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Climate Change: A Lost Cause to the World?

7.3 billion people in the world. More than half of the population care and worry about everything else, boast about what they have, crib about what they don’t. 644 more words


What's up in the night sky this month?

Stargazing and looking up into the night sky is always a fun thing to do. This month, it will be especially exciting because there will be a total eclipse of a supermoon, plus the opportunity to see planets and the late-summer Milky Way! 161 more words


Flying By Pluto

This time-lapse animation was assembled with images returned from the New Horizons flyby.

Video Credit: NASA


Your Daily Dose of Awesome, 9/3/15 edition

The other morning, I woke up and barely got my butt out of bed for a morning walk with my wife. The pillow was so appealing. 440 more words


NASA created a material that can heal itself in seconds—even from bullets by Mike Murphy

Hurtling through the endless void of space in a thin aluminum can as debris zips around in every direction may have just gotten a little safer. 361 more words

The Seagull Nebula

A broad expanse of glowing gas and dust presents a bird-like visage to astronomers from planet Earth, suggesting its popular moniker – The Seagull Nebula. This portrait of the cosmic bird covers a 1.6 degree wide swath across the plane of the Milky Way, near the direction of Sirius, alpha star of the constellation Canis Major. 68 more words

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