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Chapter 1.3- Toddler Sapphire

Anabelle got promoted so her hard work, tiredness and hunger had paid off.

She decided to go fishing, maybe if she caught some fish she could sell them or use them for experiments… 172 more words


How To: Put a Nappy in the Rubbish Bin

  1. Change nappy
  2. Put new nappy on
  3. Ask Toddler to put used nappy in the rubbish bin
  4. Toddler hops off the bed and picks up nappy with one hand, and grabs hold of my finger with the other…
  5. 165 more words

My hair



Hair with low porosity has a tightly bound cuticle layer with overlapping scales that lay flat. This type of hair is usually considered healthy, and is often very shiny, especially when it’s dark in color. 125 more words

Reusable Nappies- the love of my life and the bain of my husbands: 

Before we had Little Man, infact way before I even knew my husband, I decided that reusable nappies were the way forward. I just spent a rather exciting season travelling. 323 more words


NAPPY 101- Types of Natural Hair

Last week I started this new write-up thread discussing the basics of natural hair. The last post NAPPY 101- Natural Hair Basics defines natural hair as well as the benefit of going natural. 608 more words

Natural Hair

How do you Keep Natural Hair Moisturized? | Day 32

This is my genuine question.

I have, what I believe to be, type 4c natural hair. I’m not entirely sure about the whole typing system, so here’s what I do know about my hair. 450 more words


NAPPY 101- Natural Hair Basics

Natural hair, simply put, is one whose texture has been manipulated chemically using relaxers and texturizers or other chemical straightening methods. Depending on the ethnic group, natural hair can range from the straight to kinky and different curl diameters. 258 more words