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Best Books: My Hair Ain’t Nappy

#Books #eBooks #iOS My Hair Ain t Nappy This book is a natural hair styling guide that showcases step by step instructions on creating various natural hair styles that you can do all by your self. 36 more words


This is my first memory (so far) so feel free to skip it.

I’m lying on my back in a small bedroom in suburban Melbourne. 239 more words

Crown and Glory

You have ruled my esteem since I was a young girl

You were never long enough

You never stayed straight enough

I had to engage in chemical warfare to get you… 110 more words


Hi guys, been a while Hun? Yea, exams came knocking, and it’s been hella crazy, at least for this few days, and I’ve officially joined the nerd/bookworm gang, it hasn’t been easy for real. 519 more words


Explosive poop-bombs.

What a delightful image for a mid week post. But, it’s a natural movement and one we will all encounter in our lives. However, not so natural when it is being deposited amongst your landing carpet at 4am by your fur baby. 386 more words

Nappy Origami and Stoma Care

At our first Urology clinic appointment we were commended on how beautifully we have taken care of Dominic’s Ureterostomy. We dont often get brownie points from the doctors so left feeling pretty puffed up and proud of ourselves! 584 more words

my morning present

Half dazed in the break of dawn, I unzipped the sleeping bag to find these chubby little legs. Yummm!

Feels like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning… Even if it is literally, a shitty present 😂

Mummy Mumbles