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Review: Black Widow #12

Chris Samnee, Mark Waid, and Matthew Wilson‘s thrilling, yet deeply personal run on Black Widow wraps after issue 12. In this final issue, all the layers of espionage, side switching, and of course, ghosts from the past have been pared down to a simple conflict: nature vs. 623 more words



So here is a thing I’ve been wanting to talk about since I saw The Avengers and haven’t been able to because I was too busy writing we were emergencies: Natasha Romanov? 1,404 more words


A Time for Heroes - Chapter 29 - Weekend at HQ

Her morning was spent fine-tuning the training program and discussing recruiting strategies. By noon she was ready to get outside and hit the road. Jess was waiting for her in her office. 7,623 more words

Steve Rogers

About a month-long

I believe it’s been a month since I haven’t stopped thinking about something that was triggered by a particular character in a movie I watched many years ago. 106 more words

A Time For Heroes - Chapter 23 - Landing

The next day started at 6:30 am when Steve nuzzled Ginny’s neck. “Are you still sore?” he asked, hopefully.

Ginny rolled towards him and they made love slowly and sleepily. 3,943 more words

Steve Rogers

A Time for Heroes - Chapter 17

Six-thirty came early and Ginny wasn’t the only one who was groggy at breakfast. She had stopped to drop her duffel bag off at the loading area before heading to the kitchen for breakfast. 3,876 more words

Steve Rogers