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Planning for between-language transfer

I don’t think that transfer (between languages) just happens. I think you have to plan for it. So, what kind of things transfer? How can we use what we know about language transfer to maximize transfer between two languages? 551 more words

Child Bilingualism

Abuse and What Forgiveness Isn't

Content note: sexual abuse, power, privilege, abuse in the news, abuse narratives

Most of the blog posts I’ve read that defend a Christian accused of a sexual crime against another person (or persons) get the concept of forgiveness really, really wrong. 846 more words


Memorable Moments: Preface

I post fantasy, fiction, and occasionally my own strange thought processes on this website. However, I have never once posted a story that has been both literal and real. 573 more words


Mistranslation in Images

By Sakina Fakhri

A line branched into two, four, six, eight…each node a horrible altercation, a quiet death and a hundred beginnings—creased and individuated, creased and individuated. 4,047 more words


Narratives Editorial Letter

Hive is now publishing the first of what we hope will be a monthly Narratives column. The Narrative pieces will complement and enhance the non-fiction by working within the main theme of each issue to bring voice to the subject at hand. 168 more words


Kolapore Springs Fish Hatchery: Sean Brady

A tribute to trout farmer Sean Brady whose incredible ingredients are an inspiration to our kitchen. The life cycle of a trout starts with clay pepper spiced roe.

790 more words
Narratives Exclusives

Abuse and the Use of Power

Content note: sexual abuse, power, privilege, abuse in the news, abuse narratives

I’ve stared at this blank blog post for a while.

My heart is heavy and more than a little frustrated. 830 more words