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A ruff night.

As it is widely known, sleeping and napping and resting are some of my favorite past-times. It is also known that my king-sized bed is one of my favorite places to obtain the goals of these activities. 403 more words

Health and Wellness Campaign

Over the course of 2 weeks I promoted this campaign via Facebook and Twitter to help spread awareness on productive napping.

I even got it published in an… 9 more words

Research method: napping

Over the years as I worked through the #trudgery of academic assignments, napping has become an important aspect of my process. I read and write on a subject for a few hours. 345 more words



how I spent my day?
Loki needed a sofa
for napping



20 months

We’ve rounded the corner into the final third of your second year. This seems momentous, for some reason–more momentous even than hitting a  year and a half–and all of a sudden you seem to have sprouted into a little boy. 714 more words


On the Pleasures of a Sore Throat

It’s official: I’m a sickly person.

I have my share of colds and illness every season, but having just recovered from my third round of strep throat in two months, it’s undeniable. 729 more words

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Ginger Perks.

Ginger stayed at my house this week. We always have a lot of fun running, jumping, and playing. We didn’t get to do as much of that as we normally  do because it was so rainy and snowy outside. 517 more words