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Obnoxious People -- Get a Grip

Most people think they’re nice guys, but many are not.
A friend said he had volunteered to direct traffic for a religious function, and he was appalled at the behavior of the people driving into the parking lot. 523 more words

Doris Wild Helmering

Working for ................

This week has been a real shit of a week. Yes it hasn’t ended yet and yes it has been a short one.
I applied for a position in an establishment down the road. 274 more words

Nasty People

Attacked on Twitter??

Many of you will know that I have been working hard at not just my art, but also in writing poetry which is something new for me. 453 more words


They are all Smoke

Some of the smoke that people blow is as dark as their soul.  These words keep pouring out of their mind and mouth not noticing their damage.   30 more words

Irrational Thoughts

The autumn-like weather in July

is making me feel bad – as if it’s October when It’s not. I have decided when it actually starts becoming darker I am actually going to find a SunBed place to go so I can get some vitamin D, and hopefully it will keep me from being too depressed. 356 more words

Love youself cause there is no one like you 😊

Love yourself The choice is upto us. Whether we make our mind a devil’s workshop or an angel’s paradise. No one around us has the ability to do that to our mind. 173 more words

Change Your Attitude

Halfway and Terrible

I’m having a terrible day. Really. I’m working with the most sexist, womanizing pig; my water bottle broke; I woke up feeling like crap in the first place; I can’t even text A for support. :(