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Time in the Novel

For a long time I was bewitched with the idea of representing time in the Novel. After many years of search a Newton fell on my head. 56 more words


Chapter 1

rocked back and forth on his chair and let out an audible yawn.

you need to pay attention!”

Miles planted his chair legs back on the ground and slammed his hands down on… 1,434 more words


BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch: Our Stories

For my BCM325 Digital Artefact, I plan to start a fictional blog (working title: Our Stories) which uses narrative to convey the deeper ecological and personal effects that society has on both the world and on each other. 67 more words


Stuff me: Mind your language

I have been swearing a bit lately, particularly in my written work. I suppose I should stop.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have uttered anything like a swear word — in fact, when I emigrated to Australia at the age of 15, the Aussie schoolboys (who used the word ‘fark’ even when asking the teacher a question) teased me because the most I would say was ‘get stuffed’ or ‘stuff that’ or ‘stuff me, this day is stuffed’ — stuff like that. 1,199 more words


In Another Life

“Tell me one thing, Miles.”

tell you anything.”

be cliché,” Anfisa rolled her eyes and shifted onto her back. The crisp, fall
leaves crunched beneath Anfisa as she rolled around. 777 more words


A Cure for Doomsday

This week’s chengyu,

jiǎn yǐ fáng kuì

Word by word translation of this Chinese idiom
俭 jiǎn: frugal/thrifty/ needy
以 yǐ: to use, or according to, or to… 621 more words

Narrative - 3rd draft/re-write

I have now got 10 pages down with the correct spacing etc. The narrative has been changed and extended, also the dialogue. The grammer still needs work, but its progress from the previous drafts.

Another bloody Western Draft 3