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Thank You nappies

I remember the first time I ever bought nappies when I was pregnant with my first kid, I bought Huggies newborns, because that’s just what seemed to be the standard.   375 more words


The Potty Training Diaries: day 1

The first sign…

Two weekends ago, we were in Surrey looking after Auntie Chatterbox and Little Miss’ favourite Uncle while the Other Half’s parents tended to family duties in Gloucestershire. 802 more words


We’ve decided to give this system a try and would love to hear tips and tricks of parents that have tried modern cloth nappies/diapers (or flats, pre-folds etc). 44 more words

Nappies. The stench. Dear God, the stench.

Like little bags of evil, nappies could make a sewage farm worker gag at a 100 paces. There’s no way round it just breathe through the mouth and mentally take yourself away to your happy place or try and name the Mexico ‘86 England team. 56 more words


I’ve been walking the tightrope of stability now for 7 months. I get depressed but then it only lasts for a week or so, not long enough to make me take action… Suicidal for 4 days, gets better just before I phone the doc… Mixed state for weeks but I’m coping so let’s not do anything about it… This is the story of my life now for more than half a year. 308 more words

Fluff Bum Sweetness!

I have been sewing 6 diapers for a custom order today and yesterday. I just love making these beautiful cloth diapers. They make me happy knowing that they will bring smiles to everyone who sees them:) 143 more words

Practice makes perfect

The gifts started coming to the house and my brother gave a piece of advise that made my life a whole lot easier: rehearse.

We didn’t buy the Optimus Prime stroller, but even so, we had to learn how to fold it, put it away, change the car seat and turn the cradle into a chair. 327 more words