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Untitled thoughts 

Show me your deepest, scariest, mind twisting demons; let them play with mine. Maybe then I’ll find peace. Find me a soft asylum.

They can’t win but, they are destroyers amongst us. 226 more words


Disconcerting times

Well this week has been a bit unsettling for Son and myself.

Last Friday (My day to get Son back) I was walking to his school and I saw NXs car. 590 more words


We are masterpiece of our own destiny; we hold the writes

I was a masterpiece of my own self destruction

It never gets easy; you just learn to live with it. 23 more words


Unconscious Mind

What do I need to do to understand the joy and wonders of the world. Its mind over matter, I feel such a hypocrite for feeling like this. 144 more words



I see you put on a great show, the greatest show we ever seen. You are made up of genius sadness. I want to help you so bad; but people like you have no flaws. 165 more words


It Couldn't Have Been That Bad! Just Look How You Turned Out!

When people learn that someone has been abused as a child, they often say the dumbest things, I think because it’s hard to know what to say. ¬† 519 more words

Mental Health


Lost my job today due to missed days from going to treatment. Wow & to add insult to injury my mother wont stop yelling about how bad things will always happen to me if i dont OBEY her and follow her ways. 50 more words