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The Place

Now, when I’d paced my bank until there lay

Only the brook between, I halted there

To get a better view of this display                Dante, Purgatory, Canto XXIX lines 70 – 72… 635 more words


What I believe to be true about organisational culture

A client asked me to write down some thoughts about a complexity based approach to culture.  I thought I’d go ahead and publish some of my initial thoughts here as well. 1,412 more words

Complexity And Adaptive Leadership


What does it mean, to think. I would enjoy it, dear reader, if you wondered with me for the duration of this post so we may find an answer. 283 more words


#162MC - Thursday 5th March 2015

The Importance of Re-writing.

Once the first draft is done, put it away for a couple of days before reading it over. Make sure when you re-read it it’s composed and moves at the right speed. 157 more words


Imposing Narrative in a Narrative-less Space - With Minecraft!

I hope no one in this class hates Minecraft, because I personally think it’s one of the best games ever made. It’s just so much damn fun, for literally everyone, no matter how young or old or skilled or uncoordinated they might be. 1,184 more words

Log IV: Swarm

Criticism flows in from all directions,

but is directionless.

The swarm moves like

a nitrogen bubble waiting to be popped

(tailing the pressure gradient

created by the presence of a will) 131 more words