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Lucid Tears

It sparked the ember ashes of the faded light – the breathing went ragged. The liquids drifting from the eyes were filthy and unclear. It echoed the pirouetted dark fogs from the inside. 117 more words

Creative Writing

First-Hand Experience Of Jeeva Raghunath's Storytelling Workshop

It was a wonderful fall Wednesday and the late afternoon sun fell with benevolence on Alliance Francaise building in Nungambakkam giving it a ethereal feel. Though, the date was rather fearful 13th November 2013. 622 more words


Probability as Stoic Fate, Providence.

Stoicism is made up of several core axioms.  Among them is the idea that the universe is conscious and providential.  I’ve argued for the traditional perspective of the conscious cosmos… 568 more words

A Humming

“How can I rest?”

Eclipses under her weak eyes – a torn tree inside the hazel colors. The haunting clicks and echoing shots do not fade in her crown; her mind has become the king of the death. 101 more words

Creative Writing


People have multiple layers. And I don’t really always mean this in terms of personality or history. We’re almost like butterflies, but instead of shedding off a skin, we’re able to grow on a new one entirely. 259 more words


Haunted Hotel Floors 1

You are seeing faces: pimpled, freckled, oily, dirty faces of men. But they can’t see you; they’re all blind. That fellow in grey suit and khaki pants – the only fellow with dark glasses – he’s pretending: same as you pretending to feel happiness after your dog died. 589 more words


"Imagine your world" Pt. 1

I challenge myself to imagine my own perfect world. Alone, in my bed late one night, I set the parameters for what a world would need to contain in order to be perfect for me. 267 more words