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That spinach isn't even cooked

This spinach is elegant like Marilyn Monroe was elegant when they found her corpse covered in dried barf and half-digested pills.

Vintage Food

Get Your Dirty Booty... This Is The Nastiest Couple EVER!!! [video]

I’ve heard of some weird relationship fetishes… But this takes the cake. When you think of freaky fore play, what comes to mind??? Sucking toes, eating booty, etc. 73 more words

Entertainment News

Why Are People So Hateful

This is something I am not capable of understanding. Im passionate about it none the less. Someone once said to me from passion comes strength and hope for a change. 300 more words


A Nasty Experience

this may not be the best type of blog that you would love to read. One may also believe that i am just saying these things to get a little attention g=form you guys but the thing is not at all like it. 912 more words

Skier Spins a 1260° on Impossibly Small Booter

That is absurd. If he kept that rate of rotation and hit a competition sized booter I think the announcers would need a calculator to do the math.


Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children

First story starts with the Debbies and Helga thinking she fits into society and was a source of entertainment for the Debbies which made Helga want to get even with them whilst the Debbies wanted to quash any hope Helga had of believing she could coexist socially with others. 733 more words