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Ordinary heroism

Quick: think of a favorite movie or novel. Who’s the main character? What challenges does that character face? Does he or she triumph in the end? 718 more words

Biblical Meditation

A Land Of The Unknown (Part 2)

I now roam astray in a moonlit field,
Wondering who was my shield,
Then I see sunflowers, they sing and sway,
They blow my worries away. 131 more words


What is the Essence of Medicine?

After 5 years of ruminating over the meaning of medicine, I have yet to come to a definitive conclusion with respect to what its exact essence is. 124 more words


Richard K. Morgan - The Dark Defiles

The Dark Defiles completes Morgan’s A Land for Heroes fantasy series. It continues his earlier themes of the hero as outcast/outsider/Other, and fittingly it wraps up in a not-at-all-wrapped-up way. 398 more words

Book Review

Current Progress of "Truth"

As I continue to be stuck in quarantine, I must say that this has been great time to use on developing Truth! It has come with it’s struggles at times due to time management with other projects going on, but I believe that even with all these struggles, the game is developing at a good pace. 496 more words

The Endearing Phoebe

The Phoebe that helped me solve a mystery

Last year when I returned from New Mexico I found an Eastern Phoebe’s nest under the eaves above my front door. 1,019 more words


The Whispering Pines

In the whispering pines
Her husband looked just like
Her child, in his eyes;
There’s yellow tape
At the end of a gravel track
Where they cannot walk… 181 more words