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gimme hammers tongs & wedges: Hegelian stranglehold on the historiography of Buddhist thought

Along with the other problems of the treatment of Buddhist thought as philosophy—an increasingly popular intellectual pastime it seems—the Hegelian historiography of philosophy still acts as “an intellectual style” of thinking about the history of philosophy, a style persistent and widespread enough to apparently be largely invisible. 3,656 more words

Reservoir Blogs #5 - The Problem with a Dramatic Opening

It’s the weekend again, so Reservoir Blogs went trotting around the local water this morning as usual. Today I was thinking about something I’d said in a Thursday night workshop that had surprised even me. 606 more words

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Archetypes and Thematic Choices

Generally, the right thematic choices move you forward and the wrong thematic choices hold you back.

This is embodied in archetypes. For example, Minor Threshold Guardians may have anti-thematic beliefs and POVs.

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Kal Bashir

A Review - Story Engineering by Larry Brooks

I can’t tell you how many people have recommended this book to me and for good reason. A panster at heart, I found my story floundering and myself stuck around the 40,000-word mark. 165 more words