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What To Do With My Nappy?

OK, so I am stuck in a rut.

Kind of.  Almost.

With my hair I mean.

The thing is I don’t know exactly how to style it. 404 more words

Nappy Tales

Shopping? Shove it up your arse

Do not take a one year old food shopping. Ever. Not if you wish to one day look back on this time without nausea and vomiting. 971 more words


Seven Other Things

7 other things I had completely forgotten about…

1) They have remarkably stretchy genitalia. They will grab a fistful of their gonads and stretch them a mind-boggling half a metre. 376 more words


Seven Things

7 things I had completely forgotten about.

1) The extreme level of sleep deprivation. Beyond humanly possible, the new mother in her natural habitat survives on 45 minutes of broken sleep, caffeine and toddler snacks… 101 more words


More Than Just Oils: Coconut oil

Buongiorno amici miei! Come stai?

Sipping coconut juice under a palm tree in the Caribbean with my amazing bod in my sexy bikini…err, reality check, exams are over (yay!) and we’ve progressed to projects (nay) 289 more words