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Cohen: The 'Children's Crusade' behind Bernie Sanders

CONCORD, New Hampshire — In chasing the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton may have the governors, the senators, the celebrities and the baby boomers.

But Bernie Sanders, the sour septuagenarian, has the kids. 630 more words


Roundup: Voting Day in Iowa, Cindy Crawford Retiring & Jeff Hornacek Fired

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Livia Gullo, a model … fascinating study into dinosaur footprints claims you may have been able to out-run a T-Rex … after 19 years, … 493 more words


Do Talking Heads know 538 exists? And Do They Care?

As the Iowa caucus approaches and people start paying attention to the election, the media craziness has reached new heights. Every single word, action, or non action is taken as an indicator of what will happen on Monday. 964 more words

Eric Duffy

Nate Silver's Methodology

If you’re following my poll tracking and then view Nate Silver’s polls online, the percentages may seem off or contradictory. For example, I may post a poll result which shows Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by 9 points while a poll on the same day from Silver may show a lead of 15 points. 215 more words


Yes, Sometimes Football is Nerdy!

I subscribe to the FiveThirtyEight newsletter. For those of you unfamiliar with 538 it is a website about numbers. Generally polling numbers but also general and advanced statistics that founder… 728 more words



Nate Silver, de eigenaar van de Amerikaanse site FiveThirtyEight is òm. Maandenlang gaf hij geen cent voor de kansen van de Republikeinse presidentskandidaat Donald Trump. Niet enthousiast, een beetje zuinigjes slaat hij een andere toon aan. 192 more words