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Just what do you mean, "narrative trajectory," anyway?

One approach to claiming a place for Buddhism in contemporary society and contemporary academia is to focus on its similarities with other religions and philosophies. 544 more words

Interpretive Planning - Part 2

In my continuing quest to catch up on the latest thinking on interpretive planning, I’ve got hold of the second edition of The Manual of Museum Exhibitions… 745 more words

Interpretive Technology

Reservoir Blogs #2a

I’m calling this one #2a because it isn’t really #3, it’s something that occurred to me just a few hours after posting blog #2:

If the writer wants to shape the inside of a mould into which the reader is expanding their imagination, then the best tools he or she has available are metaphor and simile. 372 more words

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Her Story, Oh What Lovely Storytelling

Every so often we are presented with a video game that pushes our expectations for the medium even going to far as for people to reject it as a video game. 630 more words


Reservoir Blogs #2

So following on from Reservoir Blogs #1, I took to the tow-path this morning, braving the hinterland between storms and sunshine, in search of more philosophical literacy (it’s a new science to be called ‘Literosophy’).   252 more words

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Reservoir Blogs #1

Last night the thunderstorms were terrific.  We all know it must be summer in England, and the fact that it’s raining, lets us know that Wimbledon fortnight must be upon us.   638 more words

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