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On Narratives and Gender Swapping

Stephanie Meyer has broken her own fourth wall. I’m not sure if she has finally heard of the wild world of fanfiction, if she’s simply heading EL James off at the pass (or throwing the gauntlet), or if she is honestly attempting to turn the world view on its head, or it just seemed like a good idea at the time (and money). 1,034 more words


Against Narrativity: A Reply

The purpose of this paper is to argue against the widely held position among narrative theorists that not only do people view their lives as a kind of narrative (the descriptive thesis), but that it is desirable that we do so (the ethical thesis). 1,005 more words


Red Panda Thinks: Randomization and number crunching, killers of pen & paper RPG's narrative.

“Red Panda Thinks” is an ongoing series of posts where I’ll expose my personal
opinion on everything game related. Everything I write here is my own personal opinion, conflict of interest, if any, will be fully disclosed before every publication.
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Under Hill, Growing Dragons, Singles

I rited last night, mostly in trance and meditation. One thing I found myself doing was calling down coils of Luin for the gods and friends—hell, doing so for myself as a matter of praxis—which at least seems to help me. 316 more words


Representation and Trance

I briefly meditated last night before bed, up a bit late, and I had been reading Brave Sparrow and Teen Witch again, and I had looked at the author’s talk to a queer RPG group/con on using gaming to seek/create new narratives outside the normative to shape ourselves with. 139 more words


Gods, Love, Meaning, and Interconnectedness

Column: What Do They Mean?.

When something means something else, or when someone means some thing, we are stating that there’s a correspondence between one thing and another thing.

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Interstitial Interval

My dreams were frenetic and busy, and though I think I dreamt of Phonogram, I don’t think I dreamt of my goddess, per se. I kept waking up wondering if I’d done so, but I don’t think I did. 38 more words