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Writing for Business

Just to be clear: My purpose is to develop content that is pointed at your customers, and that expresses your thoughts and feelings about business with them. 92 more words

Small Business

Narratives for communicating climate change

Last week I wrote about work by UC researchers on framing climate change, a chapter that focuses on how we can harness our understanding of human psychology — how we learn, think, and behave — to communicate science better. 562 more words


Tom the Yarborough

Tom the Yarborough

The card game was not going well for Tom ‘the Yarborough’.  Even though his friends were being pauciloquent, Tom knew their lamprophony was a sign of mocking.  282 more words

Steven S. Walsky

Scarcity and unpredictable intrusion

Food is scarce in the cold, snowy regions of Germany. The climate is harsh and the challenge for most of the living species is to ensure that they can survive this unforgiving environment. 319 more words

Life Philosophy

Changing Times: Lovis Corinth, 1905-1909

Since Corinth had joined the Berlin Secession in 1901, and two years later married Charlotte Berend, his career had not looked back. Although early family and social life had reduced the number of paintings he produced, their quality remained consistently high, and he was living up to his reputation as ‘the painter of flesh’. 964 more words


ELI #1

Eli bisa bermakna dua, Dia yang diagungkan dan dia yang di depan mata.

Eli yang Diagungkan biarlah menjadi urusan pribadi tiap orang. Seperti kalimat bijak yang mengatakan Agamaku adalah Agamaku, Agamamu adalah Agamamu. 994 more words


Jazzpunk Review

Developer: Necrophone Games
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Played on: PC
Release Date: February 7, 2014
Time Played (Steam): 4.0 hours
Played With: Mouse & Keyboard… 1,075 more words