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Fire: a story

I was walking on the road, the warm polluted air hitting my face as my feet hit the dirty ground, when I saw something.

Flames in the distance, angrily leaping up at the sky . 246 more words


Too Real: the narrative paintings of Jean-Léon Gérôme, 3

The third of Jean-Léon Gérôme’s history paintings shown at the Salon of 1859 sadly vanished after being sold in 1951, and is now known only from a monochrome photograph which I have been unable to find as a usable image. 1,994 more words


Transparent Machine™ | a short film

Transparent Machine™ – a short film

This may give you pause. Is there really any escape?

We are the Transparent Machines™

Our society is obsessed with the conflicting concepts of transparency and privacy. 38 more words

Short Film

Sensory Overload - The Highly Sensitive Person

What is HSP ?

HSP stands for ” Highly Sensitive Person”. However, it does not mean hypersensitivity in reference to having the lack of emotional control. 925 more words



I define togetherness as a feeling of comfort and belonging-ness even after miles of actual distance between two people. It is an understanding that two people share making them feel so closely knit yet as far as the ends of a river. 37 more words

1. | to Damon Cosway.

From the Residence in Market Grove.

Dear Sir:

In pursuing the connection we had so briefly established I have taken upon the course of appealing to the question you had put to me at that time which, had the hour stayed its hand upon the clock, would naught have been retired of dispensation before a second encounter. 1,232 more words


S2 E34: What's Your Story?

Every person’s story has something to teach us about what God is like and how God works. Susan breaks down one story in Acts 8:26-40… 72 more words