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Why We Are Here: The Transformation

My fitness journey started when I saw the picture on the left. This picture was from a vacation to Thailand in 2013. I remember looking at this picture after it was posted and feeling just gross with myself. 348 more words


Finding that balance

July 11, 2017

From the CPT front, not much to report on. I was going through some Chapter 3 flash cards and only remember some of them. 261 more words


...and we've hit a bump!

July 10, 2017

I hate it when I pick up momentum, and then once I stop, everything comes to a halt. Sadly, I haven’t made any progress in the last few days. 226 more words


New day, more studying! I’m really glad I can get some studying done on the train. Reading a huge textbook (while standing up) isn’t the most ideal thing to do. 143 more words


July 5, 2017

Today was the first day back to work since the holidays so I knew I┬ádidn’t have the luxury of having a lot of time to study. 162 more words


July 4, 2017

Woooo! Can’t stop me now. Four straight days and counting – let alone on a holiday! I had another BBQ today so I made time in the morning to do some studying. 171 more words


July 3, 2017

Another day, and another chip. Slowly getting in a rhythm now. I had the whole day off so I wanted to make sure I got a good chunk of studying done today. 144 more words