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Do Game Developers Think About This Stuff?

This will be a relatively short post, but I want to know what you guys think.

When we talked in class about various games in the… 681 more words


Of people that we never meet again.

I looked away. The weather was too good to be sitting at home, let alone studying. There in the trees, perched on a high brawny branch, sat a crow. 814 more words


I Am A Writer, and I Want To Ruin Your Life

Writing is a discipline of unintentional instruction. I don’t think many self-respecting writers will tell you that they have all the answers and that by reading their books you will glean the most valuable pieces of wisdom that will help you life a better and more fulfilled life. 539 more words


Mye: The World Elsewhere - Part Three

Here is the next installment of my ongoing poem ‘Mye: The World Elsewhere’. We’ve come up to the point where we are about to switch to another character, and as you can see I have tried to make this as easy as possible to follow with the main focus’ name being set in asterisks. 121 more words


"Anybody Home?" narrrated by psychoticqtip

Anybody Home? narrated by psychoticqtip

Thanks go out to the narratorĀ for producing one of my stories – you can follow him on Twitter atĀ @psychoticqtip.


A Radio Play

I’d like to begin by prefacing this with: a) this was a class assignment to work in a group of six people and write a single cohesive radio play for 10min from start to finish and b) I hate this radio play. 1,686 more words