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Why We Like Heroes Who Fail

“Hero” is a term usually used to describe someone who has noble qualities, can conquer outstanding feats, and is the embodiment of courage and valor. The hero(ine) is the person who saves the day against all odds, sometimes without rest and without thanks, and battles on to right the world’s wrongs. 1,190 more words

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Beyond Eyes: Navigation and Vision

I don’t normally buy the Humble Monthly crate thing – I like to know what I’m buying before I buy it. That said, last month they had  1,238 more words

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writer's block

Of fresh starts, running away, and good storytelling.

“So you told her your story of betrayal. The truth.”

“Yeah. And she asks me, ‘What would you wanna say to them?'” 1,886 more words

The Gallery

Little Things, a short narrative 

She sits in a coffee shop window, cradling her mug between her hands as the steam rises and gives off heat. Waiting, she patiently reads through the pages of a book, resting open in front of her. 321 more words


Going Forward (2015)

The texture of God’s unknown Universe, the impertinent forces of the human underworld, or the final loss of agency by the council of the definition. The anti-human is born. 365 more words

Post-postmodernism (2014-15)

Story-writing (2015)

I want to tell a story. It is about this boy and about this girl. They do not know each other, but someday they will. The story starts just outside the point in which they are going to know of each other. 405 more words

Post-postmodernism (2014-15)