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Love youself cause there is no one like you 😊

Love yourself The choice is upto us. Whether we make our mind a devil’s workshop or an angel’s paradise. No one around us has the ability to do that to our mind. 173 more words

Answerable To No One

Halfway and Terrible

I’m having a terrible day. Really. I’m working with the most sexist, womanizing pig; my water bottle broke; I woke up feeling like crap in the first place; I can’t even text A for support. :(


Nasty People

For those of you who follow my retro blog, you know that I enjoy finding old ads and making fun of them. Easy enough to do for they are usually both ridiculously insane and amusing. 223 more words


A Full Summer

I have identified the biggest gap in my knowledge and have been working on patching it. Took me long enough.

The major problem is that schools just don’t teach object-oriented programming. 981 more words

If Ironing Is My "Zen"--Zen Why Do I Allow Nasty People To Get To Me??

Luckily for me, yesterday Oona had the day off from work. With her hives almost disappeared, her throat feeling much better, and in much better spirits, I felt like a helicopter overprotective a mom who did a good great job taking care of her grown baby girl! 1,645 more words

01 March 2015

Today was such a stupid day. Nothing seemed to go right. None of my work got done. A lot of my work depends on other people doing their jobs. 280 more words


Stress From the Rude and Nasty? Top Tips to Handle It!

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