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FI-ne and FI-erce

FI-ne and FI-erce

She’s fine and she’s fierce
She’s fierce and she’s fine
She’s altogether something
She’s definitely the real thing

If fortune smiles on you… 99 more words

Part 1

Personal blogs are strange. We start off intending to type about one thing & end up going off in a completely different direction. That’s perhaps not a bad thing. 324 more words


Suggestion #1

He Recommends…

“That women who smoke should stop as soon as possible. It’s not attractive.”

(Xzavier H From AZ, 4 July 2015)

What are your thoughts on women & smoking?


Jim Rogers Dire Warning : US Stocks Headed for 'Very Nasty' Plunge

Jim Rogers : This is the first time in recorded history that all the major world’s central banks… This is an excerpt only please visit… 23 more words

VIDEO: What Is Crawling Out Of This Salmon From The Store

This is crazy!

What exactly is that crawling around in the salmon?

You might want to start checking your fish before you buy it.