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Farewell to a disgustingly awesome Seattle institution

Seattle’s gum wall has been my favorite thing to show new visitors, it’s such a weird and unique thing.  Super gross, too, but that’s part of its charm.   195 more words

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Maybe he's taking Magnesium... because he can't sleep very well because of all the NASTY SHIT HE'S DONE!

As to why Alexander Pierce drinks a tiny amount of milk before bed. It’s how she takes Magnesium before bed. She started quite calm but the intonation and volume rose as she went on.

TNR: Night of the Demon

This episode we take a look at Night of the Demon, a film that provides plenty of laughs along with great gore scenes. James C Watsons low budget Bigfoot movie rolls along at a merry pace and with an air of silliness that makes it a highly enjoyable entry into the Nasties canon.

The Nasties Review

TNR: Don't Look In The Basement

S.F.Brownriggs largely unnoticed low budget residency in the house of the forgotten finds a cast of oddities that generate an air sympathy and paranoia in equal measure. 22 more words

The Nasties Review

TNR: The Driller Killer

Abel Ferrara’s debut outside the porn industry was literally the poster child of the Nasties. Its lurid marketing dove it straight into the medias headlights and was was one of the catalysts of the Video Nasties scare. 43 more words

The Nasties Review

What goes around comes around

“What goes around comes around”

5 latex bums, Touchboard, speaker.

One is nasty and the other is violent. Who’s worse?

“What goes around comes around” is my new nasty interaction based on Goya’s etching “Se quebró el cántaro”. 36 more words


My Tot, The Picky Eater

As a parent you will learn that you no longer have anything that is solely yours anymore. Now I see why parents hide their favorite snacks around the house or indulge in their favorite chocolate bar while their child is away at school. 964 more words