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5 things I won't forget about you (Episode 2)

I came out of his office and stopped a cab to take me to my new office. But my heart protested,”No, what’s wrong with this office? 509 more words

5 things I won't forget about you (Episode 1)

(Short story about a serious boss and his manager)

My friends started calling me job hopper when i kicked the third job in a year. They were right in their stance because I was leaving jobs for apparently no solid reasons. 528 more words

115. (Italo Svevo)

Italo Svevo, whose talent was recognized and whose career was partially rescued by Joyce, is not much read nowadays. Joyce’s favorite Svevo novel was not  1,579 more words

Practical Criticism

friends and enemies

“There can be no true friends without true enemies. Unless we hate what we are not, we cannot love what we are”.. A line which made me think. 1,116 more words


Runaway Childhood

The drops of liquid were slowly dripping from the broken ceiling. Due to a gloomy weather outside, the room was dimly lit with only a single candle at the far end, beside the locked door. 1,381 more words


Green Arrow — I'm this Vigilante!

I have been stranded in this engineering life for four years with just one goal survive.
These 4 years have already turned me into a weapon. 65 more words


These rules seem to make more sense than what we came up with. Take into account the pilot cannot control better-than-line-of-sight travel. This system makes the best sense. 2,299 more words