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~Trying Mexican Candy pt.2~

Oh man the candy we consumed were not at all good. Our tummys were upset for a few hours after trying all these >_<


Question: Can Mushrooms Grow Mold?

Sounds a little strange if you think about it.  But it does happen :D  Here is a shiitake mushroom.


The Swig They Took: A Story of Entitlement and Triflin' Behavior 

It’s just a regular Tuesday morning. I get to work, prepared for the million questions about what I’ve done to my hair and activating my blocking skills for those who want to touch it without asking. 261 more words

Yep, That Happened

No Words To Describe...

I’m sitting here trying to find a title to this post and looking at this kumato and it is turning my stomach.  The horrid stench of this thing was unbearable and the gnats…ok I’ll stop :D  Enjoy today’s post.


Lady Wont Let The Daddy Hold HIs New Born Son Because He Doesnt Want To Be With Her [VIdeo]

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This video just made me so mad. I was going to watch it again but dont feel like being mad on a monday. 32 more words

News &amp; Gossip


This was my first contribution to Hijacked Amygdala. One of my favourite posts there is ‘sex positive’ by Tony Single. It’s a kind of homage to women. Wonderful.