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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Review

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter may have been around for three years, but it’s finally arrived on the Xbox One, along with full 4K support and a new Free roam mode. 954 more words

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All of this to say,... / beyond the capacity to influence.

Discomfort, and memories of events that I wish had never occurred.

Mistakes, or missteps or circumstances that were beyond my capacity to influence.

Allow me to start over,… 408 more words


On Narratives

I suspect, although I can’t prove it, that we’re the only species that tells each other stories. I’d love to imagine Mother Wolf telling the cubs tales of great hunts back in the day; one seagull entertaining another with anecdotes of his adventures in the annual migration; one mountain goat getting a cheap laugh among his peers with another “Three sheep went into a bar” joke; wise old Orang telling the babies the mystic tale of how the universe came to be. 418 more words

Life Experience

'Oh God'explanation

The entire writing is a metaphor and I deliberately wrote it the way it is.

The use of the pronoun ‘he’ signifies a struggle with self because it isn’t congruent with the character’s gender (or rather, mine since this character is modelled after me.) 48 more words


Oh God

He wanted to ignore the fear that God was nothing but a figment of imagination, born from despair and desperation. He stood firmly against the atheists. 336 more words



A fresh blend of news, about photography.

I recently wrote a piece about black and white as an artistic palette, and how my passion for that palette developed during my now-finished digital photography days. 536 more words



For every smile formed on my face comes the frown double its weight.

As we were never alone when we were born,

For every deep laughter from my throat comes the teardrop stinging my eyes. 92 more words