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Another Type Of Children Of Narcissists

Most people who have learned at least a little about NPD & narcissistic abuse have heard of different types of children of narcissists:  the golden child, the scapegoat & the forgotten child.   671 more words

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The little man behind the curtain

I’m going to get into my father eventually, but I know that when I begin I’ll probably have to go all the way through and that can be draining… even though there is a kind of refreshing that comes once I do it… the process is hard and I don’t have it in me just yet. 1,658 more words

Liars-n-Users-n-Jerks..Oh My

I come from a family riddled with Narcissist and other cluster B disordered people as well as co-dependents and empaths. This is true for both sides of my family.  3,253 more words

The Emerald City

I’m a really real person… I have strengths and flaws. One of my flaws is that I’m bad with spelling and if the grammar police were to read too many of my post…they’d likely have a stroke. 396 more words

Respond, Don't React, To Narcissists

Narcissists know how to push every button you have & many you weren’t even aware of having.  They do this in order to provoke an emotional reaction from you.   511 more words

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Being Trump For a Day

While feeling guilty today over something silly, I began to wonder if I were Donald Trump would I ever allow myself to feel guilty over anything? 226 more words