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The narrative to memory

Memory is the trace of time, and I use moving typhoon as a metaphor to describe memory and time, which is generated by the environment, also dynamic and doesn’t have the fixity, obviously, we, as the subject, are the typhoon eye, as the image below. 164 more words


Big NaNo/ Novel Update

Welp, guys, I don’t think I’m going to make it.

This past weekend I made an impromptu trip to Maine to bring my girlfriend her Christmas present early (a kiln and wheel, she’s big into pottery), and I got zero writing done. 295 more words


tavistock bookstore

I walked in from the gray and rainy weather.

The face of the store with its large windows held closed blinds. It looked closed. So I was surprised when the door opened as I pushed it. 364 more words


Running In Circles 

You berated me for being a coward. You shamed me for showing you who I really was.
You told me you were ashamed of me because I was running… 294 more words


a lifetime of space

Here’s the thing. You praise transparency from day one, tell the world you see only black and white, that you say nothing but the truth. I wondered why you kept asking me those questions: is there someone that you’re into? 487 more words


Shuffle Song Tag

What’s happening, World ?!
So Today we’re about to do another Tag and not just a Tag. This is something with additional twist, ’cause it includes an Amazing thing yes, music ! 1,198 more words