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How Can She Be So Self-Centered?

Earlier this week, I wanted to do something nice for my sister. She’s pregnant, you see, and going through quite a rough time, being mired in the daily drama that is my family. 722 more words


An Idea For Coping With Narcissistic Abuse

On Mother’s Day, I came across a very good article called “A Mother’s Day Card For The Disposable Child.”   One sentence in particular hit home with me.. 499 more words

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About Not Hurting Other People's Feelings, Even Your Abuser's

When raised by narcissistic parents, we often feel obligated to prioritize not hurting the feelings of other people, primarily our parents.  It is so important, in fact, that we will hurt ourselves rather than hurt them or anyone else. 413 more words

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My Sister

My sister definitely has some kind of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

When my friend’s baby tragically died in November of 2014 at only a few months old, I was going through my own severe depression. 1,172 more words

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Mother's Day, 2017

The most dreaded day for adult children of narcissistic mothers, Mother’s Day, is upon us.

What are you doing today, Dear Reader?

I hope you are taking some time to celebrate yourself.   216 more words

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Narcissistic Traits - Inflated View, No Follow-Through

Proverbs 25:14 – Like clouds and wind without rain Is a man who boasts of his gifts falsely.


Rain was considered a good thing in the Bible – especially in the region in which the Bible was written (the arid Middle East).  

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The Body, Abuse & Trauma

The human body is an amazing creation.  It is capable of a myriad of incredible things.  It can heal from even serious injuries.  The brain can even create ways to cope to get us through even unimaginable trauma. 565 more words

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