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Meet the Industry: Leslie Rosales

Given that Nas is my favorite rapper and that I follow him on Instagram, I stumbled upon one of his managers; Leslie Rosales. I was captivated by her for a few reasons; one being that she’s so well-respected in the music industry. 1,783 more words

Meet The Industry

Nastradamus: Time for Healing

Every generation witnesses atrocities. People in power try to fulfill prophecy. — Nasir Jones


Nas: 'It's Not Cool For the U.S. to Look Like Apartheid South Africa'

Queensbridge rapper Nas celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of his first album Illmatic this year. The debut is considered one of hip-hop’s most defining works; a quintessential piece of hip-hop history. 57 more words

"Nas: Time Is Illmatic" is a lesson in Hip-Hop History

“I thought meant the bridge not the world,” says Jabari “Jungle” Jones the brother of Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones when speaking about Nas’ first album.

Nas is one of the pioneers of hip-hop know for his raw and poetic lyricism. 179 more words

New Releases

Nas - Life is Good (2012 - Def Jam)

Let it be known that I am a big Nas fan. From his very first baby steps in Main Source’s Live at the Barbecue to his latest single release in The Season, Nas is easily my favorite rapper of all of them (and that’s a lot of good musicians). 1,081 more words


Always Something There to Remind Me (Part III)

Have you ever met someone and listened to them talk about their problems and thought, “Damn, and I thought I had it bad?” I have. In fact, this happens to me about once a week. 32 more words


A Receipt for a Human Being: Ghetto Prisoners Rise!

The first peculiar institution aimed at defining, controlling and confining its black population was plantation slavery.  Afro-Americans are cognizant that their ancestors came to America not on the comfortable mayflower as pilgrims, but on tightly-packed ships as slaves.  1,726 more words