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Stop Photoshopping Your life...

Can you go just one day, one month without your phone and posting on social media?

We have become slaves to our phones and social media, maybe it is a deep-seated need to be seen as we never have before.  557 more words

Understanding Your Abuser

Many people think that understanding your abuser is unimportant to the healing process.  They say the reasons they did what they did doesn’t matter- only the fact that they hurt you matters.   338 more words

Mental Health

Happy Father’s Day

Ever get those days where you feel really calm and content?

I am experiencing them more and more, I tell you, even though my workload has increased (as it does every May through September) and this year I’ve added the extra layer of potential stress by trying to write a novel – like you do. 1,055 more words


Sunday Photo Fiction — Regrets

Another Father’s Day sitting alone on a bench in the park wondering how I could have done things differently.

Perhaps if I hadn’t been so selfish, so callous, so narcissistic, my children would be here with me today. 181 more words

Flash Fiction

But first, lemmetakeaSelfie!

This article was also published in The Hindu, on 17/6/2018

Just when we think the selfie craze cannot possibly get crazier, we find out that there’s a new hangout for the selfie-obsessed: welcome to the selfie museum. 770 more words

Random Musings

Everyone gets to be famous

Everyone gets to be famous for 15 minutes, on social media.
Thank you, Andy.


Original quote: Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. – Andy Warhol


"As You Do With Me"

There are times that I remember mum

When we could never get along,

Never sit and talk about things

Or work out where we belong.

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