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Reverse tributes

Hot on the heels of Coverdale’s Purple Album, and Blackmore’s rumoured Purple Rainbows, comes news of a sort of reverse tribute offering, from the Deep Purple covers band… 127 more words

Ian Paice


Theme: Get it off your chest.


by Laura Gene

I am a negative Nancy or a negative Nellie, depending on your alliteration preference. I’ve also been called a whiner and complainer, and been told that I rarely, if ever, see a glass half full. 1,036 more words

F*ck It

Oldskool Hardcore - Doc Scott - The N.H.S E.P. Vol 2 - The Second Chapter (Remix)

Doc Scott is still at the top of his game in the Drum & Bass scene, but before all of that he was also making massive Hardcore tracks. 425 more words

Into The 90s

Things Not to Do in a Communal Showering Environment

I go swimming at the “Y” in the mornings before work- partially for health reasons and partially for sanity reasons.  It’s a stress relief most days, and gets my joints moving. 664 more words


Ashes. Ashes. We All Fall Down.

You know what would save a lot of people time and money? If there was a cologne named “Ashtray”, that had that exact scent.

Public InTolerance

An Interview With – Doc Scott

Parenthood is no easy feat. Imagine conceiving a child, being there for its birth, bringing it up and then encouraging your creation to choose, for better or for worse, its own path. 3,873 more words


3.04 rewatch - "Nasty Habits"

* Contains Season 3 spoilers

In the 4th episode of Season 3, Rumplestiltskin and Neal reunite in Neverland while a flashback reveals seeds of their emotional distrust. 1,282 more words