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Naruko Narcissus Repairing Mask Review

Naruko is one of my favorite skincare brands, specially when it comes to sheet masks! Great ingredients and an amazing effectiveness. Today’s review is about the Naruko Narcissus Repairing Mask. 390 more words


Tea-tree Dish: Naruko Tea Tree Overnight Blemish Clear Powder Review

Normally, just hearing “tea tree” dries me right up. Tea tree oil saps the joy out of skincare as fast as it does sebum from skin.  592 more words


Review Narüko AM+PM Mandelic Acid Skin Renewal Brightening Mask

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Normalmente, eu não faço resenha no meu blog sobre sheet masks, porque não há muito sobre o que posso falar. Quando eu quero resenhar uma sheet mask que eu usei uma ou duas vezes, eu geralmente a resenho no meu Instagram. 2,514 more words


Review Narüko AM+PM Mandelic Acid Skin Renewal Brightening Mask

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I usually don’t make a review on my blog about sheet masks, because there’s not much I can talk about. When I want to review a sheet mask that I’ve used once or twice, I usually review it on my Instagram. 2,188 more words


Review; Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Toner EX

Hello darlings!

I’m back with this little Taiwanese magnolia wonder that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out for the last couple of weeks, and I’m now ready to talk about it! 1,032 more words


Review: NARUKO Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask

Hello everyone!

Today, I’m back with something a little different from my usual posts. Traditionally, I do not write reviews. Maybe some concise reviews here and there as part of a collective haul/empties/you-name-it post but never have I written a detailed, individual review. 1,397 more words


My "I don't own foundation" 11 Step Skin Care Routine! June 2017

Having a very rigorous skin care routine gives me the perfect illusion that I have my life all together. It really is almost an addiction and it all started in 2006, when the first High School Musical movie came out and Youtube was booming. 1,702 more words