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The Open Window by Saki

A man is stressed.

The doctor recommends time spent in the country.

His sister recommends visiting a friendly rural family.

A young niece entertains the new comer with a spectacular story. 338 more words


Zelda as a Writing Tool

My last post was about tapping into a mental state to encourage an improvisational approach to writing fiction. I don’t want to give the impression that writing fiction doesn’t take a whole helluva lotta consideration of organization and presentation or forethought. 911 more words


Writing Works: Story Blocks!

…and then I died…

or…the monster ate me…

or…the aliens beamed me into their space ship!

These are some examples of ways young writers often ‘block’ or ‘close’ their writing down either by getting bogged in detail or introducing something into the story which leaves them no where to go. 106 more words


Mulholland on Museum Narratives

Working on the narratives for the Chawton Project, I’m taking a break and catching up on reading. Paul Mulholland (with Annika Wolff, Eoin Kilfeather, Mark Maguire and Danielle o’Donovan) recently contributed a relevant first chapter to… 972 more words

Digital Storytelling

A Lady Awakened

Well, that was interesting.

Do you remember that time when I referenced how I don’t usually read romance novels for the intricate plot, because they all follow the same general narrative structure/arc? 903 more words

Book Review

Fabulous and FREE!

This October, coming to a library near you (if you live in Christchurch, anyway), New Zealand Society of Authors, in association with CreativeNZ, would like to present… 1,198 more words


The Journey Continues

My stage 3 students are preparing a journey story performance.

We had a holiday break in between the introductory workshop and subsequent lessons.

I needed to re-engage them in the process and revisist theme and structure.   154 more words