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A brief stylistic analysis of an extract of Julian Barnes's England, England (pages 23-25)


The text in question (an extract from Julian Barnes’s England, England – pages 23 to 25 to be exact, which you can read below), centres on Martha, a young woman whose father, having walked out on his family when Martha was a child, is attempting to rebuild the bridges of their virtually non-existent relationship. 3,291 more words

English Language


From kindergarten to tenth grade my mom home-schooled me. I can’t complain; I never had to get up early, assignments were never really due, and I always had free time to play or watch T.V. 830 more words

They spread their leaves (haibun)

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. Kahlil Gibran

In her youth she had  many plants in her home.  Begonias, African violets, dieffenbachias, spider plants, cactus and ivies. 235 more words


Presenter Spotlight: Gideon Zehavi, MA, RDT/BCT

Today, we introduce you to Gideon Zehavi, MA, RDT/BCT, another of our #NADTA2015 conference presenters. Below, Gideon shares a bit about his workshop, “Improvising co-culture: youth at risk and university students meet on stage”.   275 more words


Assignment Four

And the wheel turns. It’s been a reflective day; I have posted my assignment four to my new tutor and, as usual, feel a little loss at it’s departing. 1,094 more words



Del italiano tempo. Masculino. 1. Grado de celeridad en la ejecución de una composición musical y, por extensión, de una composición poética. 2. Ritmo de una acción, especialmente la novelesca, teatral o cinematográfica. 998 more words



He touched the scar twice before looking into my eyes. I could feel the warmth in them and his keen attention made me blush.

“What’s the story?” 1,762 more words