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Nathan Lane on Trump's 'Hamilton' Tweets: The Theater Should Also Be 'Angry and Unforgiving'

The weekend’s spat between President-elect Donald Trump and the cast of “Hamilton” still lingered at the Manhattan Theatre Club’s Fall Gala, which honored Nathan Lane… 366 more words


Off Broadway's Mysterious 'White Rabbit Red Rabbit' Turns a Profit With Rotating Stars

“White Rabbit Red Rabbit” is now in the black. The Off Broadway play has recouped its capitalization costs with an unusual model that sees the show perform once a week with a different actor taking on the play’s single role at every outing. 405 more words


'No Pay, Nudity' With Gabriel Byrne & Nathan Lane Is The Best Show On Broadway (Except It's A Movie)

No Pay, Nudity starts with bad news for “between projects” actor and dog owner Lester Rosenthal getting terrible news, and then it gets depressing. Also, however: warm, deeply funny, sensitive and, in its way, essential. 598 more words

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Stop the Presses: Old, Tired 'The Front Page' Limps Back to Broadway

The Front Page—that tired, old farce from 1928 about the rowdy, tough talking days of cigar-chomping, ink-stained wretches yelling, “Stop the presses, I got a story that will break this town wide open!” before print journalism was decimated by the internet and (God forbid!) a plague called political correctness—is back on Broadway for its fifth hip replacement. 802 more words

THEATRE REVIEW: The intelligent homosexual's guide to capitalism and socialism with a key to the Scriptures


WHERE: Hampstead Theatre

WHEN: 19/10, runs to 26/11

We missed the third act of this three-and-a-half hour epic after receiving some bad news in the second interval. 305 more words


Critics and Stars Collide at 'The Front Page' Broadway Opening

The crowd at the Oct. 20 performance of Broadway’s “The Front Page” included some faces you don’t see every day at a Broadway opening: Critics, hunched in aisle seats with their notebooks at the ready. 486 more words


Broadway Review: 'The Front Page' With John Slattery, Nathan Lane

Ah, those were the golden days of journalism, when big cities like Chicago were infested with cheesy tabloids, and cynical reporters crammed themselves into squalid press rooms to write (or fabricate) sensational news stories. 591 more words