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My Friend is Dating a Narcissist What Should I Do? 7 Thoughts

For anyone familiar with a narcissist and how nasty they can be, it is very difficult to watch someone you like be involved with one. We all know how they got there. 864 more words


Today's Thought: The Age of Narcissism

The Prayer of the LORD: Unfortunately, we are living in one of the most narcissistic ages in the history of the church, so that we focus far too much attention on ourselves and not nearly enough on the majesty of God

Daily Thoughts

july thirtieth, twelve-fifty am

i don’t know what to do. my life is falling apart.

for starters, I have to see a psychologist at riverside the eleventh of august. i have no choice. 795 more words


Phony Sucks

Do fake/phony people KNOW that they ARE this way?  The definition of both words mean not genuine, a fraudulent person.  The phoniness (I made that word up) of these narcissistic, insincere, and downright deceitful people is a major pain in the ass to have to deal with when it’s in your face on a daily basis.  341 more words


Wait:The End

Not to say that this blog is over.

Of course not.

There’s still too much left to be said.

I still struggle day to day. 183 more words

Last night

Last night I got told I didn’t matter.

Last night I was told I was worthless.

Last night was the last night I will ever see or speak to The Bartender again… 30 more words