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I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago for the Silver Wings National Conclave (NATCON) over the weekend of 3-6 Apr 15. At this conclave I got to know the sister service of the Air Force better and network with senior level officers and civilians of the Department of Defense. 400 more words

Back Home and Swancon Highlights

I finally got a full night of sleep, partly due to being home in my dark quiet room, and in my home time-zone, and away from all the convention excitement. 380 more words


Farewell Swancon

Up well before dawn again and just as well. My stuff plus books didn’t want to fit in my suitcase! I wonder if when I get home my body will finally switch to Western Australia time? 311 more words


Ditmar Best New Talent Happy

Would you believe I’m inebriated with…happiness? I’m so incredibly grateful to have been given the Ditmar Award for Best New Talent in Australian speculative fiction. That gratitude is especially for my friends, editors and publishers of my stories, and readers and reviewers who’ve tried my work. 389 more words


At Swancon 2015

Morning Lovelies!

I’m having a great time at Swancon. Sleep isn’t really working that well, but who needs sleep when you can blog?

The positive reaction about Natcon 2016 being in Brisbane is great! 529 more words


Emergence of American Aerospace Power

This blog post is about a video I saw that inspired me.

This video is about the emergence of aerospace power as a national priority in 1947 after World War II. 162 more words

LKY: Lest we forget the Dark Side

I have very little time or patience for Teo Soh Lung’s views but I agree with her comment “let us remember that there is another side to the man”.I reproduce her piece below because it shows S’poreans who want to remind other S’poreans of the Seth Lord or Sauron in Lee Kuan Yew how to do it: stick to the facts, not descending to abuse and vulgarity. 663 more words

Political Governance