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A letter to the editor of a magazine.

Respected Editor,

When you probably read this mail, if you do read it, I don’t blame you if you don’t , you may wonder who is this unfamiliar name, I am a writer, not a famous one, which you would have realized by now, I thought to write to you about what keeps me writing even though I’ve not published or made money out of my writing. 281 more words

Why I'm going on this journey

Between my chronic physical illnesses and mental illnesses along with Complex-PTSD (an injury to the brain from prolonged trauma). I quickly found out that people are there for you in the beginning, but if you don’t get better? 357 more words

Chronic Illness

I want to love you, so Please Stop Normalizing Ivanka Trump

After reading this article via CNN, “Ivanka Trump’s Instagram account is helping her cultivate a Trump version of Camelot,” all I could think of, was that she is rebranding herself as America’s post-apocalyptic savior from the fascistic tyranny her facial-cheese-dusted father is imposing on America and the globe… 414 more words