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Big Data -The Phenomenon

Big Data is the new big thing in the world of information technology.Data analytics is going is change our lives and connect us in ways never conceived till now.Yes, welcome to the new reality. 211 more words
Big Data

FiveThirtyEight: Being 007 is bad for your career

What actor wouldn’t want to be James Bond? You’re paid well. There’s a worldwide audience awaiting your next film. You will be one of the most famous people on earth. 372 more words

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Nate Silver: Hillary Clinton’s Wins Most Resemble The Democratic Party

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As the New York primary draws closer and closer, Hillary Clinton, current front runner in the Democratic Party, is slated to win by a comfortable margin (for now). 435 more words

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Conspiracy of the Week: 538 pumps in water from a lead reservoir

Full disclosure: Nate Silver is a good friend of mine.  We were freshman year roommates at the University of Chicago, and though he spent most of his free time boozing on the quad or copulating with the campus floozies whereas I had my head buried in books, we got on quite well.   641 more words


Why Nate Silver's Forecasts Are Bad

Much has been made of Nate Silver’s forecasts regarding the 2016 Democratic presidential primary contest.  If you are a Sanders supporter you are probably sick and tired of people citing articles like… 2,191 more words


The Power of MLB Statcast and Baseball Analytics

Future of the Game: MLB Statcast

Baseball’s Latest Statistical Revolution

Presented by Vice Sports

It started with batting average, home runs and RBIs. Then sabermetrics came along and introduced a new set of results-driven statistics. 109 more words

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This Map Explains GOP Panic: Dems Headed For EPIC Landslide Win (TWEET)


The Republican Party is panicking over Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in a way most Americans have never seen, and certainly haven’t seen in over fifty years. 335 more words

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