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Laughing Into the Abyss

I spent the balance of October 2016 burning through all five seasons of Breaking Bad, so when the election returns rolled in on the night of November 8—with Donald Trump unexpectedly winning one critical swing state after another—the  1,087 more words

Commentary by Michael Webb

I consider myself a logical, reasonable person. “In God We Trust,” as an old New Yorker cartoon once said, “all others show data.” I am in a scientific field, and my life is ruled by logic. 434 more words

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Celebrating Trump's First Year: Why The Libs Never Saw Him Coming and Why They Still Don't Understand What Happened

One year ago yesterday on Huffingtonpost.com

The HuffPost presidential forecast model gives Democrat Hillary Clinton a 98.2 percent chance of winning the presidency. Republican Donald Trump has essentially no path to an Electoral College victory.

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Statistics Don't Have to Be Boring

I have always enjoyed statistics, polls and other predictions so when I discovered the website 538 a few years ago I was thrilled.  538 is a blog that concentrates on opinion poll analysis, politics, sports and economics.  611 more words

The back matter

“Annotation may seem a mindless and mechanical task,” Louis Menand wrote a few years ago in The New Yorker. “In fact, it calls both for superb fine-motor skills and for adherence to the most exiguous formal demands.” Like most other aspects of writing, it can be all these things at once: mindless… 1,129 more words


Altcoins desktop, browser and web wallets

One night after having dinner with my daughters, we went to a game center. My older daughter played her favorite game involving female anime characters dancing to a rhythm. 393 more words