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Yes, You Can Be Fired for Liking My Little Pony

My daughter loves My Little Pony. So does this guy. And that, apparently, is a problem. Grown men are not supposed to like the same things as young girls. 809 more words


Huffington Post: "The Enduring Radicalism of 'Les Miserables'" by Nathan Newman

“The real measure of the radicalism of Les Miserables is not in the character of the heroes or the evils visited upon them, but in that of the movie’s villain, Inspector Javert,” Newman asserts. 200 more words


NYPD in Israel: Hannah Arendt on the Best Police Department in the World

In Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt famously argued that one of the hallmarks of Nazism was the supremacy of the police over the military, even in—especially in—occupied territories. 550 more words

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Joseph Pierce - 'A Family Portrait'

Joseph Pierce uses his own visual and psychological take on storytelling. His method is rooted in rotoscoping and involves filming live actors, printing out each frame, drawing and coloring every frame, and then scanning, recomposing and compositing the sequences digitally. 150 more words

Nathan Newman

30" Montage Teaser

The last 12 months have provided many twists and turns and a whole host of great projects each with unique challenges and needs to navigate through. 78 more words

Nathan Newman