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Why We Were Delivered

We were delivered because we could still hear HIS voice and we did what HE told us to do.

Obedience has it’s rewards and this too will belong to GOD.  319 more words

And SO It Was Written

Plans UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Hips Ultra Post Natal Compression

Outside diameter: The outer diameter of a spring.

Variables used in compression spring design formulas

Ends: compression spring ends are usually closed and square. These ends can also be closed and ground, or have open ends. 296 more words


20 days in heaven deserved a cool video.

Here is the very first video of the first part of the Beautiful World Tour in Brazil’s Nordeste before we move to new adventures heading south… 20 more words


Back to Brasil ! 2015 Edition

I’ve been really busy lately. I was in Brazil for about 3 weeks visiting family, training and relaxing a bit. It is always great to be down there. 233 more words

Natal, Transvaal, Governor's Recall

Backtracking from the Xhosa, by 1839 the Boers had established the Republic of Natalia along the coast of the Indian Ocean. While their immediate neighbors the Zulu were still not exactly pleased with the influx, their recent defeat and the beginning of a nasty and fratricidal civil war hamstrung their ability to do much about the Trekkers for the time being. 948 more words

Great Britain

Polly’s ‘Wife To Be’ Arrives In South Africa Aboard The “Henry Tanner”

Thomas Green in his reminiscences of early Natal (see previous post) gives a delightful account of the reaction of the men in Natal to the arrival of emigrant ships with eligible young women on board! 666 more words


Thomas Green Remembers Polly!

Natalia , the Journal of the Natal Society, once again provides some insight into Polly’s story.

In vol. 22 which I found online there is an article which contains extracts from the “Reminiscences of Thomas Green” originally recorded in 1896 and now housed in the Natal archives as part of the Bird Papers. 504 more words