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Still At It...

Consistency. Persistence. I have conversations with my “co-defendant” MP about these subjects at least once a week. What I’m most consistent with these days besides being “weirdo” has to be my need to spill my guts into my journal on a daily basis. 406 more words


Go Fruit Yourself

…with properly-ripe spotty bananas of course! Six years ago, I went 100% raw vegan for ten full months straight and felt the best I had yet to ever feel in my life. 418 more words

Automatic Time Synchronisation for D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320

If the current date/time for the D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 gets reset everytime the the NAS shuts down, a script can be used to perform date/time synchronisation on boot-up. 257 more words


Worst tech buy ever

I consider myself a tech geek. And by tech geek, I mean carefully choosing the kinds of devices or gadgets that would suit my needs. Choosing a piece of technology, be it smartphones, notebooks, hard drives or even a simple computer mouse must be reasonable priced, reliable, trustworthy and that it suit my needs perfectly. 637 more words

Real News

Bruce Lee Takes Bow & Arrow To The Next Level

Within a few short years, Bow & Arrow has managed to take on the fashion industry by storm, from the underground to the mainstream. Much of the acclaim rests with a single design that has found relevance on nearly every relevance imaginable.  442 more words


Origin of Lugnasad

Lugnasad has as many origin stories as a Marvel comics superheros. Okay, maybe not that many, but more than people generally talk about.

The story that seems the most widely known focuses on the death of Tailtiu, Lugh’s foster mother, daughter of Mag Mór. 1,500 more words