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When You're Suffering...

I read a wonderful quote recently & unfortunately I have no clue who said it.  It reads,

“Something very beautiful happens to people when their world has fallen apart: a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when our knees hit the floor.” 379 more words

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Excerpt from Alice Miller

Excerpt from The Drama of Being a Child/The Drama of the Gifted Child:
Quite often we are faced here with gifted patients who have been praised and admire for their talents and their achievements. 296 more words

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Is Feeling Compassion For Narcissists Good Or Bad?

I’ve read quite a few times lately that victims of narcissistic abuse should never have compassion on narcissists.  Narcissists don’t deserve compassion.  Feeling sorry for them only opens the door for you to fall for their gaslighting & abuse. 603 more words

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Against My Soul

I greatly resent being told that I must cast my vote for Trump or else I am responsible for Hillary winning the Presidency.  Can’t do it.   409 more words

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I hate drugs and alcohol

I really hate drugs, I hate alcoholism and I hate what they do to individuals and families. I understand that it is a disease. I understand that people can get help, but it really angers me that for example alcohol is so easy to get yet treatment for it is extremely costly and there aren’t many resources. 414 more words


Illustration #3: How to lose your value 101

Be like a penny.

Start out new and shiny.

Stand out…even though you look exactly like everyone else.

Everyone’s value remains the same. Your inner beauty relies on vanity. 61 more words

Being Different

The Authoritarian Personality

Research shows that authoritarians are far more likely to exhibit sloppy reasoning, highly compartmentalized beliefs, double standards, hypocrisy, self-blindness, a profound ethnocentrism, and—to top it all off—a ferocious dogmatism that makes it unlikely anyone could ever change their minds with evidence or logic. 9 more words

Sociopathic Tactics