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Closing on Closure

As we discussed when talking about different types of endings closure doesn’t have to be complete, like life not all the questions need to be answered. 480 more words


Trapped in the bunker

Last weekend at Geek 2017, I played Sarcophagus, a Nordic LARP (Live Action Roleplay). LARP, as we know it today, grew out of the international popularity of Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games. 1,461 more words


They All Died at the End

A satisfying ending doesn’t mean nobody dies. A satisfying ending is an ending that feels like the end of the story and sometimes that means characters die. 513 more words


Back to the Beginning

We’ve all heard the ending cliché ‘and it was all a dream’ so I should probably start by saying that even though it’s a cliché it’s not always an ineffective ending. 638 more words


Best Picture Oscar: Arrival [2016]

Aliens arrive, and linguist Louise Banks is sent to find out how to communicate with them. Interwoven with that, from the first scene, is her remembering the tragic life of her daughter, who died young. 369 more words


Terrible Teases

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a story and it just stops. We can argue that a cliff hanger is just that, we stop with our characters on the edge of the cliff about to topple over, as per… 706 more words


The Length of an Ending

There’s no set length for an ending, no measure in words, fractions or percentages. Endings are as long as endings need to be but perhaps we should measure it from the point where the action begins to wind down. 472 more words