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Sexism in Naruto: About the Male Villains

To be perfectly honest, there were only about two female villains/antagonists in the whole series, Tayuya and Kaguya. There is so much to say about Kaguya, but it’s mostly about things surrounding her. 1,834 more words

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Naruto Characters I Dislike

This topic was originally posted as two parts on NF, due to the dreaded 10,000-character limit.

Here is the list where I go in the opposite direction. 2,980 more words

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Naruto Characters I like

For some reason, I never bothered to make a list about the Naruto characters I liked. Part of that was laziness, because for the most part, there were only a small number of characters I disliked in Kishimoto’s story. 2,679 more words

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Madara vs Guy: Manga and Anime Comparison

Recently, we saw the end of the battle between Madara vs Guy in the latest Naruto Shippuden 421, on top of this we saw a number of other extra bits where Hagoromo met with Sasuke and Naruto in their own consciousness and gave both of them power. 125 more words