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The view from here isn't the only view

The story you tell about this time in your life isn’t the only story. And the vantage point from which you’re looking is not the only vantage point. 236 more words


Project 1 - Telling a Story

I will first admit that taking a look at ‘The Dad Project’ by Briony Campbell was very difficult for me when I myself have witnessed a very close family member wasting away and dying from cancer. 340 more words

Project 1

I actually like the DMV

The DMV is a place of order. You walk into the building, grab a ticket, and take your seat. You’re asked to wait for a while. 1,293 more words


Some Other Time

When I awaken, in the quiet of the morning- I look out to find heavy clouds crowding the heavens. My room is darkened, as the sun hides behind those billows.. 83 more words


These Masks Wear Us

All lives are clichés; recombined, borrowed, recycled – we are the emergent, self-aware patchwork quilts of aggregate idiom, concept and narrative.    We are all quite like actors in our enthusiastic commitment to pretending that we aren’t pretending, that the story flow and narrative that we get swept along with (and as) is anything other than a convoluted fiction and that it has meaning beyond the lights, camera, action of daily roles, a reflex of scripted conventions and responsibilities. 117 more words


Early Rubens at the Legion of Honor - Light, Shadow, and Drama in Biblical Narratives

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Early Rubens exhibit at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. The exhibit, focusing on the years 1608-1620, is a survey of the early career of Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640), the renowned Flemish artist of the Baroque style who achieved great success in Antwerp. 690 more words





Singer sitting by the fire. Talking politics. Her face intriguing. Half shrouded in the mystery of night. Half exposed in the illumination of animated flames. 758 more words

Road Trip