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Nate Silver was right, saying otherwise is just misleading.

This one is a little late given that the election was a month ago but I still think it is worthwhile given the opinions I still hear about his performance. 488 more words


Clinton Supporters Now Claim the Election Was Possibly Rigged? What's Going On?!

Remember when Donald Trump repeatedly mentioned that the election was rigged? Memes reading, “The fix is in!” were flying all over Facebook. Trump supporters were constantly mocked for telling everyone to be vigilant at the polls. 795 more words


Jill Stein is asking for donations to fund a recount in states key to Hillary Clinton's loss

Update: As this story was being published, Green party candidate Jill Stein announced that she is asking for donations to fund a recount of her own in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which are the states key to Hillary Clinton’s surprising loss. 306 more words

Re-Tweetable: More on the Topic of Names

The median living Gertrude is 80 yrs old; Liam’s median age is 3. And other fun facts ab names from @fivethirtyeight https://t.co/9SHNo0Q8R4

— Kay Hymowitz (@KayHymowitz) …

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Why Trump predictions went Kaput

While CNN published this . 24 reasons while Trump won

Some of these 24 reasons could have been Dummy Variables. But as an aside Nate Silver has done a good job of doing a post analysis and show where Polls went wrong

Big Data

Episode 1: And so it begins, once again

Escaping Dystopia


All right, got the wireless keyboard connected to the Shield Tablet, installed FB app (I usually use the browser), and am about ready to try this out. 54 more words