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Natasha's Vlog - Take a Day

The thirty second installment of urban fantasy/paranormal romance author Natasha Hoar’s vlog!

Today I discuss the power of taking a day to be as grumpy as you want to be, instead of letting that feeling linger (especially when you’re grumpy over not making it to Comic Con…again).

I expect to earn a living doing what I love - don't you?

An author recently posted a blog entry where she essentially laughed at readers for eagerly buying what she considered her crappiest work. Enter a passionate counter-post by a reader, expressing dismay and disgust at the author’s actions. 1,090 more words

Natasha's Vlog - Let my people (cos)play

Vlog thirty one – whoot!

Today I discuss Fan Expo Vancouver 2013 and the power of (cos)play.

Natasha's Vlog - Box Opening for Bobobie Lucky from Junkyspot

The thirtieth installment of my vlog! 30! Whoot!

This is a ‘special edition’ vlog – which is a nice way of saying a bjd box opening video for my Bobobie Lucky, Elphaba. ;D

Natasha's Vlog - One Thing That Sca-aaaaaaaargh!

The twenty ninth installment of my vlog! Today I discuss moving past fears, and the awesome Jekyll & Hyde Club in New York.

The scariest four letter word for writers

And it doesn’t get any less scary once you have a book or two under your belt. So just hit that sucker. Hit it good. ;) 244 more words

Self published = 'published'?

(NOTE: This is not a rant against self pubbed authors by a stuck up, good for nothing trad author. I’m merely commenting on a phenomena that I’ve noticed, and find particularly perplexing. 447 more words