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Toddler Tales: Nappy Bowling, Anyone?

Back in 2005 when the eldest was still in nappies, (a whole age ago), the husband and I had a particular game that we played in those heady early days of newborn exhaustion and euphoria. 1,224 more words



Earlier this week my son had his second bout of rotovirus immunisations. The result of this has been that all week he has been a bit groggy, developed a slight case of the sniffles, and perhaps most notably his bowel movements have become a bit less regular. 229 more words


Babies: Spot the difference

Basically this is the same drawing rendered very slightly differently each time. This is the finicky kind of detail that illustrators spend hours obsessing about. I feel line drawing, in the context of book illustration anyway,  is a bit unfashionable at the moment. 220 more words


Real nappy week

My first post – written with blurry eyes and a foggy brain after getting up every hour with the boy last night!

I want this blog to feature all aspects of ways we can better care for our world, for the future of our children, from upcycling tips to recipes. 225 more words

German Signs

Getting a sense of a different country is often to be found in the small things of life – signs, for example.

On a visit last weekend to see friends in Bonn, the sign for the baby changing room in a airport made me laugh and, truly, Bonn airport is not a bundle of hilarity. 111 more words


I love, love, love my gNappies!

They are by far my favourite real nappy and I can’t get enough of them.

My son, Baby J also loves his gPants or as far as I can tell, he never complains about them anyway. 426 more words


The top 5 nappies - ranked & reviewed

I thought for today I would rank the different brands of nappies we have used over the first 11 weeks. I hope this countdown is of some use and do get in touch to let me know your experiences. 275 more words