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Sula Journals: Diana | III

Diana Bamimeke is a 16 year old Nigerian girl living in Dublin, Ireland. She is an aspiring writer and filmmaker. You can find her on tumblr and instagram.

Writers Of Color

Why the Tories are the enemies

Im sorry, i too wasu once tempted to vote Tory : why>? all Humans haeve self-interest and it is in one person’s interest to vote tory and take less tax and thereby make more greedy money for urself which iu spend on immoral business which are as elitist and morally corrupt as well, the toriers whom do deals with them, and cut out their tax. 458 more words


Everyone Needs A Hero

(Breaking from the tradition of writing poetry, I decided to write a short narrative:)

Everyone Needs a Hero
Recently I had been rifling through NetFlix, looking for something to watch while I battled a cold. 616 more words


Learning to listen

I was yawning between pages of War and Peace. The train’s rumble of metal on metal was soothing after three hours.

As we had moved from city to city, passengers had changed so often that they became a blur of faceless humanity.  345 more words

North Africa


I was giddy. I was excited. It was my third time applying for a visa and I was clearly hoping that the breaks will come my way. 193 more words


Climate is changing. What about our food and practices?

Last Sunday was the World Food Day. This day is observed annually on October 16 to commemorate the founding of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Every year has a theme that guides events organized during this day to raise awareness of issues concerning food security, distribution and production. 417 more words