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The Guru Problem

I don’t want to be a guru, and it seems, particularly among the alternative spiritual community, that makes me a minority. In mainstream western society the symbols held up as the social ideals are the financially wealthy and the celebrity. 1,340 more words


The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart

Aggrievance II

There was something about her little niece,
That irked her from the start.

Was it her ever smiling face, or the lack of guile? 289 more words


The Neocons and Reality

Maureen Finnigan observes, “ Nietzsche assures us that ideal truth and pure reality are illusory, for they are utterly indemonstrable. Inasmuch as absolute truth and reality are unsubstantiated conjectures of the human mind, we are left with our perspective, which is not then imperfect or inferior truth, but the only truth. 1,758 more words


The Narcissistic Adoptive Mother

It’s amazing to finally be able to put a name to the way this lady is. I’ve always had an extremely difficult time explaining her characteristics over the years and when I do almost everyone I know can’t fully grasp what I’m explaining unless they experience it themselves. 5,360 more words

I feel so lost.

Have you ever been so completely in love with someone that you lost where you start and stop in relation to where they start and stop? 676 more words

Accepting That My Dad Does Not Love Me : Recovery From a Narcissist

Today I knew I needed some exercise so I went for a walk to the gym that is close by.

I lifted some weights and then slipped into a hot, very full, yoga room. 791 more words

Narcissistic Parent

Pursuing Happiness

Just heard a song I enjoyed at it made me think about my own struggle to be happy.

It’s hard to be happy when you have grown up never being allowed much room to pursue your happiness. 76 more words