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How do I execute hope (storytelling)?

Think of hope as an arc and execute it as an arc.

For example:

In the Ordinary World, there is no hope.

In the First Threshold, hope is kindled. 28 more words

Hero's Journey

Why does the mentor often die at the end of Act II?

One function of the mentor during Act II is to turn the hero – put in its many forms: to reverse, change, teach the lesson, get ready etc. 69 more words

Hero's Journey

When do you world-build? How deep do you go?

A good answer lies in AVATAR

Each world is a function of a side of the argument, and the worlds are developed to represent those arguments. 70 more words

Hero's Journey

Journey difference between hero and antihero?

Technically, there is no journey difference between the hero and antihero.

If you compare the execution of Superman (1978) and Michael Corleone (Godfather, 1972), the two may be defined as different hero types but both journeys are remarkably similar when it comes to executing the underlying change/arc/theme etc.

KalBashir.com for more…

Hero's Journey

Iron Gods Theorywank #3 (spoilers)

Well, I had a colossal amount of book to cram into two short sessions, so I definitely had to hack out a lot of the book.   417 more words

Iron Gods