of time each day.

Even for those species that are so tender and delicious they must stay alert constantly, they take small naps as often as they can. 152 more words


36 Weeks Pregnant & Being Real About the Struggles


Welcome back to my little blog! Today’s post is all about my 36 week update and later on I’m going to get very real about some of the things I’ve been struggling with recently. 404 more words


Let's De-Stress

Judging by my last post I’m sure you can all tell that life is stressing me out beyond belief…and that post didn’t even touch on anything related to my workload for class or things I’m doing at work right now. 447 more words

Nest Bedding Review & Pro Napper Experience 

If you follow me on any of my other social platforms, I’m sure you’ve seen me talking about being chosen as a pro napper for… 767 more words


Nap Time.

Naps are my hobby.

Sleeping in is my homeboy.

When I was a teenager, I used to return from school after a very demanding day of sitting, and would fall asleep in front of the TV before dinner. 874 more words