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Don’t you dare deny that you are sly, underhand and mean
Cruel and brutal, at times even obscene
You paint that face for others to see… 798 more words


The invader

You spin yarns
Like a spider spins its web
We’re just flies
Tangled in your head
Getting under our skin
Trying to invade our humanity… 7 more words


Social Media

The other evening as I was perusing my social media account, Facebook to be exact, I came across a rant someone had posted from our local community.   1,412 more words

Nasty people & what they should do

People who can’t bring nice to the world should die — that’s just how I see it, it’s my humble opinion — they should be stifled by their skanky souls, should choke on their nasty, and just generally drop down dead to get forgotten. 13 more words