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Absence of Narration

The hardest part of life
Is the absence of narration.
I want a voice to lead the way
To tragedy or salvation.


An Hour in a Life of Lyme...

The following is an attempt to describe the state that I have previously been in, on and off, more or less constantly, during the course of the preceding two years of my life. 1,823 more words


Unreliable Narration


I hold the view that basically anything but an omniscient & impersonal narrator is somewhat unreliable, though not always operating in a mode of willful deception of the reader.

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Direct and Indirect speeches


Direct               Indirect

                                         Reporting         Reported

                                             verb                 speech


                          Assertive              Interrogative               Imperative                        Optative                             Exclamatory                        

                                                                (?)                      Verb, let, please                May (wish/pray)                          (!)

                                                                                        kindly, always, never


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Hope of the World

Back from Newport. It was a lovely and soulful trip. I think I discovered better motivations that I really need to implement in my life. I think it was the first time, in weeks (possibly months), that I’ve genuinely laughed and was just plainly my old weird self. 762 more words


Change the following speeches into indirect speeches

  1. The teacher asked Synthia, “Have you done your English lesson today?”
  2. The teacher said, “Let us try again.”
  3. “What a lucky girl she is!” said Sohel.
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When I was a sophomore in high school, we read a short story in my honors English class that I find myself thinking about from time to time. 1,446 more words