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Jesusland Evolution

       After the 2004 election the Jesusland meme was everywhere.  This image represents the 30 red states that elected GW Bush.  We all know how that turned out.  395 more words

An Introduction...

Welcome back guys,

If you’ve stuck with me since 2015 when I started this little space on the internet, you know that I like to keep things light and happy… even when it comes to topics such as obtaining visas, which – let’s admit – is outrageously boring yet nerve wracking. 425 more words


polls being wrong doesn’t mean mathematics is bunk

Suggested listening: “Losing My Edge” – LCD Soundsystem

The writer Sam Kriss, in a March 2017 article for The Baffler, expressed his disdain for the polling industry, taking aim especially at coverage presented on the analyst Nate Silver’s website, … 1,142 more words

The Oracle

What is the Philosophy of Data Science (and Should Data Scientists Care)?

Recently I had read a LinkedIn article by Kalyan Sambhangi in which he asked where are all the data philosophers.[1] He makes a good point, if data science is truly a science shouldn’t the philosophy of science be applicable to it as well; i.e. 615 more words

Data Science

A Millennial is running for the position that the new HHS Secretary, Tom Price has vacated, that of the US House representative for Georgia’s sixth district. 1,229 more words


Come from behind victories, shocking elections and astonishing judgments: Why does it seem like the unexpected is happening every day?

Once upon a time there was a basketball team. Not just any basketball team. This basketball team was quite likely the greatest basketball team ever assembled. 2,517 more words


Use what works.

By Evan Meehan

Hayden White’s “The Question of Narrative in Contemporary Historical Theory” seeks to ascertain the value of narrative as a method for conveying historical thought.  810 more words