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Society and unconditional love

It’s been 3 months since my last contact with my family. While this has been a struggle, it’s only been now I’m finally feeling free. I’m finally learning who I am and not who others think I should be. 440 more words


Oh Woe, The Male Ego.

Once again my profile on Altscene has been – SUSPENDED!

And it’s funny when one particular guy, who views my profile at the time of this happening, is obviously to blame. 122 more words

Actions Speak Louder

Since before the 2016 election, America has been hearing about questionable and downright illegal behavior of our president.  We’ve known for a long time his attitudes towards woman border on Paleolithic.   293 more words

Sept 20 - Life Changes

It’s been a while since I’ve written, waiting on our upcoming urologist appointment, but big changes have been happening. I recently was finally offered the position I applied for at my company this week. 493 more words

How to Mentor a Narcissist

(Source: hbr.org)

No workplace is immune to the self-absorbed and self-important employee, even if they can be hard to spot at first; a sophisticated narcissist can create a terrific first impression. 1,402 more words

Money Matters

Hard To Understand Triggers

Triggers are things that remind you of something else.  Sometimes, they can be good such as the sound of whipped cream being sprayed from that can reminds me of my late kitty, Delta, who loved it & would do a little dance for a spray of whipped cream. 335 more words

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