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Hesher is a phenomenal film that is darkly funny, daring, and unique. I have never seen anything quite like this movie. It is the reason I love independent movies because it couldn’t been made otherwise. 775 more words


Leon Movie Review

I got acquainted with the movie through the Top 250 list in IMDB, with a rank of #28. I pulled it to my wish list and decided to analyse the same from my line of thought. 468 more words

Movie Reviews

House of Lies 04x08 ‘He Didn’t Mean That, Natalie Portman’: Fire in the hole.

Marty and his associates gear up for some serious revenge against Ellis Hightower this week. After last week’s episode where tensions were running very high, Marty and his team scramble to find an ace and get back the edge in their fight against thieving and terrible Ellis Hightower. 32 more words


Describe a difficult decision you had to make and explain the consequences

This was one of the questions on an English paper that my teacher gave me for revision, and I was so proud of the answer that I just had to share it. 412 more words

Red Magazine

Natalie is covering the UK April issue of Red Magazine, it is not out here till next week (the lucky subscribers got their issues early :D )Will buy and scan asap… 8 more words


The Academy Loves a Loony Bird

Are you a Hollywood actress who wants to win an Oscar? Then play a mentally ill or unstable person. This is the lesson I took away from last Sunday’s Academy Awards Ceremony. 485 more words