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Chris's Users Guide to Carbohydrates

What’s good Readers?  I hope everyone is enjoying a great week thus far.  Today’s blog spotlights Carbohydrates and when to best consume them to maximize performance.   343 more words

Vitamin D- The Sunshine Vitamin


Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin” was identified in the 17th century by Dr. Daniel Whistler and Professor Francis Glisson when they discovered the causative factors of rickets. 2,306 more words


Meeting people where they are.

“What’s your goal?”   It’s a common question asked by nearly every trainer (OK…it SHOULD be asked by every trainer) to every new client.  I’ve found that in the world of fitness training the big three goals are; (1) Lose Weight  (2) Build Muscle and (3) Move and Feel better.   491 more words

SLAE #7: Custom Crypter

The final assignment of the SLAE consists in writing a shellcode crypter.

This is a step ahead of the simple encoding scheme we used in a… 1,378 more words


30 Day Challenge - Day 3

In NAMS’s OPT (Optimum Performance Training) Model, Phase 1 is Stabilization.  Stabilization is the human movement system’s ability to provide optimal dynamic joint support to maintain correct posture during all movements.   264 more words

30 Day Challenge


I will start this blog by saying that no trainer on the planet has not made mistakes.  We are humans and good trainers everywhere continually hone their skills and improve at their craft.   637 more words

SLAE #4: Custom Encoder

The fourth SLAE assignment consists in writing a custom shellcode encoder.

Encoding the shellcode can serve for various purposes. It can be used to bypass certain filters, get rid of bad characters, transform the shellcode into pure alphanumeric, etc. 994 more words