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Oh great. @Hillfarmstead Art, A Beer I Have Not Been Looking Forward to Reviewing At All.

First and foremost huge thanks to the Vicster for donating the bottLOL yeah right, can you imagine that dude doing something selfless not designed to maximize some self-aggrandizing desire, LOL YARITE. 1,260 more words

Reading First and Second Person Narrative; or, The Necessity of Failure

I find few things more mentally perplexing to read or write than flash fiction. Good fiction should transport the reader into a perspective completely outside his own and challenge the reader both mentally and emotionally. 613 more words


Day Three - Saturday 18th July, 2015:

Saturday was relatively low-key because it was Shabbat. Although, Tel Aviv isn’t that hard-core; there are quite a few cars driving around etc.

Our incredible tour guide (Idan) gave us a ‘Narratives Session’ at the hotel which was really well done. 754 more words

Musical Narration of the Ramayana

The Ramayana is a Sanskrit epic poem ascribed to the Hindu sage and Sanskrit poet Valmiki. It is regarded as one of the two great works of Indian literature, along with the Mahabharata.The Ramayana also plays an important role in Hindu literature. 218 more words


Threads of a life story: 1 - In peril on the sea

For my grandfather & my uncle

Robert Lowell’s poem The Quaker Graveyard at Nantucket begins with this:

A brackish reach of shoal off Madaket –

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Women Writers

Patrice Fortier & La Société des Plantes

While chatting with chef Normand Laprise of Montreal’s Toqué recently about an upcoming trip I was taking to his hometown of Kamouraska, on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Quebec, I was encouraged to take time to visit… 475 more words

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