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Chapter Three: Mary-Beth

It wasn’t brighter in the morning. The sky turned had turned gray and threatened to storm, and my hair frizzed up in the humidity. The tea I made the night before had stained the cup. 143 more words


The Hand: A Detective Murphy Tale

Oliver slid to a stop and hid behind the corner of his house. Peeking around it he saw his neighbor, Mrs. Kilpatrick, bringing yet another dark plastic bag out of her house. 972 more words


„Apostol Al” 1.rész

(’Apostle Al’)

Apostle Al, teljes nevén Apostol Aldrin Tanglewood, rendkívűl elfoglalt ember volt. A nyugati világban úgy nevezték „az ugráló apostol”. Nem véletlenül. Hol itt bukkant fel, hogy egy „7 napos konferenciát” tartson, hol ott lépett ki az utas váróból, hogy részt vegyen egy nagyszabású összejövetelen a helyi pásztorokkal. 2,837 more words


Liam Casey

Battle is a bloody business. It takes a man and strips him of his humanity and empathy. It makes him a murderer with no concern for anyone but himself and his men. 724 more words


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Public Comment

Once a farmer lived in a valley of full bearings. His name was Joseph. He planted fabulous gardens amongst century old trees. His roses and flowery shrubs beckoned the groggy bees from miles. 417 more words


32: Castlewick Phantom

We all claim to travel; what is a traveler?

Curtains rise. The narrator enters stage left, and walks about the stage, trailing fingers over furniture. The narrator leans against the arm of a sofa, and looks at an old photo album. 1,390 more words