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Context and Narrative


Context: noun (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)

  • words that come before or after a word, phrase or statement, etc, helping to show what its meaning is…
  • 33 more words

Last of the backgrounds

Ampitheatre –

To save time, I manipulated previous backgrounds in part to create the final two.

The doctors, including the Greek sign for medicine – 26 more words

Night Shift

Our day starts
when your
head hits the pillow…

Called up Briana,
I wasn’t to help her with the käsespätzle like I wanted –
She was very solitary in the kitchen – 344 more words



One of the huge dangers online that mainly comes from social networking is meeting people online. The reason this is a danger is because it is so often not the person they are claiming to be. 144 more words


Identity theft

The internet is such a huge place, so posting a photo of yourself on a social network can give thousands of people access to it. This means somebody could take this photo and use it as one of their own, along with information you have provided about yourself. 23 more words


Invasion of privacy

With the amount of personal information we provide online it’s more than likely people who we may not want to have access to these things can end up stumbling across it somehow. 96 more words


Horror: An Uncanny Genre

I have a bit a of a distant relationship with horror films; generally, I would call myself a fan of them, but I have to watch them around midday in a house with people and I haven’t seen many of them AT ALL. 941 more words