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How These Two Headlines Illustrate the Nonexistence of "Objective" News

I opened my phone this morning, and two had notifications, both about the same event, from Ynet and Haaretz:

In general, it is often possible to glean a newspaper’s narrative or ideology from its titles, but this example was particularly stark. 158 more words


Behind the Scenes at Taste of Toronto: Stories from the Chef's Table

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, and those who are Canadians at heart.

Those familiar with the style of Narratives might be aware that there are always different approaches to stories. 509 more words

Narratives Exclusives

What do we make of historical narratives?

“It may be helpful to think of historical narratives as “proclamations of God’s acts in history.” That simple definition highlights three important dimensions of historical narratives: their unique kerygmatic nature, their theocentric focus, and their historical referents.

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Ear Piercing (Narrative)

We all know those weeks before your birthday when you are asked what you want. I’m the type of kid who just says, “Umm…books?” But the weeks before I turned ten years old, I knew… 903 more words


Day One Hundred and Eighty - Are the Formalities Out Of the Way Yet?

Mr. Owl makes a friend. But how did he meet him? Are the formalities out of the way yet? Or are they just beginning?! 25 more words

365 Challenge


I found the words that gave birth to me, in a womb belonging to a woman called Evelyn. I am, I came to be – here, world, you will find the traces of a long forgotten dream. 427 more words


America Has Always Gone Against Global and Historical Definitions of Marriage

Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see people distorting reality to support their narrative. You are free to believe what you want when it comes to any issue, regardless of what the rest of the world or history says about an issue. 399 more words