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Reservoir Blogs #8 - Models of Narrative Structure

So, the waters of Northamptonshire finally receded far enough to allow my weekend jogs around the reservoir to recommence and, with them, comes the opportunity to review some fundamental thoughts about story structure. 838 more words

Creative Writing

Building a Relationship Revisited

If we want to have convincing romantic tension, or any tension, between characters we need to have convincing relationships. We can do this by building up dialogue, physical, and emotional interaction. 656 more words


Creating Romantic Tension Revisited

One of the issues with writing a romance plot or sub-plot can be a sense that the characters have fallen in love ‘too soon’. Perhaps this phrasing is slightly misleading; we can have romantic tension where characters fall in love but don’t realise it or are kept apart, we might have the slowly growing romance, or we could have the ‘in and out’ of love where characters come together then break apart again and repeat. 756 more words


Creating Romance Arcs Revisited

Once again I’m going to say you don’t have to plan out a story before you begin, we can easily shape it after we finish the first draft. 844 more words


Tangled Triangles Revisited

As we mentioned earlier in the series we have can have a relationship with a romantic antagonist who is constantly trying to break up the relationship for their own gain. 712 more words


Why These People? Revisited

Before I begin I should say you don’t have to plan if that doesn’t work for you, I never do. You can intend to add a romance to your story or it can appear as you write, that’s fine too. 560 more words


Looking At Love Revisted

Having looked at plots and story structure lets take a look at romance in stories, as a main or subplot, before we move on to look at characters. 169 more words