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People Who Think They Have The Right To Tell You What You Should Do Regarding Your Narcissistic Parents

Some people will intervene when you have issues with your narcissistic parents.  They will try their best to make you feel guilty if you’re not speaking to them by saying your parent misses you, they are so upset that you won’t speak to them, they don’t know why you’re angry with them or say your parent is sick or elderly so you should end this no contact immediately & rush to their side.   559 more words

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Can You Ever Be Completely Healed After Abuse?

I recently was talking recently with a lady about this very topic- can someone be completely healed of the effects of narcissistic abuse?  We both shared the same opinion.   649 more words

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Oh the Monkey's We Meet

Over 10 years ago I met my monster monkey.  He was like the rest of the clan. He was charming, smelled good, had teeth, handsome and money.   266 more words

What this millennials wants you to know about me.

​I’m a millennials. I’ve had to hear people talk trash about my generation constantly. They say I have no respect for authority, that I’ve never had to work for anything, I’m narcissistic. 187 more words

Is It Good To Understand Those Who Hurt & Abuse?

I recently read something on Facebook.   It said, “A mark of maturity is when someone hurts you, trying to understand the person rather than get them back.”  I thought it was an interesting quote, but others commented differently.   472 more words

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Toxic People

I’m sure most of us have had the unfortunate experience of befriending a toxic person. They’re attracted to confident, reasonable people because that’s, among other things, what they lack. 1,364 more words


Saying Goodbye To Negative People

I’m just not putting up with negative people anymore. I’m also not dealing with people who have nothing else better to do but put me down. 883 more words

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