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Entrepreneurship: Listening, Learning, Leading, Doing

Entrepreneurs do two things in particular that set them apart from the average person: First they identify a need, second they identify how to satisfy that need. 741 more words


CAM to Mainstream: The Chiropractic Profession at a Crossroads

 When asked why they do what they do, be it go in to work each day or specifically why they recommend a certain treatment, most health care professionals will say (or at least… 606 more words


When I First Became the Mother of a Mother

I had been a mother for a little over eight years when I first became the mother of a mother. I felt more than ready. I felt confident, even. 613 more words


alejandro sandoval

The clerk asked him for his first and last name and papi answered, “Alejandro Sandoval.”  Confused, yet convinced, I blurted out, “No, papi, your name is Jose!” He immediately pinched me and commanded me to hush.  130 more words


The truth about stories: How men desist from sexual offending

Ian McPhail

“The truth about stories is that’s all we are.” This is how Thomas King, America-Canadian First Nations author, begins his 2003 Massey Lectures… 1,133 more words

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CP 1102 Glossary

Session 1 – Professionalism and Ethics

Profession: A position within society trusted with performing a specific set of skills ethically, based on a body of knowledge and extensive training. 1,526 more words


The Immortals, 1

Civilization 6 as Cyrus, Emperor difficulty, standard game speed on Large Island Plates.

Cyrus, king of nothing much at the moment, leader of a band of travelers, vagabonds, wanderings and the bored clapped his hand down in the mane of the donkey carrying most everything he had ever needed or wanted in the world on its back. 2,323 more words

Civilization 6