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The Great Gatsby - Suggested content for Section A, Odd

These are flashcards which give the suggested content from the exam board for the ‘How does the writer tell the story in…?’ question for AS LTB1, Aspects of Narrative, … 29 more words

Saviour Not A Casualty.

The most important thing, when you’re writing a story is to ensure that you frame it right.

By this, I mean that you make sure that you present your manuscript how it needs to be understood by your audience. 446 more words

Book Review: The Unpersuadables by Will Storr

I spent most of the past weekend lazing about reading a book I picked up on impulse. I haven’t done a book review before but I thought I’d give it a shot because I think many atheists and skeptics could benefit from some of the insights in it. 3,003 more words


Re-telling Somalia through Images

Ugaaso Boocow has become an Instagram sesnsation by sending out stunning visual images from a place that is usually associated with suffering, starvation, and violence.


Spoiler Alert

Up until recently, a character named River Song appeared inĀ Doctor Who. An enigmatic figure and a time-traveller like the Doctor, she meets him at different points during their lives, and therefore knows a lot about the Doctor’s future. 791 more words

Project: Mapping the Narrative & Choices in KRZ

Whereas one player will make ten unsuccessful attempts to open the door that leads to the treasure another will use the right tool right away. The adventures of these two players (or rather, of their avatars) in the gameworld will produce different sequences of events and bring different text to the screen, but both players will eventually perform the same actions to complete the master plot.

81 more words

The Twins

The yard contemplated the thumping of kids wavering about the grey granite

Two red caps of the same size; Brother and Sister finding their might… 155 more words