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An Interview with Nordista Freeze

You started off just by yourself, recording yourself, just making your own music and what-not.

Yeah I had an artist name before Nordista Freeze and put out like twenty albums. 3,064 more words

Saturday Mornings

I am so in love with Saturday mornings. They’re becoming sacred time for me, and I hope they are for you, too. Make time to cook some brekky, read a book, or meet a friend. 361 more words

Music City

If you’ve only spent a day or two in Nashville, your impression of its music scene probably was formed by the loud bands that play in honky tonks on lower Broadway. 995 more words


Devin Dawson at Neon Cross, Nashville. January 26, 2017

Industry showcase for media outlets, radio programmers, family and friends.  At the famous Neon Cross Studio in East Nashville. 14 more words


Happenings /// Public Access TV and a Surreal Cinco de Mayo

If I had to guess, I would assume playing any show on Cinco de Mayo would be a fairly surreal experience. Compound that surreal scenario with the variables of opening for… 749 more words


Emerging /// The Weird Ways of LUTHI

Christian Luthi talks like an old jazz cat – ‘That “Everybody” track that everyone was digging on…’ – despite looking nothing like the presumptive jazz aficionado. 1,350 more words


Interview - Omega Swan

Nashville’s Omega Swan recently released a new track, “What’s Ur Damage?.” The trio is comprised of Marcus Garceau (guitar, vocals, synthesizers), Will Burgess (bass) and Aaron Westine (drums). 800 more words