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The feeling of being finished with the CPT exam, well not only finishing but also passing, is surreal. I am so relieved to have it done, I am at a loss for words with all the support I have had during this process, and I almost can’t believe I passed — I keep looking at the paper that says, “examination result: PASS”. 521 more words


I passed the NASM CPT EXAM!!!

Hello Friends,

Last month, I shared my goals for 2018. If you didn’t see it, you can read the blog post here.

My first goal of the year was to pass the NASM certified personal trainer exam and I’m very happy to tell you I did it!! 1,691 more words


Almost Done


It’s been a lot longer than I wanted/expected it to be for me to write another post. My bad.

Well I’m nearly done with my class. 227 more words


Relocation R_X86_64_32S against .data cannot be used when making a shared object (64 bit NASM + gcc)

I’m trying to make a program with NASM and GCC:

global main
extern puts

section .data
  hi db 'hello', 0

section .text
  push hi
  call puts
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New Year, New You... Now What?

After working in the fitness industry for several years, becoming a personal trainer, and just being a fitness enthusiast myself, I have seen the whole range of gym-goers from the intense and dedicated body building athlete who plans their life around the gym, their diet, and their physique goals year round to the motivated yet fearful “New Year’s resolutionists” who are just starting on their fitness journey, don’t really have a sense of what their goals are other than to get “toned,” and are intimidated every time they walk through the door at the gym.  1,087 more words

#GOALS for days

Hello 2018!

I am back to document the epic FAIL that has been this blog.  I started it as a way to escape, as well as a way to keep myself motivated through a huge transition in my life and a big move from California to the Pacific North West.  721 more words