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350 Words or Less: You Following the US Election Too?

Most days now, I check Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site. I could say I’m there to read the articles. There are often very good articles and sometimes I read them. 326 more words


Listen to an Expert and Learn Something New

When learning about a new subject or learning a new skill, I believe that one of the best places to start is with the experts. Seek them out in their natural habitat, observe, listen, and engage. 414 more words

Class Assignment

For Anyone Who is Nervous

About the “mainstream media,” which keeps beating the “Hillary and Donald are tied!” meme recently, I invite you to go take a look at Nate Silver’s “FiveTnirtyEight” site. 30 more words

Trump, The World’s Greatest Troll

This title was bestowed on Trump by Nate Silver, a statistician and the best campaign prognosticator.  What makes him the greatest troll is the devastating effect he has had on the American political system.  440 more words

Transactive Memory

Trump, An Outlier in the Data

There are several ways to use data to report on a presidential election. Data can be used to look back at what already happened, or it can be analyzed and used as support to make future predictions. 445 more words


Democrats and sane people, are you freaking out yet?

Why is Trump gaining on Clinton

“Clinton got a large convention bounce. In our polls-only model, for example, Clinton got as high as an 89 percent chance of winning and was projected to win the national vote by 8.6 percentage points. 914 more words


Statisticians and data analysts are the new prophets

A prophet, in the religious sense, is a person who has a direct line to a god or divine entity, and is acting as a conduit between the divine and humanity. 222 more words