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Individualistic Attitude is Slowly Fucking America

“You do you, Boo Boo!”
“Follow your bliss.”
“Life is about being happy.”
“Anyone can do it; it’s the American Dream!”
“I pulled my self up by my bootstraps!! 95 more words

Unveiled. The beginning of clarity.

Merely around for someone to blame,
feeling or thinking was something to shame.
How you felt was never true
That didn’t matter. It’s not about you. 381 more words


No Longer Confused

Oh my silly, silly narcissist.
You are so used to living in a world with no meaning- except for the one you bestow upon us. 302 more words



238 Days Left
The fruitless attempts caused the buzzing sound to persist. Both children stared at the fly, neither making an attempt to unlock its freedom. 42 more words


Broken Friendship

I’ve been pondering on this for some time, though I’ve still not quite made up my mind I think I’ll have to sever a friendship with a close friend. 808 more words


Looking For Reliable Resources Re Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I am looking for some reliable resources regarding Narcissistic Personality Disorder .. my man has a family member that seems to exhibit all the main characteristics, and before we get too deep into discussions about forgiveness/reconciliation, etc. 29 more words

Does Taking a Selfie Make You a Narcissist?

With our new obsession with selfies and the fact that everything seems to orbit around ourselves the concept of arrogance or being self-centered has reached new heights. 488 more words