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The Princess and the Party

By Seniz Rego

In a land far far away, lived a queen named Elisa from Trippytopia. She had been queen for the past twenty years and she lived upto her name very well. 1,137 more words

Creative Writing

Proudly Narrate the World Around You - The World You Know 

I have collected a lot of interesting things along the way in my blogging journey. Some from writing but mostly from reading. Recenty I came upon this article shared by the WordPress team titled ‘ 775 more words

Writings From The Heart

The Boy and the Statue

The boy looked up at the statue of the man. It was a colossus that towered over even the rest of the statues in the village. 1,393 more words



Depression is a lot like love.

It will always be a part of you; You might feel that pure snippet of happiness when it dawns on you that you’ve moved on, or mourn the invisible shackles that still bind you to it. 884 more words


The Nations within the Subcontinent.

Yes it is time we understand and accept that India that as we know it today is only yrs old.

Yes we are a land of diversity, of food, culture, thought. 643 more words


10 Things I learnt as a Short-Film Producer

  1. Every problem is solvable

One week before filming our director of photography (responsible for operating the camera) who we also relied on for renting professional filming equipment, notified us he wouldn’t be able to participate in the film. 865 more words