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Cognitive Dissonance

Recently, my birthday passed.  The first one since having a huge argument with my parents in May of 2016.  My mother didn’t send a card.  My father sent a card though, & as soon as I saw it, I felt so much guilt for the way my relationship with my parents is, or lack of relationship I should say.   480 more words

Mental Health

Selling some muh'clucking chicken...

It’s been a very busy two weeks for ol’ survyvor. I’m the Assistant General Manager and Operations Trainer for the restaurant I work for, and the Training Manager for our franchise. 462 more words


Identifying Selfish People vs Narcissists

These days, it seems like narcissists are pretty much everywhere.  Yet, many people don’t understand there are differences between selfish people & narcissists.  Selfish people are called narcissists, when the simple fact is, they aren’t narcissistic- they’re just selfish.   320 more words

Mental Health


“It’s also no secret that you have selective memory, and tend to fill in blanks with your own alternative.” – Red

We got into a bit of an argument the other day and that’s exactly what he said to me over text. 88 more words


The Narcissist Lover

You fall in love with them and it goes great for a while. You trust them so you end up sharing your past, your pains,your dark secrets. 612 more words

Realising I am not alone..

I’ve never really had a great relationship with my mother; and I spent many years questioning if it was something I had done wrong, until recently I came across an article about Narcissistic Mothers and could relate to every single point. 998 more words


Narcissistic Boss: The Signs and Ways to Deal with One

“You’d better get that done at once, or you’ll have no job by the end of the week!” You may have heard the rants of a narcissistic boss before, perhaps more than once.  28 more words