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12 Shockingly Nasty Celebrity Breast Implants

Magnificence requirements in Hollywood have all the time been considerably distorted. The probabilities of getting a job, media consideration or final success, particularly as a girl, very often will depend on that good “10” physique picture. 229 more words


Thought For the Day: Replying To Nasty Remark With Another Is Like Using Mud To Remove Dirt

To reply to a nasty remark with another nasty remark is like trying to remove dirt with mud.” – Michael Catt, in Courageous Living

Thought For The Day

I think I should move out!

I have the most disgusting roommates!!!

When you’re in the military and are a lowly e-3 you don’t get to pick your roommates. I’m honestly lucky I don’t have to live on the ship! 315 more words

All About Me

People and their 2 cents

A quote which goes like इंसान खुद की नज़र में सही होना चाहिए, कमबख्त दुनिया तो भगवान से भी दुखी है!

says that a person should be good according to his own conscience because humans generally have a problem with even God. 227 more words

The Critically Acclaimed Vulgarian

I gotta big fat
And I wanna pork somebody
With it
My dick be looking
Like a tall midget
When it’s all rigid
When I climax, it fidgets… 12 more words