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Two Identical Doors. Behind One, a Lady. Behind the Other, a Tiger...

Such a joy to be a part of FROM THE HEART, a month of free audio put together by the extraordinary Xe Sands and… 267 more words


"Don't Shoot the Messenger", The Turn of the Screw and the Effects of its Narration Style

“‘The story won’t tell’, said Douglas, ‘not in any literal, vulgar way.” 

To be able to rely on the details of a story, audiences must be able to trust the figure delivering this information: the narrator. 861 more words



He wore a KISS ring.

I think even a third eye.

History that daunts me;

He’s more eccentric that I.


I gave him black coffee. 37 more words



​I’m the day

With eyes the colour of night

That seek the glimmer of the ocean

My midnight tresses

Narrate stories in waves

Stories of love, passion, hopes, and dreams… 20 more words


A Christmas Feast

A Christmas Feast

A Christmas Feast(on Soundcloud)

Surely if a family invited you to Christmas dinner, they wouldn’t want to eat you…
Credit to-http://www.creepypasta.com/christmas-feast/


The Smear at 10:32

The Smear at 10:32

The Smear at 10:32(on Soundcloud)

The animals outside your window are not what they appear.
Credit to-https://www.reddit.com/user/mrmichaelsquid


Let the Sun Shine Through Your Clouds

Day 1 in Jasper began with rain and ended with rain.  That’s just how it’s gonna be.  It din’t stop us though!  So it was a pop tarts and cereal in the car kind of morning.   1,062 more words