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IdleComputer V2.1

See original article for full description Force NAS Computer to Sleep when idle

This version makes it more suited to NAS only use (with ‘Ignore Keyboard and Mouse’ on) and a work computer with the setting off.  113 more words

Windows 10

Nas Says He Almost Signed Rapsody To His Record Label, Mass Appeal

While promoting the new Netflix documentary Rapture, Queenbridge rap icon Nas told Billboard that he almost signed one of the documentary series’ subjects before she blew up with 2017’s… 297 more words


Album Review: Illmatic By Nas

This week I’m reviewing the 1994 classic known as Illmatic by New York rapper Nas.  Illmatic is Nas’ first commercial project and to some the best rap album of all time. 463 more words

Creating a Tape Exit Strategy - BridgeSTOR Briefing Note

While one can argue the pros and cons of a tape exit decision, no one can argue the fact that organizations are making that decision every day. 884 more words


3D Printed Raspberry Pi NAS with Dual Drive Bays

While it might not pack the computational punch you’d usually be looking for in a server platform, you can’t beat how cheap the Raspberry Pi is. 271 more words

3d Printer Hacks

Deanston Virgin Oak 46.3%

The entry level whisky from Deanston is a NAS whisky but, unlike pretty much any entry level whisky, is bottled at 46.3% and produced, the clues in the title, virgin oak from Kentucky, so there you go. 243 more words


Unstructured Data’s Compliance and Retention Gap

In most data centers, unstructured data now consumes more storage capacity than all of the organization’s structured data combined. Yet organizations still often treat unstructured data like a second-class citizen when it comes to data protection. 844 more words