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Narrative: Exoneration

I left Birmingham on a hot summer morning last year to meet Robert Young outside of Albertville, Alabama, an hour and a half away. Mr. Young had spent time in prison for drug possession and had been released on probation the year prior by President Obama. 365 more words

My Top Five Narratives in Anime!

Anime has the potential to be many things.  It can be pure entertainment, it can provide social commentary, and can spark extreme amounts of emotion.  It can be many different things, but one of the things I’ve loved seeing the most has been a good, strong, narrative. 1,359 more words


Understanding Game Narratives

“Momma, I’m gonna write a game!”

Often enough people either completely disregard the importance of a narrative or glorify it to the point of no return. 907 more words

Creative Writing

A morsel at a time

His hands held softly around her hips, tugging her a little closer, as he looked upon her with eyes so gentle and true.

Yet, his gaze peirced deep into her soul, stirring up a heart of stone. 10 more words

In Grampa's Piazza

Growing up, Grampa Mike’s story was such a part of our family that it was, in a way, a non-story.

We all knew that he immigrated from Italy when he was… 1,329 more words


Foster Care and Personhood: A Podcast

Yes, you have read the title right!  I have created a podcast.  For an intimate look into the foster care system listen to the interview I had with Sam who is a foster care alumni.   417 more words

Foster Care

Narrative: The Buck Dancers

Sandy Denton. Athens, Alabama. 2015.

It was a rainy fall day in 2015 when I drove up to Athens, Alabama for a Fiddlers Festival that a friend told me I needed to see. 461 more words