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Reservoir Blogs #1

Last night the thunderstorms were terrific.  We all know it must be summer in England, and the fact that it’s raining, lets us know that Wimbledon fortnight must be upon us.   638 more words

Creative Writing

Narratives in social science

I ought to watch out for the literature rabbit holes I can fall down. After my last foray into narratives and sociology, I got sucked into another work that was only tangentially about what I’m studying. 652 more words


Introduction to Memetic Translation (needs further revision)

Once we know how to build a physical object, the names we give the parts that make the structure up become irrelevant. We know what parts we need and how to put them together. 1,219 more words

A Gamer's Guide To Reality

A (Mini) Tour of the Land of Exposition [Part 3]

As the (mini) tour of the Land of Exposition comes to an end , a spectacular rainbow appears in the sky, a harbinger of progress and hope after a non-specific period of thunderstorms and perpetual fog. 758 more words


Hypertext and Dear Esther

The prospect of creating a hypertext is one interesting application of video games within the context of the literary world. A hypertext is a text or text-based object that new stories can be drawn from (Ryan). 402 more words

Video Games

Simon Stephens playwriting workshop

I’ve always considered myself a writer of sorts, but until now I have limited my efforts to writing short stories, journalistic articles, marketing copy and multiple abandoned efforts at writing a novel. 593 more words


Mad Max and the Monomyth

Last month I saw Mad Max: Fury Road (and posted a review here).

It got me to thinking about narrative structure. Even as I was watching it I could see the moments of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, The Hero’s Journey, in the plot. 3,072 more words