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Considering Character Arcs Revisited

Circumstances change people and circumstances should change characters too. This doesn’t always have to be a huge shift such as going from selfish to selfless, it could be as seemingly small as getting a different perspective on life. 459 more words


Dreamy writing goals

 I​’ve been​ stringing together my own stories, ​with the concerted goal of working them into one continuous thread. Though each story is a disparate fiber, my aim is to weave them together so that they merge into a rope-like narrative. 360 more words

Writing Elements: Narrative Structure

Narrative structure is essentially the plot, and is tied as one of the most important writing elements. Without the narrative, you don’t have a story. As a good analogy, it’d be like creating Sims but not actually playing them (which is perfectly valid too). 495 more words


Stream of Consciousness Revisited

When people think of internal monologue they tend to think of a first person narration or a Dickensian third person which is the authorial voice relaying the character’s voice. 656 more words


Getting Internal Revisited

For the last few weeks we’ve been looking at dialogue so lets take a look at our character’s internal monologue: What it is, the different types and different ways of using it. 153 more words