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Sexism in Naruto: It’s Not about Feminism

As you can see, there pretty much are some sexist undertones in this story. It’s not malicious on Kishimoto’s part, but the undertones are still there. 1,574 more words

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Sexism in Naruto: Weighing the Differences in Treatment

Before I dig into this part, I would just like to make the following points. This issue is complicated.

To be quite honest, I am comforted when readers have nice things to say about Kishimoto’s female characters. 2,671 more words

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Chapter 46: Saviors of the Future

Hagaromo knew that revealing some details to Pedro Namikaze was not going to change the future, because he already knew about them. For the things that Pedro knew nothing about yet, the holy sage decided to maintain complete silence, until the time to reveal them was right. 12,598 more words

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Sexism in Naruto: What Do the Characters Say?

When you have a story where men and woman work closely together, they will inevitably mention gender. It’s true in real life, so of course this will be reflected in fiction. 3,378 more words

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Sexism in Naruto: About the Male Villains

To be perfectly honest, there were only about two female villains/antagonists in the whole series, Tayuya and Kaguya. There is so much to say about Kaguya, but it’s mostly about things surrounding her. 1,834 more words

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