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If Ironing Is My "Zen"--Zen Why Do I Allow Nasty People To Get To Me??

Luckily for me, yesterday Oona had the day off from work. With her hives almost disappeared, her throat feeling much better, and in much better spirits, I felt like a helicopter overprotective a mom who did a good great job taking care of her grown baby girl! 1,645 more words

01 March 2015

Today was such a stupid day. Nothing seemed to go right. None of my work got done. A lot of my work depends on other people doing their jobs. 280 more words

From A Blank Mind

Stress From the Rude and Nasty? Top Tips to Handle It!

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This column is committed to helping you live with the most joy and satisfaction you can. 842 more words


Some people.

In general – I’d say about 95% of time – I run into nice people. Decent people. People who like people. Yeah there are some roadragers (is that a word?) and cranky people out there – but one on one, face to face, you usually get nice. 610 more words


On Commuting and Germaphobia.

It’s not really a secret that I have an intense hatred dislike for germs.

Okay, that’s not really true. I’m a bit of a germaphobe. 890 more words

To the Person(s) responsible for the removal of our "No Pipeline!" sign:

It’s always impressive when civic-mindedness takes such a creative twist. If you hadn’t bravely trespassed on private property in the dead of night and stolen my family’s sign protesting the… 678 more words


the thing about dancing

If some dude comes up to you at da club, gets really close, rubs his thing on you, what do you do? a) Allow him to do his thang b) slap him c) give him a speech on how disrespectful he is being. 331 more words