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Three Human Traits (2015)

1. Compassion.
2. Love.
3. The art to admit
that you can make
a mistake.
Unfortunately narcissistic perfection-
Too often felt, and on the run.


The Pain Body

In situations of abuse, it can be difficult to keep one’s mind intact.
So much projection fueled by anger and suspicion coupled with the “God help me, please let me make this better” internal demand. 328 more words


Shutting Down

Having been raised by a full-blown narcissistic mother I have many of the symptoms of Complex PTSD. I have improved many of the symptoms through lots of talk therapy, and during the worst times, anti-depressants. 58 more words

Trip Hawkins Talking...

From an interview with Trip Hawkins. He’s talking about game devs being frustrated with frequently-evolving hardware formats, but we kinda like the pull quote better out of context. 6 more words

Trip Hawkins

Day 24 : For Once, Not Anything

based on Robert Frost’s For Once, Then, Something

I am a vain man, godlike
I see myself in shining surfaces
In a well, a mirror, the water… 39 more words


Don’t let your rage begin.
Don’t let them win.
It’s you hurting again.
You feel boxed in.

You’re angry!
You wish people would leave.
Their behavior, you cannot believe.

146 more words