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Nasi Lemak Kukus Chef Fauzey

Di Old Town Petaling Jaya… 105 more words


Best rendang in town?

I’ve reviewed this place before but not with the intention of talking about beef rendang. But after ordering their beef rendang, I reckon this place has one of the best beef rendang in town. 33 more words

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Best penyet in town?

We came here for their nasi lemak kukus but they had run out of food as it had been a busy Saturday night. So the owner suggested we ordered either their… 176 more words

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of nasi lemak good times with open rice @ nasi lemak kukus

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My first food review with open rice. frankly speaking, i have not participated in such gatherings and i really do enjoy the company of fellow food bloggers and the 2 host from open rice! 466 more words

Steamed coconut rice!

I had a craving for nasi lemak and decided to try out this place which is not in the usual malls. Located along a row of shops that serves quite a few types of Malaysian food, I decided that I would make another visit for the other foods that were found here. 681 more words

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Have you heard of Nasi Lemak Kukus?

I was googling for a particular prata place over the internet and I chanced upon a review of this place. What caught my eye was that this place is different compared to the normal nasi lemak we see everyday. 150 more words


Picnic at Bukit Cerakah

I have not been to a picnic for a gabazillion years, I think the last proper picnic I had was when I was in kindergarten…Assunta Kindergarten that is. 644 more words

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