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Moi! I’m Just “Oh! Miss Au Contraire”

Well the word “Au Contraire” based on the Urban Dictionary definition may entirely differ from what I understand of the word. Some words just get differently interpreted in my mind, let just say that, it is differently understood. 544 more words



“Drowning her senses with energies she hadn’t recently had the pleasure of visiting, Parisian rains continued to pour.  Raindrops, following one another in the downpour, formed wet fingerprints against the skylight. 199 more words


Forgotten novel - Headless Angel by Vicki Baum

A British news story, this week, reminded me of a novel that at one time was high up on my list of favourites for re-reading.  Somehow, over the last few years my copy has moved up my bookshelves and out of my eye-line, but evidently not out of my consciousness. 617 more words


Last day of the teenage years

There’s a first day for everything and a last, but you realize it all mélanges together after a while. The first day of high school. Graduation day. 381 more words

Lantern audio edition in production!

The audio book of Lantern is officially in production, narrated by Jill Maglione who voiced Insight Kindling. We expect the book to release on March 19, 2016. 23 more words

voice work

You’re talking about voices! They all have golden voices. I mean my wife and kids. And that’s not man’s doing. It’s God’s doing.

Listen to my daughter on radio. 163 more words