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Introducing game: The Blind Lady

The Blind Lady is a mini role playing game focused on collaborative narrative. It can be played independently or as a way to create or find motivations, traits, bonuses and maluses for creating characters from other games or even as a transition between different games, no matter the theme. 137 more words


pride spotlight: accepting myself

Nathaniel, 25, is an Argentina native who found that the road to acceptance is not easy, but it’s definitely worth it. 

Since I was a kid, everyone could note that I was different. 869 more words


Captain Marvel Sequel Idea

I’m just kind of throwing all my thoughts on paper, so it’ll be disorganized. I’ll try to explain why I made the choices I did. 1,354 more words

Know Your Archetypes

one of the most high-stakes aspect of drafting your novel is the creation of
the plot. It draws together all the hard work you’ve put into making the… 595 more words

Novel Writing

Lessons in Storytelling

Today, I’ve decided to go over a little bit about what I think about how to approach teaching moments in stories. Most good stories provide some kind of guidance or commentary on society that enforces some kind of moral value. 532 more words


Writers, Keep on Writing

Something terrible has happened to the way we use words. And I’m not talking about the standard gripes the language police like to complain about: shortening of words, the use of acronyms, or the omission of prepositions and conjunctions for text-speak; or the incorrect usage of ‘your’ and you’re’, and ‘they’re’, ‘their’ and ‘there’. 734 more words


Donald's Three Types of Human Cognition

I should make clear from the start that I have no illusions about my ability to become expert in all of the disciplines touched on by this enterprise; accordingly my effort should be regarded with suspicion by all; at best, it will probably prove to be no more than a guide to some of the important questions that remain to be settled.

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