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I Remember

I Remember

I remember you
So many years ago
That dimpled cheek
And sparkling eye
Which set my heart aglow 86 more words


To Let Go.

Acute distress. Unresponsive. Pupils are fixed and nonreactive to light. Distended jugular veins. No spontaneous respirations. Breath sounds are equal, but only with artificial ventilations. Pale skinned. 356 more words

Dear Stranger,

I had my head wrapped in a book that was tattered at the edges and the delicate pages smelt like peppermint pipe tobacco.

Excuse me, can I talk to you for a few minutes? 617 more words

Perception and truth

In “Write your own darn narrative,”  Becky brought up a good point about moral relativism, postmodernism, and the truth. Shouldn’t the truth matter and doesn’t writing your own narrative open the door to moral relativism where one can just believe whatever they want and call it “truth?” 837 more words

On the Road

Nishinami and I met each other when we were studying in a same French program in Aix-en-Provence. A recent college graduate, with a short braid of dyed blond hair, an eye-watching tattoo on her arm and constantly a pair of bronzy pilot sunglasses, Nishinami never failed to impress me with a casual and chill attitude under her bright presence. 585 more words


Housing Hospitality

If there were a time I thought I was no different from any of my peers born in Beijing, that must have been during my middle school. 714 more words

Constitute Of Being

Poems on Hiroshima

– 1. Hiroshima – 

8:15 a.m. 8/6/1945: an eternal moment

he, she, they would remember for the rest of their life, carrying

the same scenes rehearsed in mind… 420 more words