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Netflix releases trailer and new artwork for Narcos

And for Netflix’s next trick… the internet portal has become renowned for high-quality drama series and releasing episodes all at once so people can watch whole series in one sitting. 162 more words


Narcos se estrenan el viernes 28 de agosto por Netflix

Los 10 capítulos de Narcos se estrenan el viernes 28 de agosto por Netflix.

Gustavo Gaviria (Juan Pablo Raba)

Segundo al mando de Pablo Escobar, a quien teme, pero también adora por sobre todas las cosas. 225 more words

Juan Pablo Raba

The Month in TV: August

New month, new shows. Cakes, lawyers, vampires and drug lords are among this month’s small screen picks for you to enjoy. 727 more words


Los actores hablan acerca de su participación en la serie ‘Narcos’ de Netflix sobre Pablo Escobar y su persecución.

28 de Julio 2015

Durante la segunda mitad de 2014, Colombia fue escenario del rodaje de Narcos, la nueva serie original de Netflix que cuenta con un elenco latinoamericano, estadounidense y británico, y que se centra en… 617 more words

Juan Pablo Raba

Narcos de Netflix lanza pósters de personajes

28 de Julio 2015

La serie se estrena el 28 de agosto a nivel mundial.

La historia de Pablo Escobar Gaviria, el mayor narcotraficante de los… 209 more words

Juan Pablo Raba

Why Game of Thrones Actor Pedro Pascal Doesn't Need Dragons

Westeros palace intrigue and Colombian drug cartels: kinda similar? Definitely, according to former Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal, who chatted with reporters Tuesday about his new 10-hour Netflix series… 268 more words

Anti-Drug Message At Heart Of Netflix's 'Narcos' - TCA

“If you’re at a party and snort a gram of cocaine, look at how many people died (for it), how many lives were destroyed. ” That’s what Narcos executive producer Jose Padilha wants audiences to be conscious of when they watch his 10-hour Netflix series  419 more words

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