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Indietail - HARTS ISLAND

You’re instantly there… on Hart’s Island. Home to millions of corpses. Corpses of the unknown, the unidentified, the poor and the sick, dead bodies found somewhere or people too poor to get a private funeral. 1,294 more words


A founder's story behind Listle - a fresh listening experience


Listle is an exciting startup delivering fresh audio content and in this conversation, we get a glimpse behind this innovative company, including insights into the customer influence on their product strategy. 89 more words


Grand Budapest Hotel: It Was An Enchanting Old Ruin

Grand Budapest Hotel, to me, was a one and half hour treat to the eyes. Wes Anderson has built up a game of colours and symmetry. 659 more words


Writing and Shit - part 43 - Who is writing? Who is speaking?

Last time I suggested that, in order to write with a convincing, consistent, compelling voice, you needed to be able to answer to these five questions – 1,548 more words


self-love journal #1

Perjalanan mencintai diri sendiri itu ternyata nggak mudah. Banyak banget peernya. Aku pengen berbagi cerita dari sudut pandang usia 20an ku. Tujuan tulisan ini sebagai memori dan reminder kalau suatu hari aku lupa untuk jatuh cinta sama diri sendiri. 608 more words

The Recording Studio

A few days ago I let slip (like how that sounds like it was an accident?) that I am going to try my hand at podcasting episodes of  1,569 more words

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