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You know me

A familiar attitude, a similar conversation… it took place at this unexpected moment, with a different person. What’s going on? She wonders what might have been if they were on the same page. 155 more words

Ambiguous Love


One of the first rules we learn when we first try our hand at this strange gig called writing fiction, besides “Show, don’t Tell” and “Write What You Know,” is “Don’t Head-Hop” between your characters. 524 more words

Writing Advice

Linger in vapors of gasoline…

Among twenty snowy mountains…

from “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”, by Wallace Stevens

Walking a Rose City suburb highway,

225 more words

Barley Water ( Vijay Char Rasta)

Barley Water located exactly on Vijay Char Rasta. Situated amidst the junction along the main road is predominantly surrounded by commercial complexes, offices, tuitions, cafes, and a few restaurants.On trying barley water it was evident that product sold there is not just for name sake. 317 more words

01. Food Joints

A:R:Reporter: Pinterest finds and inspiration for the box outcome

One of our final outcomes for the project is a box, that will have all of the visuals, objects that are linked to our experience of our location within London. 320 more words

Narration-Tea Stall(second crossroad to cept)

An Interaction: Public Life and Public Space

Site : Tea Stall (the second crossroad next to CEPT)

The site that has been assigned to us on this project is a tea stall located on the crossroad that comes next to the CEPT crossroad.it is on the crux of two important places, the road that leads to the university ground, and the road that passes through Vijay charasta. 190 more words

01. Food Joints


​A picture

of a dead man,
Living in his sleep

Dreaming of
Broken promises
Won’t keep.

Threading veins of
Glory with
Boozy shots of… 138 more words