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TSM 18-08 Narcissistic, Sociopathic and Psychopathic Relationships PRT 1

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Anoushka, on air from February 20th

Relationships, the forever rolling of the dice, who will we get? 297 more words

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Infantilizatation & Narcissistic Parents

Narcissistic parents are not like normal parents in so many ways.  One of those ways is they never want their children to grow up.  Why?  Because a child is much easier to control than a self sufficient adult. 1,209 more words

Mental Health

Identifying Narcissistic Triangulation

By Dr. Perry, PhD

What does it take to have a healthy relationship? Whether it is in love, friendship, work relationships or family relationships, they all need mutual respect in order to thrive. 1,217 more words


Narcissist Exposer #58

Have you noticed how much power you have when you protect yourself with no contact? Once you break it you regret it, you’re hurt, you’re down, bothered, beating yourself up for giving in. 28 more words


How long, O Lord?

I am an emotional wreck this morning.  I saw the new yesterday about the school shooting in Florida.  Mass shootings seem to be more and more commonplace.   779 more words

Narcissist Exposer #57

The narcissist is on a mission for entertainment today … this could involve button pushing, texting you something that they think you want to hear only to confirm you were easy prey … Make sure it’s not you they can put a check mark by. Don’t respond.



Narcissist Exposer #56

The ex is always the scapegoat to the narcissist. The narcissist will claim their ‘ex’ ruined them, cheated on them, etc., when in fact, it was the narcissist that did all of these things. 17 more words