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Weird Awkward Update - Boston Edition

So I’m sure that my remaining 1 1/2 readers know that I’ve been off the face of the earth for like 3 years and now I’m back 4 more aka I went to a shul last night and I remembered why I probably will never go again. 1,129 more words

This Just In

The Q'ewar Project

The Q’ewar poject is a social and economic initiative working with the indigenous women living in the Quechua Community of Q’ewar in Southern Peru.  The women of the Q’ewar Project live in extreme poverty, and for most, this is the first chance they have had to learn skills to earn money in a humane and respectful working environment.   1,672 more words


Late Night Thoughts - (The Puzzle)

My life always has been perplexing; perhaps, a jigsaw puzzle, and I am trying to put different pieces into right places, sometimes to give it some sense, and sometimes to see what it turns out to be. 270 more words


Latvians and our blind sides

Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. The more I reflect and the more I try to practice it, my experience tells me that these words are very true. 1,218 more words


PUBLIC LECTURE - Fathoming the Orient: Australian Narratives, by David Walker (ANU)

PDF FLYER: 76thGeorgeMorrisonLecture

In the century from the 1880s to the 1980s there were numerous accounts of what ‘the rise of Asia’ would mean for Australia. 313 more words


From California to Nevada

Today was the big day! I’ve officially moved from my small CA hometown to a new location in Nevada. I honestly didn’t feel like this move was real until I pulled up to the house and started unpacking and setting up my room. 746 more words

Moving Day

Don't Create a Mood, Just Tell Good Stories

Guest post by Daniel Lombardi.
This post was originally published on WhyDev, and has been reposted with permission. 

NGOs are often faced with incentives to tell stories on the extreme ends of the emotional spectrum. 829 more words

Better Narratives