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Take a nap

An active morning.
A hard working afternoon.
An exhausting day.
At the end, all you want to do is take a nap.

If you’re feeling drowsy, fatigued, or just straight up tired, then take a nap. 293 more words


Mama’s fabric is quite comfortable for napping.


Mr. Fratto Turned into a Marshmallow (Part 2)

Escaping from a conveyor belt laden with packages of ME!  That and running from children made me take a potion to grow to normal size, but not back into a man.   22 more words

Childrens Art

the benefits of taking a nap


Most of us consider it a guilty pleasure we seldom allow ourselves to indulge in, but who are we to go against the recommendations of the… 314 more words

Life-styling Tips & Advice

Greetings Aliens and the FBI

Testing, testing. Back up mic is on.

As an intro, I figured that I’d give a little heads up for what we’ve got in store for this wacky blogging adventure. 134 more words


How to Nap

By Charlotte Latvala

One of the best parts about reaching 50 is that you no longer need to apologize for, or feel guilty about, napping. In fact, power-napping is an art form that cannot be truly appreciated until decades of living have worn you down. 321 more words


#oldpost The Art of the Mini Break

Though this post talks about the holidays, it is relevant at any point that you find yourself too busy and lacking time for yourself.

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