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The Short And The Long Of It: Scattered Thoughts About Music

You know, when earlier this summer I showered cyberspace with a three-part recap of my wife Sandy’s and my recent European frolics, I thought I was done with that subject. 971 more words


Inquisitorial Investigation V1T623

+Intercepted vox chatter+

++Data recording files 794-1158++

+++Believed location, AO Furnace+++

++++Sending transmission++++

Steel 10 this is Steel 30, we in contact with the array, waiting for information, over. 395 more words

40k Podcast

Untitled (Based off the Film, Jerry Maguire)

The office space was bathed in the chilling glow radiated from rows of fluorescent lights.

Past the cubicles, the plaque for the corner office hung precariously, catching people’s attention as they passed by. 324 more words

Inspired Texts

Tom Chalmers rested his elbow on the donut shop counter and watched as customers filed through the early morning line ordering coffee, donuts, and bagels thick with cream cheese.   102 more words


My Literacy Narrative

As a Kinnison, I grew up reading books and doing well in school. That was what our family did, and I understood what was expected of me. 1,378 more words


The Grand Narrative

“Maybe outsiders felt that in this green preindustrial continent it might still be possible to avoid the horrors that had come to Europe–war, machines, materialism, frozen food–to develop a happier place. 554 more words


Assignment Four

Constructing a narrative 

For this assignment you’ll gather documentary footage and use it to create a short documentary sequence representing a portrait of a place. You should try and capture the spirit and feel of the place as well as representing what happens there.

1,975 more words