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All-or-nothing Emotions

It s a nasty pattern. One thing frustrates me or I feel like I f*cked up and I toss out everything good and can t seem to do anything to feel good….anything that feels mildly good doesn t jive with my bad energy, or something like that. 51 more words

Skunks, Afros, and Boy Shorts

“Two heads are not always better then just one”


So one thing that all sexually active people have in common is they have funny stories. 732 more words


Nasty 90's - SoundCloud

Here’s another snippet of a new instrumental. It kinda has that West Coast 90’s sound that my dad always played when I was a kid. Enjoy!


Republicans Have A 6000 Year Old Grudge Against Women

Jeb Bush like most Republican Grifters decided to run for the Presidency against a woman, because of their 6000 year old grudge.  Of course, they won’t admit that in public, but it’s still written all over their faces. 249 more words

Income Equality

"What goes around, comes around".

“What goes around, comes around”. 

Based on Goya’s etching “Se quebró el cántaro”, “What goes around, comes around” explores a new way to create a “nasty interaction”. 28 more words