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"Magic Mirror"--Fantasy Poetry

Hello lost souls!

I’m back again with another short and this time it’s about fantasy! Aka Snow white. It was made by Nona Samaniego and she made it awesome! 50 more words


Once I Caught a Fish Alive - Drawing with Shaleese

Most children love to draw and as they watch Shaleese they can learn fun drawing tips, gain inspiration thorough watching art come alive. let you imagination come alive!


Epistolaries at Dawn

Imitating another writer’s voice (as I wrote about here) requires time spent in the work of that writer, but picking a pocket for a clever device doesn’t. 312 more words

Beginning Reading Set 1: Book 9

We have many new reading aids coming soon! we’ll be telling fun original stories to encourage reading. we will be learning basic English with pictures, nouns and words. 14 more words


Food, Family, Friends 2

Lyon, France. Modern day.

The dinner is about to get started for real~

(warning: long read)

The knock on the door surprised her.

Hawk pulled away and went to the door, instantly grinning as he opened it. 5,814 more words


Beginning Reading Set 1: Book 8

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