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Nasi Goreng -"Indonesian fried rice".

Here is yet another way to prepare and enjoy rice.


I have decided to let my creativity go wild in the kitchen, and I am planing to stick to that routine. 428 more words

Home Cooked Meals

[Kuliner] Mencoba Masakan Thailand di Thai Palace

Dua minggu yang lalu aku bersama teman-teman satu kontrakan berbuka puasa di sebuah rumah makan masakan Thailand yang terletak tak jauh dari kontrakan kami. Namanya… 596 more words


Bali Food Series: Warung Mina Seminyak

In most of my trips to some parts of Indonesia, I must say that food is the least that I enjoyed. I am not sure if it was my lack of thorough research of “best food places” in Indo or that no one has actually suggested a very good place to eat. 190 more words


Eat like the locals

The more i traveled, the more i realized how amazing the local dishes were.

I would always order western food and would be disappointed 98% of the time. 394 more words


Nasi Goreng Beras Merah

Udah lama gak makan nasi goreng, lagi pingin. Kebetulan stok beras merah MPASI baby Aldea masih banyak, kalo disimpan kelamaan takutnya berkutu. Akhirnya dimasak deh terus dibikin nasi goreng. 104 more words

Resep Masakan

Canadian Sausage Kimchi Bokkeumbap "Kimchi Fried Rice/ Nasi Goreng Kimchi" (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

When east meet west..the Korean Kimchi Bokkeumbap with Canadian Village sausage. Very delicious and tempting. Instead of common rice, I used brown rice for this recipe. 264 more words


Old Town Kitchen - Goreng is Good!

A good friend of mine has more than once recommended getting lunch at Old Town Kitchen. I regularly use Trip Advisor to get a very general feel for a restaurant and from reading the reviews about a potential chef with attitude, I couldn’t resist, so I decided to pop in for a lunch time snack. 254 more words