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Happenings /// Homeshake at Cobra, 12/5

Shoegaze and dream pop appears poised to reach its most nebulous state as a genre in the coming years, as the “sound” that was once confined to tube amps and fuzz pedals manipulated to a pristine tone have now entered a new age of jazz riffs and funk lines (which is pretty kick ass, in all honesty). 561 more words


Happenings /// Dylan LeBlanc at The Basement, 12/1

When Lockeland spoke with Dylan LeBlanc prior to his Thursday night set at The Basement, the Louisiana native made reference to the fact that he’d love to garner the whole-hearted support from Nashville, but in due time. 811 more words


Happenings /// Kevin Devine & the God Damn Band at Basement East, 11/22

Music – more specifically, indie music – has long been a bastion of inspired (and at times, enlightened) social thought and progressivism. Such a notion might not be a readily surprising statement, considering there have been some musicians in the past that have – for lack of a better term – shown their proverbial asses in their willfulness to express their own thoughts on behalf their aforementioned (and more) progressive counterparts, but with the recent (and growing) social and political unrest that’s become more and more prevalent throughout modernity, music as a platform for progressive thought is arguably more important than ever. 714 more words


Happenings /// DIIV at The High Watt, 11/12

In the ever expanding, fervent (and at times, rapacious) period of growth within our fair city, casualties abound in terms of the show-going casual’s process of elimination when it comes to choosing which indie-darling’s show to attend on any given night. 695 more words


24 Karat Gold Tour Review - Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders at Bridgestone

Some stars burn out. Some fade away. Others smolder, and reignite when you least expect it. That’s what I witnessed in Bridgestone Arena in Nashville this week. 807 more words

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Happenings /// Lucius at Cannery Ballroom, 11/2

The more popular a locale Nashville becomes for “event” programs (i.e. The CMA Awards), the more of a strain it places on the bands and touring acts whose routes run them through Music City on the same night. 694 more words


Happenings /// Jonny Fritz at Exit/In, 11/1

Long before the East Side became desirable and Downtown became the Bachelorette Capital of the World, there was the Stadium Inn. One of Nashville’s last bastions of the seedy civility that’s managed to wither its way through heavy gentrification, deadbeat and down-on-their-luckers have ambled in and out of the winsomely debauched hotel. 714 more words