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Some Thoughts About No Contact

Once upon a time, no contact was a rare thing.  It only happened rarely, when the victim of an abuser was at the end of her rope after trying every possible solution she could think of.   519 more words

Abuse And The Healing Journey








How to Manage a Narcissist

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Narcissistic individuals have a strong sense of entitlement and often have difficulty handling criticism. Very quickly, they overreact and get defensive. Making matters worse, narcissists refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem. 1,073 more words

Money Matters

Donald Trump Disowns His Own

“Too Sick to Lead” was the headline that screamed across the internet the beginning of June of 2017.  That was only a couple of weeks after the… 623 more words

Toxic stages of narcissistic courtship: master / slave dynamics + social magnetic tendencies + trauma induced courtship rituals + narcissistic abuse recovery

What is a Narcissist? + how is Narcissism formed?

Something a l0t of people experience unknowingly is narcissistic abuse. A narcissist is typically someone who has a more malignant polarisation within their personality. 1,744 more words

Emotional Health

Understanding Anger After Abuse

Growing up with narcissistic parents, you learn many things early in life that most people don’t, such as you aren’t allowed to have feelings.  Often if you are happy, a narcissistic parent will ask you what you have to be so happy about, shaming you into hiding your joy.   736 more words

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