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Facebook, Twitter, and Some Narrative Theory That May or May Not Be Interesting And/Or Relevant

Okay: I may as well come right out and admit that in contrast to the last two positively laugh-a-minute riots we’ve posted, this one may come off as a bit, erm, dull. 1,900 more words

Critical Theory

Spider Demon

The devil, the lord of entropy—the demonic face of self and identity that can help break one’s preconceptions and blocks, but you have to avoid giving it free reign, just so you avoid obsession— 399 more words


"Another Reason Why I Don't Keep A Gun In The House": Billy Collins

I chose this poem in part because my high school English teacher told me that it meant nothing. Originally, we were assigned to choose any Collins poem we liked and present a 2-3 minute analysis of it. 668 more words

Literary Analysis

The narrative of our life: road towards political consciousness

This week I was asked to speak in a conference with an interdisciplinary audience from the Humanities. For that occasion, I decided to transform one topic of my research into a generic perspective to which many would be able to relate. 419 more words

Culture And Anthropology

Stories of Networks

A short video of one participant from the Elephant and Castle network modelling workshop. Reflecting on this video there are some key findings for my research here and some implications for approaches to analysis. 589 more words

Design Research


          All the new media terms are related to each other. They are influenced one another. Like the remix-cultture’s definition would remind us of video art at some point. 1,036 more words