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Mt. Khatadin - Twisted trip video

Hey fellow alpine enthusiasts,

As you read this Matt and I are somewhere in the mountains West of Calgary humming and hawing over what incredibly inspiring peak we should climb next OR maybe we are huddled on a ledge OR perhaps we are huddle around a re-hydrated meal. 176 more words


Narrative Paragraph

You will be describing a situation or an event in 200-300 words.* You will explain what you will write about and why it is important – why should the reader be interested? 263 more words


Explosions :: Dreams

It’s the zephyr between our four lungs—noiselessly burning with the ropes of our hearts.

It’s another dimension of life whenever we talk about our dreams. We meet in this café—who seems remote of customers, most of the time—and talk about our last dreams. 152 more words

Creative Writing

This one's for YOU!


We know each other – at least by our names. YOU may never recognize me and as I will never mention YOUR name, YOU may also never realize that this message is for YOU. 1,031 more words


New job new path

Ok so after my little get away with my gf I’m buying a motorbike to save money and time getting to and from work.

As he droned on in the background

Pay off

The suit paid off. New job. So I finish my old one Sunday and start my new one Monday.

As he droned on in the background


Having too much narration in your story is a lot like keeping a rotary phone in your house; both are heavy, slow, and no longer practical for their original use. 656 more words