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Nasty Boy Scouts

What do you call a woman who can fly a plane? A pilot. But, what do you call a girl who is a Boy Scout? That’s a head-scratcher for the moment. 775 more words

Yellowstone Supervolcano's Nasty Surprise: Only Decades To Prepare For An Eruption

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Beneath the beautiful Yellowstone National Park lies a supervolcano, a hidden a force of nature that has the potential to blanket the United States in ash and send the world into a volcanic winter. 237 more words

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Apple's New iPhone X Has A Nasty Surprise

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Apple ’s hotly anticipated iPhone X will launch soon, right? Wrong. Thanks to a highly credible new leak, the reality is everyone who wants the most radical and… 420 more words

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New Fender for 'Nasty'

I’ve finally managed to order a new rear fender for the Vortex. Well, actually its a SKS front fender.

The old fender was a tiny bit too short and its silver color didn’t quite fit as well. 115 more words


Instagram Just Added Three Very Important Features

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If you have a tween or teen, there’s a pretty good chance your kid is on Instagram. And if she’s on Instagram, there’s also a good chance someone out there has commented something super nasty on one of her posts. 411 more words

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Megalodon drops a RIDICULOUS VIP to the already filthy Jurassic

Megalodon has been a personal favorite of mine ever since he dropped his 100k mix (Find here. You won’t be disappointed, it’s at least 5 fire emojis). 306 more words