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Isn’t it funny how we make assumptions about what other people think of us? How we obviously hope that they see us in a good light, but sometimes certain events leave us thinking that they perhaps see us unfavourably? 319 more words


Narcissistic Recovery: And then one day, you feel okay.

Suddenly, you don’t have feelings about it anymore.

You have to go to a location that reminds you of your exN (Narcissistic ex-partner, for those new to the lingo). 941 more words

Narcissistic Recovery

What To Do If your Boss Is a Narcissist?

Written by Dr. Perry, PhD
Image Credit: Pixabay

“What do you mean they do not know who I am? I am… Y.” ~Narcissistic Boss

One of the most important relationships that we have, whether we like it or not, is with our boss. 2,186 more words


Win a Court Case against a Narcissist

Hi All,

I had so many clients tangled up with legal cases against narcissistic abusers, who claimed assets that they contributed NOTHING towards, and still screamed blue murder because the client refused to give up the TV! 229 more words

Accepting What Is...

Narcissists cause so much confusion before you really understand what you’re dealing with.  You might find your head spinning and your heart torn trying to figure things out because you think you can fix them and of course you love them.  661 more words

In The Beginning, We Were Numb

Before I start, I need to give some background, a partial life story if you will. Don’t worry, I promise it’ll be short as I can make it, (lucky for you I’m not 80.) 1,128 more words