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A cosmic dancer, is dancing for the sake of us, all…

This post is dedicated to Krizsta and her colorful oil-pastel creations, as part of… 16 more words


Natarajasana encima de Lima

Dancer’s Pose // Natarajasana

Although it’s not a perfect asana, it’s the best shot captured whilst standing on the edge looking over gorgeous Lima (pop. 12mil) on a windy night.


How to Fight Overwhelm With a Wintry Nature Walk

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m barely treading a rising tide of roiling waters. I’m just emerging from almost two months of being shut in due to a nasty respiratory infection that wouldn’t quit and to relentless storms leaving several feet of snow that refused to melt in persistently freezing temperatures. 845 more words


Natarajasana revisited

it’s been two weeks since Natarajasana month and i went on a brief hiatus with the pose. Today, it snuck up on me during practice. 57 more words


King Dancer that fits me

February focused on king dancer, and this massive chest/hip opener was quite the task. It definitely kicked my egos butt. I thought for sure that I’d have no problem entering the full elegant pose by the end of February but that has not been the case. 134 more words


Harmonizing the Prana Vayus

Breathing and moving into lightness, cultivating the sattva guna.


#PowerPose 19 - Naṭarājāsana

I have this recurring dream about Naṭarājāsana or King Dancer’s Pose.  In my dream, I can reach over my head, grab my foot and place my foot on my head.   545 more words