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Kissing Mirrors: The Top 10 Signs You're Dating a Narcissist

It’s time for this post.

Let me first explain something.

I’ve debated for nearly a year whether or not I should write this blog. My desire in writing this is not to be self-serving. 3,153 more words

Narcissism-Scenes From the Front Line -- The Doctor

It’s just a fragment of a memory, out of context, out of time, but a dramatic one none-the-less. My mother is in her room, on her bed, writhing in agony. 459 more words


Narcissistic Friendships

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, many of us raised by narcissistic parents are narcissist magnets, meaning we attract narcissists.  Lucky us, I know.. lol  I’ve had quite a few of them in my life, & have learned some things about narcissistic friendships. 727 more words

Mental Health

22 Feb 2015 - You Were Standing Right There

Gamma called your dad and they were talking fine until Gamma heard you in the background.  She asked if she could talk to you.  Your dad said no because you were shopping.   63 more words

21 Feb 2015 - You Can't Talk To Your Granddaughter Even Though She Is Right Beside Me

You dad called Gamma today to talk about something.  Gamma said, “Oh, I thought you were calling to let me talk to Chrislynn.”  He immediately changed the subject.   55 more words

19 Feb 2015 - More Temporary Videos

Your dad sent Gamma a video SnapChat of you walking the dog.  It’s another video that disappears and Gamma can’t save it.

18 Feb 2015 - The Joke's On Gamma

Your dad recently bought a new Ford truck.  Today he sent Gamma a bunch of Chevy jokes but won’t let her talk to you.  He also told Gamma that he received a note from his neighbors saying that if they ever saw you walking the dog alone again, they would call the police.