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Thecus W5000 with Mac OSX File Transfer Performance Report

After Thecus Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, I am expecting to see how it competes with others in real-world. Recently, I have a chance to test… 923 more words


Is it too Early to Call 'To Pimp a Buttefly' a Classic?

To Pimp A Butterfly, the new Kendrick Lamar record, came out two weeks ago and blew a lot of people away and a lot of people are already calling it a modern classic. 755 more words

Kendrick Lamar

Aberlour ‘A’bunadh’ (59.8%, OB, Batch No. 13, 2005)

By now, batch no. 50 is the latest A’Bunadh released and when you are reading this, the number will be even higher. Saying that the A’Bunadh is a pretty popular bottling. 394 more words

Single Malt


after Terrance Hayes

Run this track, vibe to the Nike squeaks-against-concrete jumping out from the cassette.

Step aside when you hear these counter-cultural revolutionaries in dungarees… 46 more words


Von Powell...Triple Threat

As a writer, nothing makes you feel more immediate satisfaction then writing the phrase “The end,” at the closing of whatever project you’re working on. It makes your heart jump and you release all of the pint up emotions you’ve been holding inside, in order to allow the characters a chance to breathe, a chance at life. 304 more words

Nas - Made You Look 9th Wonder Remix

Made you look…Check out Nas and you will enjoy a smooth and consistent beat.


Time Is Illmatic

Nas, has always been a household name in hip-hop and being a fan of hip-hop, i’ve always been interested in his stuff. Nas’ debut album ‘Illmatic’ is one of the greatest albums in hip-hop and after watching One9’s documentary on Nas’ and his life, you can really see how the album came to be and how Nas’ as a person, a rapper and an artist came to be. 245 more words