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Taking care of natural hair looks very complicated. Yet, you just need patience and perseverance. I have been doing so for so long. Here are my eight tips to take care of your hair easily. 750 more words


How to take your baby swimming

Taking your baby or toddler swimming is great fun, whether you’re visiting your local pool or taking a dip in a hotel pool on holiday. Your little one might be nervous of the water at first – clinging onto you like a baby monkey and objecting every time her face gets wet – but it won’t be long before she’s merrily splashing and demanding to be thrown up in the air. 988 more words

Baby nappy change clutch wallet with wipeable change mat and pockets for nappy and wipes.

My new item for you this week is this baby change clutch. There are quite a few nappy clutches around, with space for a nappy and some wipes. 142 more words



Why as a parent am I justifying my decisions?

There are 2 main areas of parenting I find myself justifying to other people.

My decision to use cloth nappies – I’ve received comments including ‘just wait til they’re on solids and you’re changing multiple outfits a day’ and ‘a lot of work for you though isn’t it’. 504 more words

Review - Baby Facilities - Newbridge House Donabate

I have a bit of a soft spot for Newbridge House because it is the first place I brought my baby for a walk for pleasure, rather than trips through town to the supermarket to buy nappies. 503 more words


Day 4

This morning, we walked into the clinic and there were 5 mothers “on deck”, waiting in chairs until their contractions. After a slow hour, two mothers went into labor at once. 435 more words

Review - Baby Facilities - Movies@Swords

A lot of cinemas have started doing baby friendly screenings of movies. The volume is lower and the lights are a bit brighter, so you can rummage in your bag and find all your baby’s bits and bobs and see if they are awake or alert. 482 more words