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Hijo de Pablo Escobar dice que su padre "era más cruel" que en 'Narcos'

Juan Pablo Escobar, hijo del narcotraficante Pablo Escobar, aseguró en una entrevista reciente que su padre era mucho más cruel que la manera en la que es representado en… 405 more words


Winning In Life: When You Find Your Talent At A Young Age

It’s hard enough being a drug dealer but to resurect one of the most notorious of all time? That takes the talent of a born winner..

Winning In Life

Paquita la del Barrio le canta 'Rata de dos patas' a Pablo Escobar en video promocional de 'Narcos'

Paquita la del Barrio protagoniza un nuevo video promocional de Narcos en el que le dedica su éxito “Rata de dos patas” a Pablo Escobar… 272 more words


Why I rooted for the villain? ( My Narcos experience)

If you are not yet glued to your tv or computer, Narcos is a series by Netflix that tackles the Narcotics problem of Columbia. It recently concluded its Second Season and I can’t wait for the Third Season and see if it would be worth it without the Patron. 870 more words

Pablo Escobar Normcore Chic

’90s nostalgia is either flourishing or metastasizing, maybe both. We’re right in that meaty part of the twenty-year curve, an odd time indeed—hitting stride, approaching saturation, still some left on the bone, and clinging to that honeymoon phase before self-loathing kicks in. 1,048 more words

Monthly value: September

September, the month of my birth. I turned 22 this month and the future looks bright, so lets see what has made life worth living this month. 286 more words


All the sins of Pablo Escobar

A plethora of viewers around the globe fell in love with the Netflix-produced series about the astonishing career of the king of cocaine – Pablo Escobar. 977 more words