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Why Do People Abuse?

Being interested in why people do the things they do, I’ve wondered why some people abuse & others don’t.  Recently, God helped to answer that question for me.   800 more words

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Donald Trump Not the Worst Among Republican Candidates

I am a strong Bernie Sander supporter and hold quite forward looking views.  So when I look at the Republican party lineup of candidates Donald Trump doesn’t look all that bad to me.   1,010 more words


The Heeldo Actress Naked Shitty Scatolibel #24

Οι πτερνόλισβοι, μια παράσταση που δεν είδαμε, στο Θέατρο Βυρσοδεψείο.


Research: Narcissists Don’t Like Flat Organizations

(Source: hbr.org)

Flat organizations are having a moment. Research has shown that reducing hierarchy can lead to more satisfied employees and speedier decision making… 708 more words


What Matters To You?

My entire life, I thought if something mattered to me, but not to other people, it wasn’t important.

I believe this stems from narcissistic abuse.  Narcissists do their level best to convince their victims that nothing about them matters.   349 more words

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As I sit down to write here on this page, I am perplexed.  I don’t have many words to say maybe because so much has happened in the last few weeks that I am in shock and awe.  483 more words