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Postmodernism vs. The Pomoid Cluster

Since I started getting more active on Twitter I’ve had front row seats to the best intellectual slapfights no money can buy. It’s interesting and frustrating. 4,364 more words


28 things on my 28th year

It has been a year and five months since I left my home country and started living independently in a foreign country. In a span of 17 months of living alone, life has indeed taught me a lot. 1,112 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Check this out!

CuriosityAnxiety Curiosity

My work consists of making sense of what I see and what I hear.  Photography has fine tuned my skills in an unexpected way.  296 more words

Don’t try to save me, because I am a lost cause.

Don’t try to save me, because I am already gone.

I am not a damsel in distress; I don’t need saving. 101 more words


Irony, Thy Name Is Gump: "Forrest Gump" and the Art of Earnest Irony...

Forrest Gump is a movie that I’ve never quite been able to wrap my head around.

On one level, it’s an incredibly sacchrine and simplistic exploration of the first fifty years of the so-called… 4,699 more words



Today was a fast grind. Ran about like a hare getting documentations ready for my daughter to join Medical School. Thought a lot about literature while I was traveling. 265 more words