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A waka story ...once upon a time (haibun) ~ TheSecretKeeper

Once upon a time, there lived an old English professor who retired in a small cottage in a village by the Arabian Sea. With this new free time, he could now delve in his passion and became a great… 164 more words


Laughter and Boundaries

I’m having a hard time finding joy, recently. I read a reflection today by my friend Sarah who had encountered wisdom saying that joy flows from compassion. 440 more words


You Don’t Know Anything, Try to Learn Something: Reflecting on My Time in Burundi

Story by Peter Vaselkiv

On my flight to Bujumbura, I had so many things going around in my head I was almost numb from trying to figure out what to expect. 912 more words


Apprehension and Excitement in Greece

Story by Max Read

As I arrived in Greece for my first co-op at the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), I tried to avoid having too many expectations. 537 more words


My First Time

50 Words Story

The dead silence in the room started to fade away with darkness’s long moans. His whispering sounds stirred with my racing heartbeats. His slow steps ordered the moonlight to enter through the cracked window and cleave our shadows. 14 more words

English Poetry

Thoughts From Chicago Pt. 1

I’m obsessed with stories that have sad endings. They are heartbreakingly real. We are fed a lot of stories that have their fair share of problems and sadness, but always miraculously end happy. 334 more words

Expedition to Pullman Island (Chapter 2)



Chapter Two


The next morning, Cherry’s alarm woke her bright and early. She yawned, gears creaking as she stretched in bed. 761 more words