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Narcissistic Recovery: Yoga

I stayed in downward dog today for the entirety of the time the instructor asked. I took each deep breath. I centered myself physically and emotionally. 1,181 more words

Narcissistic Recovery

Depression and Narcissistic Recovery: Does Blogging Help?

Writing allows me to make sense of my thoughts and self-analyze in a way I don’t do otherwise. Realizations and revelations come out when I write. 1,198 more words

Narcissistic Recovery

Travel Obsessions and What Anthony Bourdain Meant to Me

My plan for this rainy Saturday was to sit here at my desk and write about my newfound obsession with planning travel adventures. But Anthony Bourdain died yesterday. 1,144 more words

Narcissistic Recovery

Letter to a Younger Self

My wish for you is that you soften with age.

You who wears your dark eyeliner and black clothing and chunky silver jewelry as armor, allowing it to be your protection against the world. 713 more words

Narcissistic Recovery

Narcissistic Recovery: Cognitive Function

I’ve been very frustrated with my writing lately. Whenever I sit down to write I have a blog post as a goal. I’ve lost my ability to free-form write and get out what’s in my heart without thinking of an audience. 277 more words

Narcissistic Recovery

Vacationing Without the Narcissist

Oh, vacations. Vacations were when it was the two of us and we would feel more connected, more bonded. Right? Yet that’s never how it would actually happen. 904 more words

Narcissistic Recovery

When the PTSD Hits (Warning: Potential Triggers)

I did not have a full-blown PTSD episode yesterday. I was able to navigate it and stay present.

I had a toothache and I went to the dentist. 1,078 more words

Narcissistic Recovery