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| fire |

“You held a hand out to show me; I pressed my palm against it, the tips of my fingers an inch above yours.
An intimate conversation, comfortable. 102 more words

Nassia Kapa


I was searching for a name for this self portrait. I decided to reflect what I have been feeling lately. A long lasted pause. It’s not a state of stillness, it is a pause, leading somewhere I don’t know yet. 180 more words

Nassia Kapa

. the woman with the rose .

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Nassia Kapa

| mortal cloth |

skin • our body’s biggest organ • our soul’s mortal cloth

• flesh series | nassia kapa •

Nassia Kapa

what you let me see

you haven’t felt yet.
give them time.
they are almost there.

fresh | nayyirah waheed

the thing I love the most when someone places me in front of them holding a camera as a connective point, is the side of me that speaks to a side of them. 60 more words

Nassia Kapa


The older I get, the closer I come to my mother. As if I am returning to my homeland, the body that gave me life, the woman who sacrificed her dreams in order to become a mother and eventually to let me dream. 205 more words

Nassia Kapa

self. another version.

I knew you


I met you.

I’ve known you my whole life.

– nafsi

salt. nayyirah waheed.

Nassia Kapa