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Use what works.

By Evan Meehan

Hayden White’s “The Question of Narrative in Contemporary Historical Theory” seeks to ascertain the value of narrative as a method for conveying historical thought.  810 more words

Information Politics

Humanity’s relationship with the basic concept of information has experienced very rapid, jarring changes over the course of history. The first great leap was is attributed to… 941 more words


Terrible Lie

My depression and lack of posting isnt directly attributable to the election…its all about what the election has unveiled.  Like the creeping reveal of a terrifying horror movie there were plenty of clues in the run-up to Trump’s election.  489 more words

How the Media Sowed the Seeds of Its Own Post-Trump Irrelevance

As Donald Trump assumes the mantle of 45th president of the United States, much of the mainstream press is going through a soul-searching process, trying to understand how it got the outcome of the election so thoroughly wrong—and also how to survive under what is likely to be one of the most media-hostile administrations in recent memory. 905 more words


The wonks' charts are wearing people out

This was originally posted on January 9, 2017 on Medium.

The election of Donald Trump is testing those of us on the left in many ways. 588 more words


As Obamacare Faces Repeal, Its Legacy Is Still Up In The Air


When President Obama took office in 2009, the U.S. was in trouble — 50.7 million people were uninsured, the largest number in history. Mortality rates were… 1,176 more words

U.S. Politics

Family, against all odds

I had a friend in college who once said to me that, though he considered himself an atheist, he wanted so badly to believe there was something, anything out there watching over us with tender love and care. 1,560 more words