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What's at the end of Facebook's rainbow?

In a talk I gave at the Data Power conference in Sheffield a couple of weeks ago, I posed the following thought experiment: what if Mark Zuckerberg woke up feeling like Rupert Murdoch? 1,175 more words


As Disney Pressures ESPN to Cut Costs, President John Skipper Loses Control

It was just two paragraphs, and they were buried at the bottom of a Bloomberg Business story in early May about Disney’s soaring profits. The headline – “Disney Profit Tops Estimates on Theme Parks, ‘Frozen’ Toys” – wasn’t one that would prompt sports fans or media members to read the story. 762 more words

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In Midtjylland Stat Virtus

An old quip states that “Everybody said something was impossible, until someone came along who didn’t know that, and just did it”.

It was the 2003 when the book ‘ 782 more words

How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics

Eugenia Cheng takes on the ambitious task of trying to bring the excitement of math to the lay person through the study of category theory.  This is a long shot that requires truckloads of metaphors.   942 more words


The Signal and the Noise: Why so many predictions fail - but some don't (Book Review)

Nate Silver rose to fame in the wake of the 2008 elections where he correctly predicted how 49 of the 50 states would vote in the Presidential election and the correct winners for all 35 U.S. 344 more words

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NBA Finals Preview

A preview of the 2015 NBA Finals

By: Leon Sultan

History Matters

This Thursday night at Oracle the Warriors will play the Cavaliers for the NBA title. 1,469 more words