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Street Disciple

Nas by far one of the greatest to ever bless a mic. Respect God’s Son !!!!



Nov 2004

Hip Hop

how hip-hop saves all of us

so often i watch in horror as american culture dismembers hip-hop and discredits its lasting cultural and social legacy.

the geraldo riveras and don lemons of the world, bull-dozers of culture, brainlessly blasting the negative impact of hip-hop on america’s youth (on my tv screen everyday), drowning out nas’s voice with their constant need to be louder, but not wiser. 324 more words

Writing Reflections

The following are some random writing observations of mine. Hopefully, they can be of use to other writers in order to remind them that we all experience some unique personality quirks: 362 more words


Nas Speaks About Racial Inequality

Hip Hop artist Nas recently spoke about racial inequality in America. Speaking in the shadow of Ferguson and Charleston, the artist clearly feels that the time has come for a free and open discussion on racial inequality in pop culture. 307 more words


Nas Back To The Past

Nas back in 1999. He would make his triumphant comeback in 2001 with Stillmatic thanks to Jay Z who sparked Nas to return to Nas and drop Escobar.

The Source (Last Word)

May 1999

Hip Hop