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In this project, we want people to notice missing-livings in Fener. We tried to imagine what would life be like with these livings.

With Ece Tamer 17 more words


Determining the location of feelings

Is it actually a feeling that tells the place? Perhaps more than the senses, the feelings, the shared moments, the gathering of the people and the flow in this way. 33 more words



“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”
― Deepak Chopra 552 more words


In Homeschooling, What is the Charlotte Mason Method?

Okay, so the Charlotte Mason method is in the most basic form described as a method of education where the whole child (physical, spiritual, and intellectual) learns through his atmosphere and through discipline and by living life. 847 more words

In Production | Vacation by JC Miller

This week I began audiobook production for Vacation [Sneak Preview], JC Miller’s charming “tale of love and loss and real friendship, artfully told. JC Miller is keenly observant not of the sensational but of the quotidian, the fleeting thoughts and sensations that overtake us when we think we’re strolling in a meadow or preparing a meal; the subtle inflections of the heart as it speaks to us. 91 more words