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Changing Stories: Ovid's Metamorphoses on canvas, 30 - Marsyas and Pelops

Following the relatively light relief of the tale of Lycian peasants who were turned into frogs because of the scorn that they showed the goddess Latona, Ovid briefly covers the horrific story of Marsyas, adding an odd intercalation about Pelops. 1,139 more words


I can science better than you...

Everyone uses ‘science’ to support their claims – the research shows, the evidence suggests, scientists agree… we’ve all read it, all heard it, and let’s be honest, we’ve all said it. 994 more words

Science And The World

early evening

She stood on the edge of her life. Gripping unto the sand-like time that, nevertheless, was flowing rapidly through her fingers. Her fingers that were also drumming on the table, groping for an idea. 417 more words


Chapter in Edited Collection: No Fate: James Cameron, Jesus and John Connor

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Edited Collections

Durians on the Road

TRAFFIC jams are awful. They are particularly bad when your bladder is full, or when you are running late for a test in school. That was exactly what happened the morning Katy had to sit for her English test. 415 more words


IBS: fact or fiction?

By the nineteen nineties, I had been conducting clinical research for 20 years. I knew my trade, had published several hundred papers in academic journals and was in demand on the lecture circuit. 1,261 more words




Disclaimer: This post has certain descriptions which might reflect your characteristics and you might wanna curse the author for disclosing them in a nonchalant way. 1,033 more words