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Illusive Morality, Double Agency: Smuggling Stories into the Old Republic

I was engaging in a maiden play through of the classic single-player story shooter Mass Effect 2 one quiet November evening when something in the Normandy’s navigation map conjured up memories of my time in Star Wars: The Old Republic over two years ago. 6,734 more words


Poetry: "Serial"

A train of close-cropped
Just shy of
Sweeps across
Soldered flanks of
Gold-medal stays
Collared strays
Eager to please
To obey
Interlacing a maze… 119 more words


Glory to the Father

Today’s short story was written for an English assignment way back in the day. Okay well not that long ago, it was only 5 and a half years ago and now I’m going to show it to the world. 645 more words

Short Story Saturdays

Which Book Had the Most Impact On Me?

Native Sun by Richard Wright was a book I had read during my junior year of high school. This book explored several different topics of controversy but the huge one presented is racism. 724 more words


And You Realize You Wander With Glasses

Check out this original narrative creative non-fiction piece “And You Realize You Wander With Glasses”. Originally published in print this past summer, you can now enjoy these words as they are meant to be shared: via audio format with accompanying images of this work’s inspiration.  27 more words

Blank Verse

The day I thought I might die

Perhaps letting the subconscious scream out to the cosmos will help it keep silence. Now I am close to my wounds, they seem more vivid than ever. 1,106 more words


Cedar Slips through the Veil...

Yesterday my friend Iren surprised me with a gift – actually two – slabs of fragrant cedar that she had cut herself for firewood.

One cross section, a large one, irregularly shaped like a cauliflower floret took me back to 1971, the last holiday I was ever to spend with my twenty one year old brother who was my dearest companion and soul mate. 608 more words