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i know what you are.

I am at the bottom of the roller coaster once again. I have come crashing down from happiness and satisfaction and am stuck here waiting for the next lift to the top. 743 more words


Narcissists Never Lie

Narcissists NEVER lie.
They simply can’t be bothered
to exist in the same reality as you or I.

Narcissists never lie- ever.

They simply do not see reality as you or I do. 140 more words


Parentification: And the Terrible Daughter Award Goes to....

You guessed it: me. Despite having cleaned living room, dining room, and kitchen while she’s away. Despite having cleaned the porch yesterday. Despite having cooked all but one meal a week for her while we’ve been here. 802 more words


The Relationship Between Empaths and Narcissists

August 22, 2010 · by Lorna Tedder ·

Real empaths feel too much.  Real narcissists don’t seem to feel anything, or at least not in regard to others’ feelings. 

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Raised by Narcissists

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for a while you’ll know that both of my parents have been emotionally abusive to me (and I’m sure my brother) throughout my life. 334 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

"They're Just Assholes"

You know how there are people that just set your nerves on end, being your blood to boiling, irritate everyone around then? My mother is that person. 530 more words

Leaving the Narcissist

Should I stay or should I go? This is not an easy question for those of you living with a narcissist. True to their nature, these people are able to woo you the way you like it best, so it is difficult to move away. 1,086 more words