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Parenting - Never a Dull Moment

So my 10 month old waited until I was in the middle of appointment to shit all up her back and down her legs….

No baby changing facilities available (of course)… … 164 more words

Homemade Aztec Clay Shampoo

In July of 2016 I went natural and it is probably one of the best decisions I will make in my life. And my hair? Where oh where do I begin? 790 more words

Digital Dad: The Bungee Cord Nappy

I hung up. I’d have to go in. Work had called and something urgent had come up. The magic sponge of restarting the PC obviously hadn’t worked… 792 more words

Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep 13: How Do I Define My 4B Natural Hair Curls?

This Week’s Music: Jaibee Save Your Love For Me

What’s Happening

Sky From Black Ink Crew Reunites With Sons

Sky, who gave up her 2 sons for adoption, finally reunited with them after 15 years. 138 more words

Black Women

Expectation vs Reality - Changing a Nappy

Even though I’m a relatively new Dad, I was aware that babies existed…even before I had one. This was mainly due to films and TV. 144 more words

Daddy Blogger

Babies, Bums and Backsides

Wee Harper is now 13 months old. She’s walking, she’s babbling (a lot and very loudly) and she has now begun putting her toys INSIDE of her toy bin, rather than pulling them all out at once. 400 more words

Today's antics - 7th December 2017


Milly refused to go to toilet before bed last night, so I put on her nappy in case she had an accident through the night.  266 more words