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Gomer Plays Bionic Commando Trilogy (Episode 9: Swinging Fun!)

Deep in the fissure that runs throughout Ascension City, Spencer gets to really open up with his Bionic Arm use as he makes his way to the FSA Monument building to transmit the visual data he recorded before being ambushed by Mag in the previous episode. 15 more words

Gomer The Ranting Thespian

Gomer Plays Bionic Commando Trilogy (Episode 7: Ten Years Later...)

Ten years after Spencer and Joe defeat the Imperials, we find Spencer imprisoned and without his bionic arm… until Super Joe sends him on a new mission in Ascension City, freshly nuked by the terrorist group Bio-Reign… with a promise to reveal just what happened to Spencer’s wife, Emily… 7 more words

Gomer The Ranting Thespian

Gomer Plays Bionic Commando Trilogy (Episdoe 5: Helmet Joe!)

After getting some information out of a captured Imperial, Gomer grabs the penultimate weapon, gets a helmet, then encounters Gottfried Groeder in a climactic battle… wait, what’s that???


Noirhouse (2013)

Australia / 18 minutes (total) / bw / Sky Machine Dir: Shaun Wilson Pr: Nathan Spencer, Shaun Wilson Scr: Tim Logan Cine: Simon Gray Cast: Nathan Spencer, Melanie Irons, Mick Davies, Sarah Wadsley, Matt Burton, Robert Manion, Rose Kokkoris, Mick Lowenstein. 319 more words

Film Noir

Stealing Rockman's Theme Music

This scene is notable for two things: Dr. Wily (the last one, not the one currently played by Leo) building a machine to (Successfully!) steal Rock’s theme song. 9,191 more words

Gravity Man

Rearmed and Dangerous

Originally Published: February 27, 2011, on my StrongProtector profile on GiantBomb.com

While growing up, I passed on playing the original Bionic Commando for the NES. Money was tight, there wasn’t as much media covering video games to help us make informed decisions, and I was only three years old. 1,417 more words

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