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An interesting turn of events

I’ve started blogging again, but this time it has a different twist. You see, Mrs NX has started emailing me directly.

It started a couple of weeks ago. 530 more words

Wow, It's been a while!

Things haven’t been too bad thankfully. Summer went without too much hassle.

NX asked if we had any plans for summer next year and that’s when we discussed having our fortnights and we’ve agreed it all. 101 more words

Dirty Scumbag

So something made me check out his mobile phone bill to see if there were any odd numbers on there, i found three. They had charges on them. 382 more words


Why Selfies are Social Suicide

My late, great friend Gene Wilder has succinctly described my point. I am almost inclined to end this post right here. However, I have something to say, and no, it has nothing to do with games. 497 more words


Is there any way to protect myself?

Narcissists can wreak havoc on your life. Learn tools to manage the ones that you must live near, work with, live with or tolerate in your group of friends or family. 12 more words


Narcissistic Rage

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Narcissistic Rage, Retaliation, and The Smear Campaign.

A raging narcissist displays the emotional maturity of a young child with a temper tantrum.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

By Neo Pachisia

Yeh Jabr Bhi Dekha Hai, Taareekh ki Nazron Ne,

Lamho ne Khata ki thi, Sadiyon Ne Sazaa Paayee

(Literally & poorly translated, this beautiful couplet above means:The eyes of history, have even witnessed this compulsion.  2,527 more words