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Pampers Baby Dry Nappy Review

The lovely people at Pampers sent us a pack of their new Baby Dry nappies to try out and we Love them!

The first few mornings when I had forgotten we were trying the new nappies I thought that Leo had gone thru the night without weeing. 128 more words


Pee(nut) in the Post // Receiving my Tots Bots Peenut Birth to Potty Kit // First Impressions

Wow, the world of reusable nappies is a complicated one indeed! After deciding between ourselves that my husband and I were going to use cloth nappies with our impending little one, I took to the internet and researched my bum off. 1,187 more words


The benefit of being the youngest of three is that I’ve always had my fair share of hand-me-downs. As a kid some of my favourite toys were passed down to me from my sisters and had it not been for them I’d have never got my hands on that Ken doll and soft-top red car that I loved so much in my teenage years. 428 more words


78 - Deja Poo

Poem number 78
Deja Poo
Here again, it’s Deja Poo
The nappy was so clean and new
But now it’s filled with browny goo… 60 more words


Nappy style

A friend tipped me into these cute personalised nappy wallets, and I’m so happy she did! This is a great one for any mum who has little ones still in nappies (and they also make a great baby gift!) 85 more words


Honey, I fired the pediatrician!

Here is a piece of mommy wisdom that I will carry with me forever…

You can tell a lot about a person by the care they take when changing a baby’s diaper! 888 more words

Cud Chewing

Potty Training

Let me start this post by saying I am not ready for potty training. Not at all. 471 more words

Alfie George