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Narcissism: Battling a Self-Centered Sin

Narcissism. It’s the latest overused buzzword. Yet, narcissism is a growing problem, and it’s not about to go away. Narcissism is SIN. A narcissist is extremely self-centered, selfishly promoting oneself at all costs, in order to remain on an imaginary pedestal. 1,539 more words

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Update On "Stealing Grief" Post

I recently mentioned in this post how I’d had a big argument with my parents on May 5.  I tried mentally to put the incident in a box on a shelf, so I could grieve the loss of my sweet kitty Weeble that passed away only 3 days prior to the argument.   628 more words

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Dawn of the doormat

Mum never actually asked me to do anything like laundry or wash dishes. She would tell me how disappointed she was that I wouldn’t even think of doing it. 739 more words


Talking About Narcissistic Abuse

When you begin to heal from the narcissistic abuse you experienced, you begin to talk about it.  This can mean your narcissist learns about it, & that is never pretty.   490 more words

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When someone you love makes the conscious decision to hurt you, you have some decisions yourself to make. You can allow the behavior and let it destroy you, you can let it fuel you and give you strength or you can pack up and decide not to let the abuse live in your life anymore. 1,509 more words

What is Narcisstic Abuse?

My life passion is working with people to help free themselves from the grips of narcissistic abuse. Through my own life experience, I realized that narcissistic abuse is a form of abuse that many people don’t know about. 220 more words