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Since I was very young, my mother and father were always hard workers, never taking a day off. The routine was always the same. Every night when they came home from work, they’d tuck me into bed with a kiss “goodnight,” and every morning before they left for work, with a “see you soon.” The routine was drilled into me and became lonesome. 358 more words


Short Assignment:Proposal Intention.


The question: should we let our fears control us? The answer: no.

Theme: Fear, Love, Understanding, Childhood, Fight or Flight, Possessiveness

The story will follow a bear (childhood) inside a child’s room who let’s free a disfigured rabbit trapped in a closet, taking the rabbit as a threat when it goes for the child fast asleep, the bear attacks ( 1,088 more words


How my gluten intolerance became an eating disorder

*This is not an article glorifying eating disorders. Do not self diagnose, please see a professional. This is my story, and I hope this inspires you to seek help with your struggles. 1,730 more words


Image and Message (3)

Welcome, yet again, followers and visitors to my blog and the latest update in my diary. On this occasion working in my own studio developing more ideas with regard to developing narratives through the medium of still life and the use of symbolism. 262 more words


A Letter to the Future Generation

Dear Future Leaders, Innovators, Intellectuals,

I mark today as the first day of your endless possibilities and the last day of your doubts. You do not need to fit into a certain space for mere acceptance by fellow peers or onlookers. 232 more words


The Choice

I chose not to listen to the distant call

A voice closer to the heart has been eagerly waiting to be heard

Patiently hiding in the corner where outside world has not been able to breach… 124 more words


A day of Midwestern culture

One day last week, I started out the day with a friend and dusty chaff in a soybean field. It was a lovely way to celebrate my favorite season: the dry plains that stretch into the horizon, the banter of voices over the radios, the roar of machinery, the swirling haze of dust every time the combine approaches. 352 more words