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Chicken Masala

Modern Lyon!

Shida washed her hands briefly. “Hey I’ve clocked out for break for an hour,” she said to Don.

He gave her a nod. “Don’t forget for too long, alright?” 3,534 more words


Episode 32: Barry J. Hutchison


Today I’m reading from the extremely amusing Space Team by author Barry J. Hutchison. SPACE TEAM, people! As always, this reading does not come from an official audiobook, and is presented here with the author’s permission. 25 more words

Indie Authors Podcast

The Good Girl

Elena’s Second Story

Click the link above to see another 1.26 minute video of Elena creating a story!


A Quaint Cafe

1920s. A week or so after the dance, I think? Shida goes with Cade to a meeting with Sebastian and Hawk.

Everyone’s excited.


Hawk pulled at the collar on his neck. 3,760 more words


Halloween Special - CreepsMcPasta

One of the biggest names in the horror narration scene at Youtube, CreepsMcPasta has earned his keep with a channel almost a thousand videos strong. He has this soothing and calm voice with a proper British accent. 140 more words

Random Ramblings

[Spoilers intégraux] Raz against all 7 curses and all expansions, a step by step report, part 9.

Another day begins by the pool in the jungle, and after scratching his private parts like the savage man he’s becoming after 9 days on the Continent, Raz builds a fire and eats a solid 28 cards breakfast. 1,667 more words