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Personal Trainer Study Group

I decided recently to start looking into becoming a certified personal trainer. After a lot of research I settled on going for a certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). 77 more words


Living the Dream and Everything In-Between

I’m going to start this relatively long post in a format similar to my last to reenact a conversation I had with a coworker on my way to lunch on Monday. 1,023 more words


"Life as Liz Knows It" Explained

Thanks for checking out my “Life as Liz Knows It” blog. My name is Liz Stouffer, but I’ll gladly respond to any of the following: Lizzie, Lizbeth, Lizard, Toozer, Toozie, Ms./Señorita Tooze, Mrs. 312 more words

HIIT Training: Too often we are doing it WRONG!

Ah yes!…. High Intensity Interval Training, we all love it! We love it for it’s highly effective way of burning fat in a very short amount of time. 781 more words

When A Television Series Is THAT Important

by Raechel Gladstone

Star Trek is celebrating its fiftieth year and I got up-close and a bit personal.

I joined other Trekkies on September 8th, 9th and 10th for the… 748 more words


In 2010, when I left Active Duty Arm and joined the reserves, I decided to go back to college and get a Bachelor’s degree. At the time I had already earned an Associates Degree in General studies…because I had no idea what I wanted major in. 392 more words

Taking Chances; A.K.A. "Well, I'm Doing This..."

Killer of man – I am of death!

The putrid, demented growl of Skeletonwitch’s former frontman Chance Garnette pierces my ears almost every morning as I roll into the parking lot at… 1,134 more words