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My top 4 of the female rappers the most underrated

It is time to give back to those queens their thrones and royalties.

We always talk about the rap game and we forget how hard it is for a woman to grow in this area, one of the reasons who motivate me to write this post.

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Film director Michael Moore spends a lot of time going off the deep end. But he’s hit new depths this time.

via NASTY: Michael Moore Says 'F**k Hope' — Daily Wire


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For the past week a creature has been haunting me. I first encountered it in the early hours of the morning. 1,040 more words


Manifesto: Wanting to be a Good American

I have never in my life felt adrift in my country, the country I was born in, the way I do now.

As an American, I always felt pride. 1,221 more words

Donald Trump

Here's The Story On How I Almost Died Due To Food Poisoning!

Now y’all know I am only exaggerating I didn’t almost ACTUALLY die but you get it.. lol

So boom, me and Matt go to Stop n Shop to grab some food to hold us over for the next week or so. 545 more words